Profile Manager v5.5

Release Notes


 - added: ability to preload members search form with (POST or GET) input variables (not available for date fields)

 - added: own url output view, because elgg default doesn't auto add http://

 - added: target _blank to all url output views on profile details and full_profile

 - added: ajax/loader to members search

 - changed: on the search page multiselect fields and all fields marked with show as tags are searchable (Elgg 1.7)

 - changed: initialise_attributes of ProfileManagerCustomField & ProfileManagerCustomProfileField to make it more efficient

 - changed: profile type now saved with correct access level (Elgg 1.7 default was PRIVATE)

 - changed: search is not an action anymore

 - fixed: profile page not displaying after edit (caused by datepicker)

 - fixed: reset not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: restore not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: accordion not working in Elgg 1.7 (include of accordion js only when version < 1.7)  

 - fixed: multi select not saving in Elgg 1.7 (related to trac #2016)

 - fixed: multi select not created correctly on register and admin user form



 - added: hooks to extend membersearch sql string

 - fixed: custom_profile_type visible on profile details for admins when nothing else has values

 - fixed: unable to remove categorie -> profile type relations  

 - fixed: tabs not working correctly when changing profile type on profile edit



 - added: extra classes and a * to register form mandatory fields

 - fixed: updating of profile type and category not possible

 - fixed: applied nasty fix to hide configuration from search results

 - fixed: members search result profile icons not showing pulldown

 - fixed: members search not filtering on profile type in Elgg > 1.6.x

 - fixed: members search fields not listening to admin_only

  • Is it possible to add a custom link that puts code before and after an input? I would love to have my users put in their skype name and get a clickable button like the ones shown at

  • The accordian functionality is still not working unless I replace a js file.

  • umm... in Admin tools (when i create a custom field, and before that i push the 'edit' button) it saids:

    If you leave the label empty, you can internationalize the profile field label (profile:[name])

    well.. i dont know how to do it T.T  ..I´ll must seek the field label at the code and modify? but i was looking for at en.php, and all the php file at /mods/custom_profile and dont see nothing..

    Or how to do it? I would like to do a multilingual network but this point make me crazy xD plisss

    N. I hve the same problem with the accordion, then I do capitaine saids (uncomment //if(version_compare(get_version(true), "1.7", "<")){  )..and it runs ok! :) not more problems with this plugin for me, thnks for it Jeroen 

  • yeah, not looked for at /mods/custom_profile .. i looked at mods/profile_manager ..sorry I was thinking of something else

  • i dont understund... 2hours with this and nothing to do.. now, one more try before go to bed and its works.. I think I forgot , / :  somewhere or something.. i dont kwnow...zzzzz..... more tomorrow :)

  • @kikefrutas: I made translations in /mod/profile appropriate language file like this:

    "profile:field_name" => "field name translation",
    "profile:dateofbirth" => "Date of birth",

    Take care that "custom_profile" is not the profile_manager's folder but the one of an other mod which should normaly be desactivated as it makes the same work but less fine. It may be some conflict between the two. Just keep the core profile mod and profile manager. That's tha way I did.


  • I was overworking yesterday captain :) ...I was writting the "profile:thingthat" "profile:thingthis" etc. but not works.. finally i revised my work slowy and see that i forgot to put the "," at the end of each line.. an estupid error. Too much coffe I think lol. Well, Im rewriting now it and im doing like you said me,  thanks a lot for yor help. But, I dont catch the profile types.. I used profile:types:thing but it dont works.. any idea?

  • Is it possible to have also multichoice check boxes ?

  • Hi Jeroen,

    i like your plugin ( I have tested it the whole day) but i miss some features (maybe I made a mistake).

    1. I have added some group fields, but I cant search for them. Have I made a mistake?

    2. I have added some fields to the group profile. Now I would like to implement some  in the can i do that?

    3. I would like to combine your plugin with a geotag so I can dislay the location in google maps (there are some plugins available).

    Is it easy possible? Could you please give me hint, how to do that?

    Kind Regards


  • hi,

    When I save my birthday with datepicker and edit again will see it minus 1 day. Example - 15/11/1977 will becomes 14/11/1977. Any solution?


  • @Jeroen
    - changed: profile type now saved with correct access level (Elgg 1.7 default was PRIVATE)

    How did you do this. I'm using 1.6.1 and strangely my users cannot see each other's profile information even when users are friends and access set to logged in users.

    I'm wondering if 1.6.1 does the same thing.

    I have tried using profile_manager 5.3 and 5.5 with no luck. I use 5.1 on another site with no problems, but trying to put 5.1 on my main site gives me a fatal error to engine/lib/entities.php on line 1283

    I hope you can tell me how you overrode default elgg access permissions for 1.7

  • I've seen the same bug as @Onur ISCI while testing. If I input a date in the date picker, it displays in the profile as the day before. This is without any other plugin active that interferes with the datepicker view. This is on Elgg 1.7.

  • @yuvajadhav - when you see a Unix time stamp on the edit profile page, that means you are running the Event calendar plugin. You cannot run both and use the date picker in the profile manager plugin.

  • Jeroen - a minor issue: when creating a profile field, the drop down control for field type says "Profile type". This can be confusing for users because you also offer a profile type capability. Better to call it "Field type".

  • Also, am I getting this right? On the edit profile fields, the asterisk * means the field option is optional while on the registration form the asterisk means it is required?

  • Quote:

    To do Default values for fields (user specified).

    I was wondering, in the code of Profile Manager were is the forced blank space for dropdowns, radio, and multiselect types?

  • Hi all!

    I'm using elgg 1.7.1

    I got this message when I try to drag and drop some profile fields into other category:

    "An unknown error occurred while changing the category" 

    It is very frustrating because it gives me no information, where can the problem be.

    with 1.7.1b this plugin worked flawlessly on the same hardware. :( any ideas?

    Thank you very much for hard work!!

  • Didn't see if anyone else posted this question, I can only get the custom profile type to show up on the registration if I also put a profile field in the registration. This doesn't bother me at all- I just put a random question in to make new users laugh, but I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

    The reason is, it doesn't matter what profile field I put in, just as long as there is one. So I'm thinking that I may have something in the wrong place.

    Hope I explained that alright.

    Thanks for any help

  • hi Jeroen,

    I am using elgg 1.7.1 (on fedora 12) to test this excelent plugin. kindly help me with this problem.

    For my testing ,I created 2 new profile fields, and also I added 13 previously defined profile fields (previously defined fields with Elgg's default profile plugin). I set the permission to "User can edit this field" for all fields. when I try to edit the profile.., only the 2 new profile fields were able to save the new data. the other 13 fields imported from Elgg default profile plugin was not changed (still showing the old data).

    would you show me or point me in the direction in how to solve this problem?.

    thank you kindly.

  • I am now getting duplicate fields in my profiles and am still getting the "profile:custom_profile_type:" in the profile views as well.

    Any pointers on ammending these would be greatly appreciated:

    profile problem

  • Hi Jeroen (and everyone else).

    First of all, thanks Jeroen for a great plugin, it's a great improvement on the default profile manager.

    We would like to make a widget that can appear on the dashboard, showing a mini version of the profile. We've managed to get it to display the person's "display name" and can also list the data fields as defined in "Profile Manager" but we can't work out how to get it to display the associated data in those fields. Any help you could give me with this would be very much appreciated.

    To let you know what I've done so far, this is what I'm using to display the profile fields:

    foreach($vars['config']->profile as $shortname => $valtype) {
        echo $shortname."<br>";

    Where $shortname gives me the name of the field, but I can't seem to get the value of it ($valtype is the type, e.g. radio, pulldown, etc).

    I've also tried looking in $categorized_fields in the below code but can't find any sign of the values there either:

    $categorized_fields = profile_manager_get_categorized_fields($vars['entity'], true);
    $cats = $categorized_fields['categories'];
    $fields = $categorized_fields['fields'];

    I've looked through the documentation as much as possible for this but I'm quite new to Elgg and it's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack! If you or anyone else can point me to documentation instead that would also be a great help.

    Many thanks,


  • how can i use the tabs funtionaity of this....To have the profile organized. Lets say: About me under a tab then contact, interst etc....!

  • perfect work jeroen

    this plugin is a must have


  • Any solution for the Event  calendar datepicker conflict ?

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