Profile Manager v5.8

Release Notes

5.8 (2010-12-10):

  • added: optional system category (admin only) on userdetails and full profile
  • added: files field type
  • added: hover over pm_datepickerfield shows timestamp
  • For everyone who has problem with the datepicker.... i added some debug timestamps in the plugin settings. They should be all the same. If you have problems, let me know their values.

  • The files field type was a bit difficult, therefore it doesn't support all field options. It doesn't require the file plugin to work (but works nicer if you have enabled it). Please let me know if this new feature gives any trouble.

  • @Jeroen, I have an issue with fields that are marked as "show as tags" not behaving like tags when clicking on them...

    i.e. if I have a dropdown such as "Charity" as one of several options, in the group/profile view the text appears to be a Tag link, but when it is clicked the search/filter returns nothing found even though there are others defined in the same way.  I am running elgg 1.7.4 - Any ideas please?

    ps... it would be really great if you could share your timeline for the To Dos you have... in particular

    categories and types for groups   - I would be happy to fund this... as I have said before.

  • yes, i have the same problem but good job!!!!

  • Maybe it a stupid question, but I can't understand where data from the new field are saved..

    what is the command that passes the inputs to mysql? Ar they just saved as meta_string?




    btw the application is fantastic! you saved me lot of work...

  • Beste Jeroen:

    Here are my datestamps:

    server time: 19:00:44 server time (based on locale): 19:00:44 client time: 4:0

  • @Jeroen: In the to-do list you have "Force empty fields on profile". Can you please make this an option? I like it the way it is now ^^. Have you reviewed my idea of adding a 2nd (optional) name for the search query? Thanks :)

    Keep up the great work :)

  • Hi Jeroen - great plugin. I think that only two option is missing at members page. Users could be listed by: Online, Newest, etc but there is no "Random" option. I think it will be very helpfull at many pages where profiles are very important. Could you add Random option to your plugin?

    Second option could be added is default searching in specify profile types (not ALL but chosen by admin)

  • need a bit of help..sorry: which function i can use to recall data from the new form done with profile_manager? lets say I created in the profile registration page an input box called "country" and the value the user inserted is "denmark", whta function i can use to get the value "denmark"? thanks!!!

  • Hi there...I think there's a problem regarding the edit link (Edit Profile) part when I viewed my profile (logged in as admin) on my ongoing development of my social networking site. When I clicked the link, nothing showed,the page is all white. But when I  added a new profile category and profile type using your profile manager plugin,only that field showed( the profile type dropdown) with no design,etc. That's after enabling the profile manager plugin.But when I disabled the plugin, everything went back to normal.The edit profile worked fine.May I know what's the problem regarding the problem?thank you so much.I just badly needed that kind of plugin.

  • @Jeroen

    Have you already noted this error?

    Setting in the plugin configuration:

    -> Show an extra category on the profile with systemdata (only for admins)

    It is selected "Yes" and the Admin (tested as a user Admin) in the profile "edit profile" explains, a white side appears!

    Can you check this please?




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