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5.8.1 (2010-12-22):
- fixed: error when editing admin profile and the system category is enabled

  • When I try to enter a date in September 1988 the date picker always knocks one day off once I press save :S

  • 14,000 downloads.. 65 recommends ? something wrong with the math here ;( Here's mine ;-O

  • The value of dropdown fields is lost when I edit my profile.

    Any idea ? Tks!

    ps: I use Elgg 1.7.1

  • Thank you for saving me a few days fiddling with 5.8.0

    Please post a paypal donate link someplace, and keep up the great projects.

  • i nice job, can you creat like on facebook work and education page? for example add more that one school with end date and add pastjobs etc to profile fields?




  • Grreat plugin!
    Maybe this enlargement would still be a nice thing:
    By a password provideable and protected profile categories which can be seen only by well-chosen friends who also own the password!!!


  • hi Jeroen,

    I'm using site acces and this profile manager plugin. I added some custom fields to the registration form using the profile manager, but i cant see them. When i disable the site acces plugin i can see em. Any way to let those 2 plugins work together?



  • @elinQ unfortunately site access doesn't support the latest version of Elgg, so it is not correctly using the registration form, therefore messing up the functionality, so the best option would be to contact the author of siteaccess

  • @JoelMcKay donation link is available at the top left (under project info in the menu), a reccomendation is also good :)

  • I gave you a +1up the minute it worked on Elgg 1.7.6

    I still have to figure out where the Default Profile fields get echoed twice.

    Thanks again,

  • Still not compatible with

    people you might know


    friends of friends by keetchup...

    Are you planing to solve it?

  • Jeroen  You are moving faster than I can keep up. Great work! Did you get the multi select working in gorups, sorry I missed that stated or dicussed. Also, had you thought about a 'social network' booster for FB and others so it could just act as a field at the bottom of whever. Just a thought.


  • @tahoebilly multiselect is working if you use Elgg 1.7.6 as in that version it is fixed ( in the groups plugin.

    What do you mean by the profile booster? If you have example of similar functionality, could you post a screenshot?

  • @martinez could you elaborate on the problems a bit more? Maybe support them with a screenshot, as we don't work with those plugins.

  • @Jeroen, I have an issue with fields that are marked as "show as tags" not behaving like tags when clicking on them...

    i.e. if I have a dropdown such as "Charity" as one of several options, in the group/profile view the text appears to be a Tag link, but when it is clicked the search/filter returns nothing found even though there are others defined in the same way.  I am running elgg 1.7.6 - Any ideas please?

    ps... it would be really great if you could share your timeline for the To Dos you have... in particular

    categories and types for groups   - I would be happy to fund this... as I have said before.

  • @Jeroen
    I am trying to create a full GPL/Apache port similar to the "nagger_widget" mod
    that reminds user to complete omitted/new fields, and hope to support
    the custom fields profile_manager produces.

    //In parts of your code you called:
    $profile_user = $vars["entity"];
    $categorized_fields = profile_manager_get_categorized_fields($profile_user);

    Now I can access the custom $vars['profile'] and $vars['translations'][...]
    within the GLOBAL context, but am having an issue locating where "entity" is accessible from in order to properly use profile_manager_get_categorized_fields()

    I noticed you check for instanceof ElggUser, but the view returns an ElggWidget Object from $vars["entity"] when invoked last.

    Keep in mind this question is from a noob...
    Did I missed something trivial.

  • Jeroen,

    Is it possible to remove the obligated avatar option from the registration menu? If it's not, perhaps it's possible to make an option to let the user choose a default avatar?

    Thanks :)

  • Does the search work properly with all custom fields ? Doesn't seem to for me :(

  • Using the profile type feature of this plugin, can be define special permission to some areas for a certain type of profiles?

    Eg, I create two profile types - members and professionals.

    Can I put a if condition to make sure only professionals can write new blog posts?

  • @Joel Mckay you should better use $CONFIG->profile as the source for the profile nagger. To get the widget owner entity; just use $vars["entity"]->getOwnerEntity();

    @fraksken the avatar option is enabled/disabled in the plugin setting

    @avani what do you mean? There is a difference between the global Elgg search functionality and the profile manager member search feature.

    @shouvik there currently is no such feature, but you could program it :) Hopefully 1.8 will bring more options for rights management. If so, i guess we will integrate with that.

  • @MarkBridges apologies for not responding to your request. The show as tags issue is known to me. It is related with the fact that since 1.7.x Elgg will not search all metadata anymore for tags, only the tags field of entities. This is however extendable but not yet implemented in profile manager. It is a bit of a complex thing, but will definitively be fixed.

    All things on the todo have no timeline. They are more ideas and wishes instead of things that will be done. If you like to know how much it would cost to fund the development of the group types and categories, please send a mail to and we'll let you know.

  • Hello I am a beginner, please bear with me ! I want the Elgg global search to behave as a profile manager member search so that when the user asks for a custom field search using the global search, he should see the results. Is it possible ? If so how ?

    Please also tell me where the profile information gets stored in the database ?

    Thank you !



  • @avani The Elgg API has an interesting db structure, and the API to get_meta_string from entity does not seem to be able to identify the child class owner outside of the mod scope. My work around is still a fragile Alpha, but should survive for a few Elgg updates.


    @Jeroen  Thank you for the tips, and I will send something nice your way soon =).


  • I installed profile manager but it will not save or edit my fields... when I exit my profile becomes blank until I restore it.

    I installed in the /mod folder.  I saw a recommendation to put it underneath "Profile" but I do not have a "profile widget"

  • @Spasso I used Elgg 1.7.5 and 1.7.6, and these should be placed low on the list of mods.
    "profile" Elgg profile plugin.
    Version: 1.7
    Author: Curverider ltd

    "profile_manager" Manage user and group profile fields
    Version: 5.8.1
    Author: ColdTrick IT Solutions

    Best of luck,

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-6-14
  • Downloads: 106438
  • Recommendations: 309

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