Profile Manager v5.5

Release Notes


 - added: ability to preload members search form with (POST or GET) input variables (not available for date fields)

 - added: own url output view, because elgg default doesn't auto add http://

 - added: target _blank to all url output views on profile details and full_profile

 - added: ajax/loader to members search

 - changed: on the search page multiselect fields and all fields marked with show as tags are searchable (Elgg 1.7)

 - changed: initialise_attributes of ProfileManagerCustomField & ProfileManagerCustomProfileField to make it more efficient

 - changed: profile type now saved with correct access level (Elgg 1.7 default was PRIVATE)

 - changed: search is not an action anymore

 - fixed: profile page not displaying after edit (caused by datepicker)

 - fixed: reset not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: restore not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: accordion not working in Elgg 1.7 (include of accordion js only when version < 1.7)  

 - fixed: multi select not saving in Elgg 1.7 (related to trac #2016)

 - fixed: multi select not created correctly on register and admin user form



 - added: hooks to extend membersearch sql string

 - fixed: custom_profile_type visible on profile details for admins when nothing else has values

 - fixed: unable to remove categorie -> profile type relations  

 - fixed: tabs not working correctly when changing profile type on profile edit



 - added: extra classes and a * to register form mandatory fields

 - fixed: updating of profile type and category not possible

 - fixed: applied nasty fix to hide configuration from search results

 - fixed: members search result profile icons not showing pulldown

 - fixed: members search not filtering on profile type in Elgg > 1.6.x

 - fixed: members search fields not listening to admin_only

  • @Shouvik, I decided to have a look at the code, and removed the datepicker related stuff and and referance to it in start.php and it works a treat now, no silly 1970/1969 dates etc... all good.

    Thanks for the tip though :-)

  • Any idea why when I make a field for "Group Types" and specify show as "Tags" I have a problem when I click that "Tag"?

    Group Type: Group or Club

    I get a search string like this: /pg/search/?q=Group+or+Club&search_type=tags

    But it does not pull up the other Groups with the same Type:

    Results for "Group or Club"

    No results.
  • @Mark

    LOLZ.. you do need our customized profile and group profile code.. wait for SuperGroups ! I chatted with Zak about sending you SuperGroups PlugIn with "accredited" feature.. hehh. ping me back anytime...

  • @Dhrup, yep... being driven mad at the moment with a million little irritations!  SuperGroups sounds like a fairy tale :-)

  • What exactly is this super group and how different is it from this profile_manager plugin, apart from the bugfixes ...?

  • @shouvik SuperGroups is a, currently mythical, under development successor to Groups Extended, and as rumour has it will have some great features for groups includung something to define  "group types" better.

  • Just installed this along with the vazco geolocation plugin..
    Attempted to add a 'location' field to the list of fields and received a meta data error (I chose the field type of 'google map with marker' as advised)..

    I then thought I'd test to see if I could add any other standard type of field instead (text) and although I did not receive any error message, the field did not get added to the list of fields nor to the profile..

    any idea what's up? I'm using the latest version of ELGG.


  • hi,

    the "token mismatch-error" still occurs

    i change lines 293 and  294 in views\default\profile\edit.php to:

      <input type="hidden" name="__elgg_ts" value="<?php echo $ts; ?>" />
      <input type="hidden" name="__elgg_token" value="<?php echo $token; ?>" />

    and everything works fine

  • Jeroen, when will this plugin receive it's next upgrade/update? It's been a REALLY long time, man, and this plugin needs more full compatibility with 1.7.2. My primary reason for making this comment is because I am making preliminary plans to use this on my primarily prime site, which right now is in primitive stages.

    In case anyone thinks my last sentence is odd, it's little bit of kidding, based on another thread ( ).

  • How can I add a custom profile field that I have created to multiple profile categories? When I drag and drop my custom profile field named "age"to one profile category I cannot assign it to another profile category? I have profile manager 5.5 installed on elgg 1.7.1.

  • @EricD you can't add a profile field to more than one category. Advice: make a general category and link it to multiple profile types

  • Jeroen, good to see you here! Elgg 1.7.2 stable is supposed to be out this week, hopefully today or tomorrow. Will Profile Manager 5.6 or higher be out this week too? It's been a long time since it's been updated and a lot of issues have been discussed and enhancements have been made I am sure.

  • Jeroen, do you have any SVN? I think the community could help you to improve this plugin.

  • I added 5 profile fields, then on the 6th one. i get error:

    "Metadata name is an invalid name".

    I can't add any more fields,

    How do i fix this?

  • I have installed your Profile Manager plugin, and set some custom field (like sex, date of birth etc..). Now i have the necessity to take the value of the field 'sex' in an other file. I want to change the colour of my theme depend on the gender of the users, so in the css.php file of my theme i want to take the value of custom field 'sex' of the user to use it in an if clause (if ($sex = 'MALE') { echo ' css etc.... ' } else { echo css etc...} )

    Can you help me? :D

    Thanks a lot for your work.


  • hi i am using profile manager plugin its good plugin then this plugin show on user register page that page not fill  all filed go to save button on that time validation error last field fill first display error message.

    i want to first filed show on error message, can u help me ...

  • @sgiansa - that's pretty ambitious. :-) Let us know if it works!

  • i have installed your profile manager plugin and some extra filed created, created filed show on register page on that time i am not fill all field directly go to click submit button on that time close message error very very last filed (the fill the next filed:date of birth)in this filed my rigister box last filed. so  i want to first filed display on error message. can share your ideas or help me,,,,,

  • I've replaced default fields with this plugin properly. But "About Me" field is still shown on profile view. When I edit, I see no About Me on edit mode. So there will always be an empty "About Me" on profile page. How can I edit my "About Me" field, or how can I remove it from profile?


  • @ tek as ..........About me is listed as discription on the list of profile fields

  • When I upgraded to 1.7.3 the icon uploader on the register broke.  Now when you try to upload a profile icon when you register it does not upload.  Is any one else having this issue?

  • I'd love to add this to my elgg 1.7.1 but I guess its not being developed anymore? does anyone have this installed on 1.7.1 without any issues??

  • why don't you install this on your v.1.7.1 elgg site and do some testing and report back ?

  • I have some sort of a funny issue...i'm now running on 1.7.3...i have enabeld the simplybluewhite theme...and started the profile manager...and it look weird...

    Then, I disabled the simplybluewhite theme...and nothing happend...I went to site administartion, did nothing, just saved and trhe installation went back to oriniginal i was able to run the profile manager fine...i made my changes....went mach to the simplybluewhitetheme...and all is working now...

    What the hech....any ideas?

  • in 1.7.1 create conflict with mods friendsoffriends and people_you_might_know

    Data picker doesn t play nicly  with calendar. This is a very powerfull tool, but need to be improved to work with recent elgg version!

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