Profile Manager v5.8.1

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5.8.1 (2010-12-22):
- fixed: error when editing admin profile and the system category is enabled

  • Hi Jeroen, first of all thank you for your work! Your plugin is really useful!!! I have a  question for you (i'm sure that is trivial...): i can't edit/delete types and categories, but only fields...the plugin allow to do this? or i must do it in the database by hand? if that is the way, where are saved types and categories in DB? 

    thank you!!

  • @Tango you can delete fields. If you edit them, you will see a delete button. With Elgg it is not visible in the database which user are related to which profile type as the relation is stored in metadata. If you need to retrieve users based on a certain profile type you need some php programming.

  • well, for the FIELDS, if I click the edit link, nothing appens, instead if i click the delete link, a windows appears, but even if i click ok the field is not deleted.

    About TYPES and CATEGORIES, I cant see any delete or edit link, so once created they are not editable/deletable...

    does it a problem related to my elgg installation?

  • I downloaded the new version (5.9) but still, i cannot delete/edit types and catergories...

  • @Tango please comment on the right release please. I can't reproduce your problem, so it is probably related to a conflict or a faulty installation.

  • ok thank you, i'll try to reinstall everything!

  • Note, this version stopped "working" February 16, 2011

    The upgrade check I assume causes the view interface to fault on $entity->getTitle() as the object in edit profile is missing.

  • Anyone has issue with register page going blank after clicking register button?

    using Elgg 1.7.6 and profile manager 5.8.1 .

    Custom fields on register page.


  • Jeroen, I see the plugin is using it's own register.php file. I tried removing and replacing it with same white screen error. I tried with 5.9 as well. I don't use Site Access or any plugins like that.

    It works fine if I disable profile manager plugin tho.

    What could be causing this?


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