Profile Manager v5.6

Release Notes

This version is updated to work on 1.7.4 and should be backwards compatible to 1.7.1, so not compatible with version prior to Elgg 1.7.1.

Some files are removed or moved, so when upgrading please uninstall previous version before upload this version.

Conflicts with other datepickers are resolved. This is fixed by introducing a Profile Manager style datepicker view / field type. If you have no other datepickers installed you have to do nothing, but if you do, you need to update your field configuration and adjust the datepicker field types to the one you prefer (datepicker or datepicker PM style).

    - added: option on profile field configuration to add a blank option to pulldowns or radio field types

    - added: runonce to reset owner ship of Profile Manager configuration to prevent loss of configuration when removing admins

    - changed: moved some root plugin files to pages folder

    - changed: most of the code rewritten to use elgg_get / elgg_list functions

    - changed: renamed label for type of profile field to "Field Type"

    - changed: import from custom now makes fields default editable

    - changed: output of export csv in UTF-8

    - changed: removed all action_gatekeeper functions from actions (handled by action handler since 1.7)

    - changed: admin only member search query is by default hidden (css) to prevent confusion

    - changed: no EMPTY option on radio and pulldown field types

    - changed: positioning of registration fields now runs by register/extend view

    - removed: action profile/edit; no need for to replace this one now as it can handle array's now

    - fixed: newly created profile fields have the site as owner instead of the current user or 0; this prevents loosing configuration when admin is deleted

    - fixed: hidden groups option in elgg 1.7 not available when profile manager is active

    - fixed: add user as admin wraps users under left side bar

    - fixed: <? instead of <?php generating token errors on profile and group edit form

    - fixed: about me not displaying in Elgg 1.7

    - fixed: sorting options not in translation file

    - fixed: creation of tags fields (or show as tags) on register are not recognized as such

    - fixed: issues when importing custom and default fields

    - fixed: text of profile field disappearing when dragging in configuration

    - fixed: non available field type options are not disabled when editing a field

    - fixed: can not clear label or hint field

    - fixed: strange characters allowed in profile type and category name field

    - fixed: can't edit profile types and categories with single quotes in name or label

    - fixed: data on registration form not always retained when error in other parts of registration form

    - fixed: issue with date -1 day

    - fixed: conflict with other datepickers

    - fixed: upload of profile icon now works

  • @Jeroen You're right. I found the bugging plugin adding a gatekeeper to the page.

  • I'm using the profile_manager option "Show the profile manager 'Members' search page".

    When I change the word 'Members' in mod/members/language.php, then the profile manager search page isn't displayed. How can I fix this?

    I would like to use the word 'Users'.

  • Fixed. If you change members to users in members/languages/en.php and do not change it in profile_manager/languages/en.php you end up with two options in the dropdown menu, users and members.

  • i install it in 1.7.4 its telling me metada errsave a field

  • hey jeroen, 

    another issue for you...

    i just attempted to setup an invisible group for the admins of my site to access only..

    i turned on 'invisible groups' in the settings of the groups plugin.. and then created a group..

    as long as this 'profile_manager' plugin is enabled, the option to restrict access to the group only is not listed in the access drop-down within the group edit page... so the invisible groups function cannot operate. any chance of a simple fix?


  • Jeroen while we piling on ideas, wouldn't profile manager be a great place to allow Facebook and other boosts for the profiles versus boosting the entire website from the main page?

  • update: the invisible groups function does work on my site.. when the profile manager plugin is put to the top of the list of plugins.. i guess it needs to be above groups.

  • When I installed Profile manager and when I tried to use it, it gave me the error "Metadata is an invalid name". Any idea where to look. I checked Jeroen's documentation and this fourm but hanven't found the answer. My elgg install version is 1.7.4 

    I am brand new here and learning.  



  • the problem with datepicker persists with this version on my Elgg 1.7.3 site. :(

  • @steve your question about an invalid metadataname when creating new fields is probably caused by using a metadata field name which is already in use, is a reserved word or contains other characters than 0-9 and a-z (space is also invalid). The metadataname is used internally. If you like to have strange characters in your field name, you can use the label (or a translation) to do so.

    @tunist that should have been fixed... and i do see the field to make it "invisible". Profile Manager should be below the groups plugin. Any other plugin that overrules the group edit form?

    @shouvik did you follow the instructions in the release notes? Did you remove the profile manager plugin before installing the new version? If not you can experience the same problems

  • Awesome!! that was it! Just in case a greenie like me doesen't understand,

    name = metadata and can not have spaces or special characters, example GPA

    label = what you name your profile, example Grade Point Average

    hint = example of how you want your user to format the profile, example 4.0 

  • Hi all, i'm getting an issue between 5.5 and 5.6 with the registration page not showing any custom fields. 5.5 is working fine, but upgrading to 5.6 disables them from the registration page. downgrading(disabled and deleted 5.6, uploaded and enabled 5.5) back to 5.5 has solved the problem.

  • I had similar issue and unloaded Vazco_userURL and that fixed it.

  • Just installed plugin to a fresh elgg system.  Now, I'm brand new to Elgg but I do have a lot of systems experience so hopefully following comments may be useful.

    1/ The relationship between fields, profile types and categories is not at all clear.  There appear to be dependencies between them but it is hard to figure out.

    2/ No edit facilty for profile types - you can add one but not delete it - now I'm stuck with a profile type that I don't know what to do with (see 1)

    3/ Importing default fields from standard profile manager is ok, but then you can't seem to assign them to categories/profile type, or have I just misundertood this completely?

    4/ If you disable the plugin and re-enable it, profile types and categories are not cleared down (I tried this to get rid of them and start again. see 2.)

    5/ I think, and this is a personal opinion, not a criticism, that the layout of the admin panel is confusing.  If profile types/categories/fields are meant to work in some sort of hierarchical fashion (and that may be my misunderstanding), then perhaps a tree display of the different entities would make things clearer.  I appreciate that to some extent you are probably having to work within the confines of the elgg interface but as you have already included some additional jQuery in your code base, perhaps you could take a look the jQGrid/jQTree jQuery components that might help to solve some of the display issues.  And how about putting the help text as tooltips on the relevent sections so that users don't have scroll up and down and lose their focus?

    Anyhow, just a beginners viewpoint.  If you want help with jQGrid please ask, I'd be happy to help.


    Now I just got to figure out how to get rid of those profile types and categories so I can have another go :-)

  • @Ashley thanx for all the comments. The features have grown over time and a redesign of the interface is definitively needed to support more features, so this will have our attention.

    Relations between fields and categories are created by dragging the field to the category you wish to link it to.

    Deleting a profile type can be accomplished by editing it... a delete button will than be available on the edit form

  • Hi Jeroen...

    Is there any time table for the Group related enhancements; in particular -  categories and types for groups?

    I would really like to be able to specify a range of different categories of group... such as water sports, rock sports, motor sports etc, and then types of groups, like club, governing body, charitable, commercial etc

    There would be a need for differant fields for some group categories/types depending on their constiution or purpose... i.e a charity number for a charity or a VAT number for a business, committee members for clubs etc

    I am deperate for better management of Groups and their structures and heirachies as my site is all about groups of people doing outdoor activities etc

    I am willing to pay for this - so long as it is in my budget... can you pm me a quote please?

    Regards, Mark

  • Mark I was just logging in for similar thoughts. I was simply hoping to ask when Jeroen might fix the "multi select": in groups, which is faulty right now, wouldn't this server as a category maker? I have the exact same need as you, I need categories but I thought multi select would do this okay, no?

  • Hello, Just wondering why using the profile manager it messes up the register page. Do not have to do anything but enable it in the plugin section and it send the line all the way across the page. Thanks BO

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