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5.8.1 (2010-12-22):
- fixed: error when editing admin profile and the system category is enabled

  • In a custom profile field defined as a tag there is a limit on how many entries you can put there before it errors out saying "the field is too large". Is there any way to increase the number of input tags allowed (ie. maxlength of the input text field)?

  • "tag" is type=text && (html) default width is 20 chars
    try adding $vars[ ] 'size' and 'maxlength' to control the input of larger fields



  • Let's say it was the last field on the profile and it said "boost this profile to ur---(facebook)(etc)(etc)"

  • @Joel: After reading the entire documentation, I seem to have understood how the db works, the only thing I cant see in the db is how users are assigned value for fields in the profile. Which table holds this information ? It would be much more releiving if I could understand what were happening.

    Thanks again :)

  • In the js.php, the return value must be trimed, otherwise it always fails.

    function changeFieldCategory(field, category_guid){
            var field_guid = $(field).attr("id").replace("custom_profile_field_","");
            category_guid = category_guid.replace("custom_profile_field_category_","");

            $.post('<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>action/profile_manager/changeCategory?<?php echo $security_params;?>&guid=' + field_guid + '&category_guid=' + category_guid,
                // notice we have to trim the string
                if(jQuery.trim(data.toLowerCase()) == "true".toLowerCase()){     
                    if(category_guid == 0){
                        category_guid = "";
                    $(field).attr("rel", category_guid);
                    $(".custom_fields_category_selected a").click();
                } else {
                    alert("<?php echo elgg_echo('profile_manager:actions:change_category:error:unknown');?>");


  • what about datapicker issue and conflict beetwen profile manager and event calendar, any idea how to fix that, is data picker already included in elgg core 1.7.6?

  • @Jereon I am still in 1.7.4 with PM 5.7 running and having an issue with multi select for profiles which I have set for "admin only". This worked in older versions but now it only works when sit for "user can change" and doesn't seem to work for "admin only". I am the admin so I know!

    Suggestions? I can live with this for awhile.

  • @Jereon In retrospect, regarding my comments about a facebook "booster" what I think I was thinking was an "" field at the top of the profile fields. Maybe a on/off selection that automatically place an add this link in the first field for the profiles. This way viewers of public profiles like mine could have them :"addthised".

  • I'm confused as how to access the profile_manager member search.  Is this a front end available feature?  I can't seem to find it!

  • Ahh sorry, figured it out.  Was as simple as setting the option in the settings!

    Such a fool I am. 


    Great work on this and all your other plugins.  You are a real asset to elgg in general!

  • The geolocation plugin is not working properly when I enabled this plugin..

  • Has anyone got a simple change of code to enable this to work with siteaccess? Im using the latest site access for 1.7+ and on registration with profile manage 5.5 it showed the profile info to fill out yet I've upgraded to 5.8 and now its dissapeared!

  • This P/M is such a great, smart, make-life-easy PlugIn

    and the most interesting feature about this is that there have been 15.078 dowmloads so far and 78 recommendations.. and that's a ratio of 0.005 -- i.e. 5% of the poeple who have downloaded this have taken the few seconds it takes to "recommend" ;-) That 5% says "thank you" in a such loud loud voice LOLZ ;-P I am surprised !

  • Im Having a massive problem thats only just been discovered :'( Every user that registers and fills out there profile at registration... well there profile information isnt visable like its set to private (When its not its public) how do they fix it? they have to click edit profile then click save again thats all but why?!?!?? I now have to manually go through all my users and resave there profile information (as soon as I hit edit profile the information is all there but it just needs to be re-saved :-s )


    Please help anyone if you can!

  • I'm using elgg 1.7.6 and 5.8.1 of plugin by the way!

  • Hi Jeroen Dalsem ,

    Is there any option like if I want to show only 4-5 fields on profile page rest of fields compress and show some link like click to see full profile.

    I know the option for full profile but if we add 20 fields then all are display on profile page which is looking odd in that case I think nothing special on full profile.

    one thing more if cattegories are shown in tabs instead of under each other then I thing this problem will solve.

    Below is the example of tabbed edit profile in orkut:-


  • Jeroen,

    You commented on my topic

    well it seems that the profile information is being saved as access_id = -1 when it should be 2 for public which is my default...

    The question is why? now I think it has something to do with the fact that  mod\profile_manager\views\default\profile_manager\register.php that is being called by siteaccess to be added onto the default registration page has no code that sets the access_id of any profile information shouldn't that be in that php file? I see the edit profile page php has it but Im not sure what I need to add to the register.php of your mod to test this theory?!?! do you think this is the reason why?

  • @J:
    i can see a potentially helpful enhancement to this plugin - 

    a way to set fields to be invisible - such as to add an 'order by' field to groups that can be used by admins to set the position of the group in an orderable list.. without it being visible to group visitors..

    this would also be helpful for the field 'brief description', on my site at least..


  • I love this plugin. I would really appreciate a simple and advanced group search that works in a similar way to the member search that it already has.

  • Jeroen,

    Thanks for this great plugin!

    I am having a weird issue and not sure if it is related to your plugin or is a core elgg issue.

    In the profile when in an extra [longtext] field whenever I add a bullet point list or numbered list it appears twice in my profile once at the top above all the fields and once where it should appear under the field name. This same issue doesn't happen in the about me profile field. Any ideas?

  • Another thing I noticed is that the text in [longtext] field doesn't appear in the darker gray bubble but appears on the background color. Does anyone else have this happen on your site?

  • @Jeroen Dalsem:I want to add a 'date of birth' field to my profile to show on the register form. The day, month and year selections should be a pull down option.How do I do this using the profile_manager?

  • @kxx4 currently there is no option to do something like that.

  • For those who still have problems with datepicker knocking one day off:

    in views/default/input/pm_datepicker.php:

    after     $val = $vars['value']; (in line 39)


    if (!empty($val)) {
    $val = $val + 28800;


    Jean Marcel


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