Profile Manager v5.6

Release Notes

This version is updated to work on 1.7.4 and should be backwards compatible to 1.7.1, so not compatible with version prior to Elgg 1.7.1.

Some files are removed or moved, so when upgrading please uninstall previous version before upload this version.

Conflicts with other datepickers are resolved. This is fixed by introducing a Profile Manager style datepicker view / field type. If you have no other datepickers installed you have to do nothing, but if you do, you need to update your field configuration and adjust the datepicker field types to the one you prefer (datepicker or datepicker PM style).

    - added: option on profile field configuration to add a blank option to pulldowns or radio field types

    - added: runonce to reset owner ship of Profile Manager configuration to prevent loss of configuration when removing admins

    - changed: moved some root plugin files to pages folder

    - changed: most of the code rewritten to use elgg_get / elgg_list functions

    - changed: renamed label for type of profile field to "Field Type"

    - changed: import from custom now makes fields default editable

    - changed: output of export csv in UTF-8

    - changed: removed all action_gatekeeper functions from actions (handled by action handler since 1.7)

    - changed: admin only member search query is by default hidden (css) to prevent confusion

    - changed: no EMPTY option on radio and pulldown field types

    - changed: positioning of registration fields now runs by register/extend view

    - removed: action profile/edit; no need for to replace this one now as it can handle array's now

    - fixed: newly created profile fields have the site as owner instead of the current user or 0; this prevents loosing configuration when admin is deleted

    - fixed: hidden groups option in elgg 1.7 not available when profile manager is active

    - fixed: add user as admin wraps users under left side bar

    - fixed: <? instead of <?php generating token errors on profile and group edit form

    - fixed: about me not displaying in Elgg 1.7

    - fixed: sorting options not in translation file

    - fixed: creation of tags fields (or show as tags) on register are not recognized as such

    - fixed: issues when importing custom and default fields

    - fixed: text of profile field disappearing when dragging in configuration

    - fixed: non available field type options are not disabled when editing a field

    - fixed: can not clear label or hint field

    - fixed: strange characters allowed in profile type and category name field

    - fixed: can't edit profile types and categories with single quotes in name or label

    - fixed: data on registration form not always retained when error in other parts of registration form

    - fixed: issue with date -1 day

    - fixed: conflict with other datepickers

    - fixed: upload of profile icon now works

  • @susan thnx for the update. Your situation can be applied to all fields that allow html as input. I just present the info as it is present in the database. Maybe it should be escaped or handled by htmlspecialchars or something else, but that is for later :).

  • @Jeroen - heck I'm just glad to know that it's not particular to my tinymce. 

  • @Dhrup suggested this fix for the html tags  (unfortunately it didn't work for me but it may help someone else)

    actions/ export.php

                foreach($fields as $field){
                        $headers .= $fielddelimiter . " ";
                    $headers .= strip_tags($field);

  • @susan @dhrup had it almost right:

    you could try to do the following at line 65 in export.php:

    $row .= strip_tags($field_data);

  • @Jeroen - yes! that does the trick :)  thnx!

  • Jeroen: prefilled profile types is at the moment not supported, only fields. I'll add it to the todo

    Mio: In order to be able to prefill profile types I inserted a few lines in views/default/profile_manager/members/form.php $(document).ready()


    $profile_type = get_input("custom_profile_type");

    if(!empty($profile_type) && get_entity($profile_type)->getSubtype() == CUSTOM_PROFILE_FIELDS_PROFILE_TYPE_SUBTYPE) {


    $("input[name='profile_all_selector[]']").attr("checked", false);

    $("input[name='meta_data_array_search_criteria[custom_profile_type][]']").attr("disabled", false);

    $("input[name='meta_data_array_search_criteria[custom_profile_type][]'][value='<?php echo $profile_type;?>']").attr("checked", true);




  • Excuse me for asking, if this is only related to profile manager:

    I set the default access level to public,

    I set "Show just one access control pulldown on edit profile form" to "no".

    Private, Friend or "Logged in users" fields are all shown when they should.

    But no profile is ever being shown to the public (not logged in users): "You must be logged in to view that page."

    How come, or how can I change this behavior.

  • Jeroen, first of all, thank you SO MUCH for this update to your plugin! I cannot thank you enough!

    Second, I am LOVING the improvements! GREAT JOB!

    ...So far, I have one thing I noticed, that I would like a tweak on. There is the ability to create profile types. And THANK YOU for this! AWESOME. So, for instance, I created a male and female type. An obvious first choice, I think yes?!  :-)  ...I do see this display out on the registration form. But, I see "Default" too. I don't want the person, who is registering, to be able to chose "Default." Is there a way to eliminate this from that dropdown menu, so that they can only chose Male or Female?


  • Maybe an if/then statement could be made, so that if profile types are created, then the Default choice would not display?

  • @yakiv: In a dropdown menu the result of removing the default option (to have no profile type) would be to default to the first option available (in your case defaulting anyone to male unless they change themnselves to being female (or the other way round)).  

    You can do this by commenting out (adding two slashes (//) at the beginning of) line 63 in /mod/profile_manager/views/default/register.php

    Maybe for you two radio buttons would suit better, but not everyone uses profile types for gender.

  • hey jeroen, thanks for the update :)

    i only have one present issue now (haven't tested facebook connect yet)..

    i haven't seen others mention it --

    presently new users enter their email address when they register but there is no way to make it publicly visible in the profile. as far as i can see at present we need to create another email field in the profile manager to hold an email address.. which is fine, but it does not autopopulate on the login form, so the registration form requires people to add an email to the form twice.

    does that make sense?

    i'd like to see a checkbox added to the registration form and profile edit page to ask and set 'include registration email address in public profile?'.

    thanks again

  • @tunist the default registration fields are account related not profile. There could be a difference between the emailadresses of your account and of your profile. I like your idea about copying the email address to the profile fields after registration, but that should mean there still needs to be a field available to copy to. I will think a bit further on this.

    @mio i think some kind of a gatekeeper/walledgarden is preventing you from seeing the profile page. I will test it here, but i don't think it is related to the profile manager.

    @yakiv/mio about the "default" profile type: a easy (without coding) fix would be to rename the default type to "Man" or "Female"; this can be done in the translation file. But i still would not recommend this approach.

  • @jeroen

    Groups profile will not save "multi select" field. No field no data, nothing.

    Longtext field shows <p/> field data <p> etc. This issue is same as PM 5.5. Conflict with one of my plugins? Thoughts on multi select in groups not working?

  • I just tested in a beta install with only stock 1.7.4 plugins and I get the same issues as above.

    multiselect doesn't show field or data. Long text has the <p/> issue before/after all text.

  • @TahoeBilly i can't reproduce the issue with the <p>; the only thing i can think of is that you had tinymce enabled and after that, disabled it. Or you have flagged the field as show as tags... I can however reproduce the multiselect issue on the group edit and will look into it shortly.

  • @jeroen and billy:

    i have reproduced one aspect of the <p> issue... i created a multi select in the group custom fields page.. and when i viewed the group, the field showed up, displaying one of the multi select options with <p> tags around it.

  • @tunist I had the <p> issue going back in past versions of PM with no atempt at a multi select. It must be a conflict with another plugin of mine, though I also got it with test install of 1.7.4 and only a few plugins which were unloaded. Some plugin of my, even apparantly only installed once, must be causing the <p> in the longtext OR something in my server config?? Obviously if others arent getting it in longtext fields then its something on my system.

  • that i am seeing it in non long-text fields suggests a more general bug, quite likely within profile manager, groups or somewhere in between

  • @ jeroen u said "Or you have flagged the field as show as tags" above in discussing the <P> issue showing up in longtext, can you say this another way? I do not understand.

  • @tahoebilly if you have configured this field to be "shown as tags" html tags won't be stripped. But i guess if you had it flagged you would have known this already.

    @tahoebilly can you confirm you have this issue on a clean 1.7.4 with only profile and profile manager enabled?

  • Ok i tracked down the issue with the multiselect not saving on the group edit. I reported the bug here If you really need it you could comment out the html_entity_decode line in groups/actions/edit but i would not recommend it.

    Solution? Wait for fix. If this takes to long... i will fix it in this plugin.

    Work around? Don't use multiselect on group edit.

  • UPDATE! Jereon I did have "show as tags selected" on that field, your were correct, I feel like an idiot.

    Next question, when I do a longtext field I do not get a background for it if I use a photo background like "custom groups layout". Is there is way to get a background same as the other fields in a longtext field which is not shown as tags?

  • @tahoebilly thnx for the update! About the background: just do some custom css like:

    #custom_fields_userdetails p {
        background: #DEDEDE;

  • @Jeroen can you please take a quick peek at my group you will see the first field is a long text field. The data populates down below when a longtext field (at least with custom gorup layouts latest-which I need!). When set as "show tabs" the longtext has a background but not when set normal. It is as you see, floating over the background.

  • @tahoebilly like i said you can fix this with css... in this case you should do the following:

    #groups_info_column_left p {
        background: #CECECE; //or whatever color

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