Profile Manager v5.6

Release Notes

This version is updated to work on 1.7.4 and should be backwards compatible to 1.7.1, so not compatible with version prior to Elgg 1.7.1.

Some files are removed or moved, so when upgrading please uninstall previous version before upload this version.

Conflicts with other datepickers are resolved. This is fixed by introducing a Profile Manager style datepicker view / field type. If you have no other datepickers installed you have to do nothing, but if you do, you need to update your field configuration and adjust the datepicker field types to the one you prefer (datepicker or datepicker PM style).

    - added: option on profile field configuration to add a blank option to pulldowns or radio field types

    - added: runonce to reset owner ship of Profile Manager configuration to prevent loss of configuration when removing admins

    - changed: moved some root plugin files to pages folder

    - changed: most of the code rewritten to use elgg_get / elgg_list functions

    - changed: renamed label for type of profile field to "Field Type"

    - changed: import from custom now makes fields default editable

    - changed: output of export csv in UTF-8

    - changed: removed all action_gatekeeper functions from actions (handled by action handler since 1.7)

    - changed: admin only member search query is by default hidden (css) to prevent confusion

    - changed: no EMPTY option on radio and pulldown field types

    - changed: positioning of registration fields now runs by register/extend view

    - removed: action profile/edit; no need for to replace this one now as it can handle array's now

    - fixed: newly created profile fields have the site as owner instead of the current user or 0; this prevents loosing configuration when admin is deleted

    - fixed: hidden groups option in elgg 1.7 not available when profile manager is active

    - fixed: add user as admin wraps users under left side bar

    - fixed: <? instead of <?php generating token errors on profile and group edit form

    - fixed: about me not displaying in Elgg 1.7

    - fixed: sorting options not in translation file

    - fixed: creation of tags fields (or show as tags) on register are not recognized as such

    - fixed: issues when importing custom and default fields

    - fixed: text of profile field disappearing when dragging in configuration

    - fixed: non available field type options are not disabled when editing a field

    - fixed: can not clear label or hint field

    - fixed: strange characters allowed in profile type and category name field

    - fixed: can't edit profile types and categories with single quotes in name or label

    - fixed: data on registration form not always retained when error in other parts of registration form

    - fixed: issue with date -1 day

    - fixed: conflict with other datepickers

    - fixed: upload of profile icon now works

  • @Jeroen Thanks for this upgrade

  • Brilliant! thanks for the utf-8 csv fix

  • @Susan thnx! Can you confirm it works ok now?

  • @Jeroen yes it works :)

    it is pulling in some html tags too - but that could be caused by my rtl customization.

  • I'm having some problems. I disabled the previous version (which had custom fields), deleted the profile manager /mod folder, replaced it with the new version and enabled it in Tool administration. I'm running Elgg version 1.7.4. The profile shows the default page even when the accordion option is set in the settings. When I add a new field it shows up with a plain list view instead of accordion view. Changing settings/disabling all plugins instead of profile and profile_manager doesn't change anything. Is there some upgrade script that must be run?

  • @welkers i took a look at your site. When i enter all my information in my profile details there is definitively an accordion. Did you fill in profile fields in more than one category? The accordion will only show if fields have values in more than 1 category.

  • I have the same problems of Welkers.

    I disabled the previous version  with some fields i created. deleted the profile manager in mod folder. i make a upgrade version. then i replaced with the new version an enabld it. when i go to the register page only shows the default fields.

    i'm running version 1.7.4.

  • @bradock that doesn't sound like the same issue. You are talking about the registration page... did you add profile fields to the registration form? That's a specific flag on the profile fields configuration.

  • excuse. in the previous version had created new fields to appear on the registration form. with this version of these fields do not appear ...
    disable the previous version, deleted the mod and put the new version. enabled, I  amended fields that had the datepicker to datepicker for PM.
    I upgraded elgg and do not appear on the registration form

  • @bradock Do you use any plugins that modify the registration page other than the Profile Manager?

  • @jeroen You're right. I indeed didn't fill in more than 1 category. Filling in more solves the problem. Only minor remaining point is that I can't seem to get rid of the "about me" field. I can't import it in the profile manager as default or custom field, but it does show up on the profile page.

  • @Welkers the about me always seems to trouble people; the field is displayed no matter if the field has a value defined by the user. This is default Elgg behaviour. The profile manager doesn't control the output. However: the "about me" field contains content from the "description" profile field. Remove this field from the custom profile fields and you will never have the "about me" field appearing.

  • Jeroen, I have been meaning ask you. What if I want to make a group of profiles part of say a company. Would I use profile type or just create a field for them to share.

  • @TahoeBilly both can work. If you have no other dependencies you can use a field, but if you would like to have categories specific for different profile types you should use the profile types.

  • I love this script by what ive seen and read but everytime i try to install it errors saying it has been misconfigured. im running the latest 1.7.4

  • Mio: Is there a way to add the profile type select to the registration form? I thought this option was added in 5.0 (- added: profile type selection on register), but I cannot find it.


    Jeroen: having a profile type on the registration field is an option on the profile type configuration (if i recall correctly), but i also think that the type need to have type specific fields.


    Mio: I found the profile type select currently appears on the registration form if either a custom profile field is added to the registration form (a profile field option) or if a mandatory profile picture is added to the registration form (an option in the plugin settings). I think it would be better if the appearance of the profile type select on the registration form could be configured in the plugin settings or would depend only on the existence of profile types, not on other custom profile fields in the registration form. I wanted the user to select only their profile type during registration and have them fill all other (mandadory) (profile type specific) profile fields on first login.

    Could the profile type select on the registration form be made mandatory? (disallow the default option)

    Would it be possible to make mandatory fields mandatory on the edit profile view?


  • Hi Jeroen,

    In 'profile_manager:tooltips:profile_type' you write users can edit profile:types:[name]. In classes.php I found this should be profile:profile_types:[name]

  • @mio you are correct about the profile types not appearing on the registration page if there are no registration fields configured for those profile types. There currently is no way to have the profile types on the registration page without profile fields configured to be on the registration form. I will rethink this for a next release.

    @mio Having mandatory fields on the edit profile is also something i have in mind, but not for now.

    @mio thnx for pointing out this bug. It should be as it is described in the documentation, so in the next release the profile types can be translated using "profile:types:[name]".

  • mio: Is it possible to construct a URL to search/display members with one profile type preselected (omitting or using all ajax stuff)?

    jeroen: you can construct a search url using POST or GET variables to the pg/members search page. The fields are the internalnames of the configured profile fields.

    mio: This is correct for configured profile fields. but how about the profile type?

    I tried
    but this does not work.

  • Hi jeroen. no i didn't use any plugins to modify the registration page. only plugin-manager.

    in previous version i created some fields to registration page. now with the new plugin the fields no apear.

  • @mio prefilled profile types is at the moment not supported, only fields. I'll add it to the todo.

  • got it to work turns out with alot of script i been neededing to run a "chmod 667 -R" on all my plugin files

  • @kelly that chmod issue should not be related to this plugin.

  • @Jeroen just an update about the html tags that I mentioned were being exported with the csv..  I found the culprit, my own rtltinymce.  Present solution, anyone using rtltinymce don't export long text fields, or export them but be prepared to see html tags in the csv 

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