Profile Manager v5.5

Release Notes


 - added: ability to preload members search form with (POST or GET) input variables (not available for date fields)

 - added: own url output view, because elgg default doesn't auto add http://

 - added: target _blank to all url output views on profile details and full_profile

 - added: ajax/loader to members search

 - changed: on the search page multiselect fields and all fields marked with show as tags are searchable (Elgg 1.7)

 - changed: initialise_attributes of ProfileManagerCustomField & ProfileManagerCustomProfileField to make it more efficient

 - changed: profile type now saved with correct access level (Elgg 1.7 default was PRIVATE)

 - changed: search is not an action anymore

 - fixed: profile page not displaying after edit (caused by datepicker)

 - fixed: reset not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: restore not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: accordion not working in Elgg 1.7 (include of accordion js only when version < 1.7)  

 - fixed: multi select not saving in Elgg 1.7 (related to trac #2016)

 - fixed: multi select not created correctly on register and admin user form



 - added: hooks to extend membersearch sql string

 - fixed: custom_profile_type visible on profile details for admins when nothing else has values

 - fixed: unable to remove categorie -> profile type relations  

 - fixed: tabs not working correctly when changing profile type on profile edit



 - added: extra classes and a * to register form mandatory fields

 - fixed: updating of profile type and category not possible

 - fixed: applied nasty fix to hide configuration from search results

 - fixed: members search result profile icons not showing pulldown

 - fixed: members search not filtering on profile type in Elgg > 1.6.x

 - fixed: members search fields not listening to admin_only

  • How can i ad _blank target in serach results to go to profile?

  • In a previous message about the accordion problem, I was suggesting to skip the Elgg version test at the bottom of profile_manager/views/default/profile_manager/profile/userdetails.php

    //if(version_compare(get_version(true), "1.7", "<")){

    Although this is a working solution, this is not a good solution. This works if you are using the old jquery libraries in your page_elements/header.php (e.g. like me you have a customised theme and forgot to update the customised header.php with the 1.7 default view header.php

    So, if you have a problem with accordion and you have customised header.php, first check to see if you are using the correct jquery librairies (compare your customised header with the default header)

  • hi,

    I have solved my following problem.






    global $START_MICROTIME;

    $START_MICROTIME = microtime(true);

    after add:

    date_default_timezone_set('YOUR TIME ZONE CODE');



    and the problem is solved now...


    Note:sorry my English is very bad..




    When I save my birthday with datepicker and edit again will see it minus 1 day. Example - 15/11/1977 will becomes 14/11/1977. Any solution?


    Onur ISCI 20 days ago

  • Hi every one.. Did any one found any solution for the conflict between profile_manager and event_calendar .. I need this badly .. please any one having any idea I will be soo gratful .waiting...

  • Hi again ..

    How can I display the profile categories all together in "TAB" view when previewing the user profile ?? Because I can only them them tabbed only when editing the profile .. not when previewing the profile .

    Note : I created three categories[basic - education - work] and also created three profiles with the same names .. and every category has its own field inside it .

    another thing would be .. I would like to preview the profile as displayed in the attached image in this page [images link on the left bar at the top]

    Thank you

  • Great plugin. I am using version 5.5 with ELGG version 1.7.1. The issue is that I cannot delete what was placed in the <hint> field. I can replace it with other data but cannot leave it blank once I placed something in the field. Minor issue. Am using firefox 2 and IE 6. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know how I can Internationalize field type like: Radio, Pull Down and Multi Select?

    I mean, translate em' to another language as i can do for the labels?

    Thank you very much!!!

  • How can i ad _blank target in serach results to go to profile?

  • Hi I am running Elgg 1.7.1 and this plugin looks really great, although I seem to be struggling to do something pretty basic (I might be dumb, but I have tried everything I can!). I would like to put a subscribe checkbox or radio button on the profile page so that people can subscribe to a newsletter, but there does not seem to be a checkbox option (the nearest equivalent is 'Multiselect', but this is a dropdown menu) and the radio button option always seems to have an extra space in the dropdown. here is a screenshot of what I mean:

    Profile Problem

    Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Hi,

    I have a similar problem as Nikolas Dovrolis (I found his post on ver 5.3), I am seeking helps/pointers. I created fields with option "to be shown on registration page" and "Mandatory". in profile page these fields cannot be seen by regular user (only Admin and the actual owner can see these fields). these fields will only become available to other regular user after the owner go to "edit profile page" and click the save button. when tracing profile_manager/profile/userdetail.php and start.php i notice function: "profile_manager_get_catagorized_fields($profile_user)" return nothing for the situation I describe above. is this a role problem? can anyone help me figure this out.

    thank you very much.

  • Im having the same problem as Cliff.

    Is it being affected by another plugin/mod ?

    @Cliff - If you solve this problem Cliff, please let me know as well thanks.


    I'm using elgg 1.7.1     .... is it not fully working in that version?

  • what is the category for????

    where will it be shown??? is it same as site wide category???

  • Hi Jeroen. Your plugin looks very popular. It is a great shame you do not have more time to update it (your last update was over 90 days ago). I think this whole open source idea does not work because programmers like yourself are not really being paid to carry on programming. I would offer to pay you, and I am sure others in this community would as well. Why don't you see if you can work out a way to charge for updates? Otherwise, we will all be waiting for your next update - which may never come! It is very frustrating as a site owner to have to wait so long for updates, but on the flip-side it must be difficult when you don't get paid - there must be a solution! In the meantime, I wanted to ask how to convert the results of a date entry value such as -502153200 into a real date, but I suppose I shouldn't hold much hope of getting an answer. Best wishes. Cliff.

  • Waiting for this to be fixed for elgg 1.7.1.

  • @Sim2K... I look forward to your code fixes for v1.7.1... thanks ;-)

  • What is the function of category here??After addition of new category where will it be shown???

    Thanks and regards.

  • Hi Jereon,

    When is the next release planned?

  • @Miki and Nikolas Dovrolis, I had the same problem, I resolve the problem by changing the access levelon: start.php

    edit this function: "profile_manager_create_user"

    change "ACCESS_DEFAULT" to "ACCESS_LOGGED_IN". (approximately in line 483 and 486).

    I hope this info will help you guys (and others) to move forward.

    Terima kasih :D.

    Frank Sitorus.


  • Hi,

    I am very new to Elgg Community. I recently installed Elgg-1.7.1 and profile_manager_v5.5.

    I am facing an error as follows when user tries to edit the profile fileds that are generated from profile_manager.

    ""we encountered an error (token mismatch). This probably means that the page you were using expired.  plese try again""

    Any ideas? please help!!!

    many thanks,


  • It doesn't set the default access data on show on register page, mandatory fields, to me. Can somebody confirm this?


  • Ok, it seems to be a bug. I hope Jeroen let me to post the fix

    In profile_manager/views/default/profile_manager/register.php


    'options' => $options )); ?>


    <?php echo elgg_view('input/access', array('internalname' => 'accesslevel[' . $field->metadata_name . ']', 'value' => ACCESS_DEFAULT)); ?>


  • It doesn't seem to store the data :\ It still save -1

  • @Jereon What is the function of category here??

    Any response??

  • @jeroen thanks for the plugin....still not able to make best use of it on my site....the default profile fields imported from default profile of elgg are not getting saved and the profile is always blank. I saw another member raised this problem but no pointer on that.

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