Profile Manager v5.7

Release Notes

  • added: admin created users are now default validated, if not validated they will be disabled
  • added: german language file (thanks to
  • fixed: inconsistent translation keys for profile types
  • fixed: every page refresh profile plugin settings are updated
  • fixed: admin created users are not shown in the unvalidated users list (Elgg 1.7.4)
  • This fixes a nasty situation where on every page refresh a plugin setting is updated. The other patches/features are some minor changes.

  • Hello

    Thanks for your very very helpfull work !

    I'm looking for a solution allowing to replace "Displayed name" by "First name" and "Last name" (mandatory). The name displayed in the site will be equal to "Last name+ Last name"... Can we perform that with you plugin ?

    Thanks by advance for your response. 


  • The problem with the datepicker persists on my site (elgg 1.7.3).

    I have uninstalled the previous version, uploaded the new version adn the hit the upgrade.php script.

    Please, correct me if I am doing anything wrong.

  • @shouvik did you follow the instructions as described in the previous versions release notes?

    Conflicts with other datepickers are resolved. This is fixed by introducing a Profile Manager style datepicker view / field type. If you have no other datepickers installed you have to do nothing, but if you do, you need to update your field configuration and adjust the datepicker field types to the one you prefer (datepicker or datepicker PM style).

  • @toumi this plugin will not provide that information. Name is part of the account information, not of the profile. This plugin only handles profile information not account(ing) details.

  • @Jeroen Dalsem I had another Datepicker installed. But, uninstalled it and did adjust the Datepicker PM style. But still, the same issue. :(

  • @shouvik could you describe the "conflict" problems you experience?

  • Jeroen does it fix the multi select in groups yet?

  • @tahoebilly the issue with multiselect is related to the groups plugin. This will be fixed by the Elgg Core Dev team. This plugin will not provide a fix (at the moment).

  • @shouvik could you describe the "conflict" problems you experience?

    It sets one day back. If I choose 6th Jan 1991 Sun, it displays 5th Jan 1991 Sat.

  • @shouvik strange... that should have been fixed.

  • Yeah, so what I feel, strange! I even tried clearning my server cache but it didn't work either. :(

  • Thank you for this plugin.

    However, It doesn't add the created field to the register form. I have elgg 1.7.3

    Is there any confilct with Siteaccess plugin?


  • Dear Jeroen,

    I am using this plugin, with profile icon set as mandatory, but still people are able to create accounts without uploading the icon. They are not hackers or spammers, for I know them personally. So where it went wrong?

    I had mentioned the issue elsewhere and got the suggestion to "try to check wether icontime metadata is set for user before activating his account". Is this a valid suggestion, and if so how/where should I check it? Kindly help me.


  • Great plugin, but some quick bugs noticed: (Example for explanation purpose only)

    Created two user types (Teachers and Students) - given the permission to the users to select their profile types - created different profile fields for the two user types, for example "Teachers = Teaching in which classes?" and "Students = Studying in which class?"
    Now when I am editing my profile, if I select the profile type as Teacher, then the field will be Teaching in which class? and if I select my profile as a Student, then the field shown is Studying in which class? == AS EXPECTED and working fine
    BUG No : 1 ) Now if I am going to the registration page, I can see the (1) pull down to select the user type, (2) Two questions by default : "Teaching in which classes?" and "Studying in which class?" == NOT AS EXPECTED, the questions should load only depending on the profile type selected
    BUG No : 2 ) Same when i am going to the search page, all the profile fields are get listed there. Here also how can we modify that the questions are shown depending on the profile type?
    BUG No : 3 ) How can I have a same profile field for Student and Teacher? For example Birthday?
    Many thanks for your support.

  • @SRPS hereby the answers:

    bug 1) this is know by us.. it is on our todo list

    bug 2) search is independ of profile type, thats why both fields show up on the search form. We have no plans to make the searchable fields also depended based on the selected profile type

    bug 3) This is no bug... you can't link fields to more than one category, but if you link them to the default category (same as no category) it will show up on both profile types.

  • @woodpecker are you using some tools like siteaccess which block/disable users when they register?

  • is there a reason checkbox wasnt used in the input types?

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Could you help me get your plugin work for my elgg 1.7.3? I could not see any changes on the register form after adding a new field.


  • Can I use this to calculate age of our members based on the birth date...? 

  • it doesn't calculate it for you, but you could use it to make it necessary for them to list an age, and use the metadata to calculate it.

  • Can I use this to calculate age of our members based on the birth date...?

    Don't think it's very difficult with php but haven't tried it.

  • @trackhed checkboxes dont send data when nothing is check. The current profile save actions only save data that is sent to the actions. That way there is no possibility to uncheck checkboxes (as nothing is sent).

  • @TP
    I do not believe that your problems are caused by Jeroen's Profile Manager  ;-)
    There would be other factors on your setup that are causing you pain ;-(
    You'll need to debug to find those other causes....

  • @Jeroen Thank you, I understand now.

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