Profile Manager v5.7

Release Notes

  • added: admin created users are now default validated, if not validated they will be disabled
  • added: german language file (thanks to
  • fixed: inconsistent translation keys for profile types
  • fixed: every page refresh profile plugin settings are updated
  • fixed: admin created users are not shown in the unvalidated users list (Elgg 1.7.4)
  • Is it possible to hide certain data from certain types of profiles?
    example: If you want to hide something to hide from users not logged in use "if loggedin" if I wants to show not loggedin something else only add "else".

    Second question: How to force search engines to check the ranges?
    for example: In field "Height" I want to search users from 165cm to 178cm. I know that I can make ranges in dropdown but it is not I'm looking for (in my project in field I want to search users type numbers from 50 to 2k there will be to much ranges).

  • Is there a way to delete the "Default" profile option altogether?  It's not in the plugin page, but then when you actually go to register an account or edit a profile the drop down box under "Select your profile type" has "Default" as the first option, and since I can't change the fields contained within the Default Profile type, I don't want to use it.

    Where is the code housed that tells elgg how to populate the "Select your profile type" list?

  • No, Jeroen, I don't use any block/disable system. Further, there is no moderation. I just use User Administration to ban, delete, etc.

  • @woodpecker i checked it on our 1.7.4 dev environment and can't reproduce this. When you have a profile icon question on your register form it is required.

  • Jeroen, I want the profile icon mandatory during registration. So please advise me what should I do precisely. I am not a elgg-savvy :)

  • Does anybody know how to display large profile icon instead small in search (members)? I search in members/form.php and search/index.php and couldn't find anything responsible for it.

  • downloaded and updated this latest version plugin of profile manager. but datepicker issue still exsist. when we save the datepicker value it saves to previous date. for example if i save 13th oct 1989 it shows as 12th oct 1989. how to fix this?

  • @shouvik could you describe the "conflict" problems you experience?

    It sets one day back. If I choose 6th Jan 1991 Sun, it displays 5th Jan 1991 Sat.

    I can confirm that it even happens on a clean Elgg 1.7.4 installation.


  • Have all you "whiners" ;-) checked your servers timezone setting ??

  • i had just renamed my old profile manager and replaced this new version profile manager. but there is a issue that makes change in data in each profile. Now i had delete this new version and when checked the profile page of each user the date has displayed wrongly and its showing like a tag. dont know wat to do.. so i just deleted my DB and replaced old DB. So what does this version of Profile Manager gives. Datepicker didnt fixed yet.. how could solve this problem

  • @LogerM you can hide some data from profile page by using metadata_name. for example

    $metadata_name !=  "lookingfor"

    here lookingfor is the name used when we create a field in profile field.You can find this name in above the field of label in profile field.

  • I have 1.7.1, with site access and profile manager (5.7). 

    I set some fields on the default profile to be both mandatory and show up in the registration form. However, they don't show up in the registration form, only in the profile edit form. (check

    Any ideas?


  • ... checked your servers timezone setting ??

    Yes, I have and it is fine.

  • So is it really that obvious? Can you delete (or at least rename) the default profile all together instead of just adding new custom profile types?

  • Hi Jeroen. This is my first posting here, but I'm using your great plugin since version 5.3. You're the best, man, thanks a lot! I've never had any problem to which I couldn't find a solution here, but now I face the most misterious one: my profile multi-select fields have disappeared from one day to another. I can't figure out what happened. I've already tried to remove the plugin and install it again, to install a previous version, to disable every other plugin to check for incompatibilities. Nothing works. The data of multi-select fields are still there, but the fields are not, there's only the title and the access pull down field. Thank you very much in advance!

  • Ah well, I just deleted the Default profile from the files all together.  That worked just fine.

  • Thank you Gravity. I found the solution:  had an "if object" for a multi-select field at "profile/edit". I've just removed it and the problem is gone!

  • Hi. Thanks for this plugin. It works like a charm! Though Can I suggest something? Add a second label field. One field for the profile field (for example 'I am') and a second for the search query: ('looking for' instead of 'I am') Except that ... GREAT Plugin!

  • I second Piyush.

    I have another problem. Appearently the filling in a field with the calendar, it goes one day back.
    (choosing 1 december 1987 will appear as 30 november 1987)

  • Hi Jeroen,

    How do you get the registration form to behave like the edit profile form. when I select my profile type, i want the only profile fields in the assigned categories to appear/dissappear, so that different types of user fill in different fields (as well as the default fields).


  • @newbrie at the moment that is not possible. I have it on my to do list.

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks for the plug in, but I can't seem to get the pull down menu to work?! I'm trying to make an age group pulldown menu, my categories are: "Under 20, 20 - 25, 25 - 30" etc, when I save the pulldown field, it outputs as a pulldown menu with no values, any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?



  • Dear Jeroen,

    Now it doesn't even show the field to upload the profile icon!

    It was working. No idea when/how it disappeared.

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