Profile Manager v5.5

Release Notes


 - added: ability to preload members search form with (POST or GET) input variables (not available for date fields)

 - added: own url output view, because elgg default doesn't auto add http://

 - added: target _blank to all url output views on profile details and full_profile

 - added: ajax/loader to members search

 - changed: on the search page multiselect fields and all fields marked with show as tags are searchable (Elgg 1.7)

 - changed: initialise_attributes of ProfileManagerCustomField & ProfileManagerCustomProfileField to make it more efficient

 - changed: profile type now saved with correct access level (Elgg 1.7 default was PRIVATE)

 - changed: search is not an action anymore

 - fixed: profile page not displaying after edit (caused by datepicker)

 - fixed: reset not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: restore not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: accordion not working in Elgg 1.7 (include of accordion js only when version < 1.7)  

 - fixed: multi select not saving in Elgg 1.7 (related to trac #2016)

 - fixed: multi select not created correctly on register and admin user form



 - added: hooks to extend membersearch sql string

 - fixed: custom_profile_type visible on profile details for admins when nothing else has values

 - fixed: unable to remove categorie -> profile type relations  

 - fixed: tabs not working correctly when changing profile type on profile edit



 - added: extra classes and a * to register form mandatory fields

 - fixed: updating of profile type and category not possible

 - fixed: applied nasty fix to hide configuration from search results

 - fixed: members search result profile icons not showing pulldown

 - fixed: members search not filtering on profile type in Elgg > 1.6.x

 - fixed: members search fields not listening to admin_only

  • Elgg 1.7.

    I get the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/***/web/community/mod/profile_manager/start.php on line 643

    Any idea?

  • Hi Jeroen!

    Could you possibly add the admin a capability of HIDING a user profile field on the profile page. This is useful for allowing users to enter in information such as a phone number, for admin uses, but not displaying it publicly -- especially if you choose the option to only show one access control pulldown on edit profile form (from Profile Manager_Settings).

    THANKS for such great work.  

  • Getting the following error w/ an 1.7.1 install:

    profile_manager is a misconfigured plugin. It has been disabled. Please see the Elgg wiki for possible causes.

    Also in the Tools Administration under:


    more info

    There is no more info (and no brief description). I also have the elggdiagnostic.txt if that would provide assistance in resolving the issue. Thanks in advance...

  • @s3indiana Make sure that inside the mod/profil_manager folder are the files..not a folder.


  • Enschede.. da komm ich vielleicht auch mit deutsch weiter. mein englisch ist nicht wirklich gut.
    in der Elke 1.6.1 funktioniert das Plugin prima, bis auf die Gruppenrechte (Sichtbarkeitseinstellungen)
    in 1.7.1 schaltet es sofort nach Aktivierung die Gruppenbeschreibung ab und blendet die Felder weg. Das llässt sich über den Import klären. gibt es einen Fix für die Sichtbarkeitseinstellungen oder eine "Lightversion" ohne Gruppenfunktionalität oder einen Tip für ein Workarround um das Einstellungsfeld wieder sichtbar zu machen?

  • Thx. elHayaze that solves the install problem (for a couple mods I had attempted to install). Guess I missed that simple factor reading over the install instructions.


    Next issue Custom Profile Fields. Completed the following:

    No data displayed on profile page and when reviewing edits, fields are blank. Any idea what I missed with the install or creation of the Custom Fields???

  • Hi VERY nice plugin, but is there any way to set a preset default access for each field ?

    I would like to have certain fiels set to private by default and others for connected users ?

    Is there a way to tweak that ?

  • netking17 - I'm not sure if you can do that with the profile manager, but if not you definitely can do it with my form plugins.

  • @kevin, you're a god :-) it even let me get rid of the username input :-)

    wrong side is I have only 24h to switch, but I'm sure it will do...

    Thanks, you set of plugins is just wonderful ;-)

  • I'm new to elgg and seem to be having trouble with this plugin. I have sucessfully added fields to the user profile (eg: drop downs[gender, age group] and radio buttons [member:Y|N]). I can add users with the new fields, though I haven't yet figured out how to use the new fields to accomplish what I want (some groups are gender specific, and some age specific; but I don't know how to filter for such). More importantly, with these new fields in place, I can't create a new group. I keep getting a 'token mismatch'. The debugging output is vast, and I haven't yet looked for a log format configuration file. I have the eclipse-PHP debugging package installed. 

    I'd appreciate any suggestions on debugging directions.  Thanks.


  • Francis Sitorus: Thank you very much for helping us sort out the issue with the radio buttons. But, is there any fix for the pulldowns?


    @Rankin: Please, read the plugin comments from page 1 and I;m sure you will find the remedy. I think it's right on the very first page. But, not sure.

  • Also, is there any way to put the radio buttons in one row?

  • I am not sure if this question is for this forum, i am using the profile manager plugin and I thing this has modified the search box in my elgg website, although it looks fine, I am seeing a query box that looks like is some debug information it shows the sql queries being sent , how do I remove this ?

  • @sanjaykbhat: You mean on the 'members' page? That can be switched back. Click on 'settings' on the 'Profile manager' tab on 'Tools Administration' page. There you will get the option. Set it to 'no'.


    But, I would love to have this advanced search facility. But, because of that text, I cannot do it. Does anyone have a fix ...?

  • This is what I get in my Profile Edit page

    I get the new custom fields, and instead of being able to change the custom profile type I get this:

    This field can not be edited

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • First, great plugin Jeroen, solved many of my problems!

    One thing though, I would like to add a form to the registration (a serial number form) but I only want admins to be able to see it on their profile, is this possible?

  • @jaxcatz: I think in that case the 'choose one' would be, technically, an option to choose too.

    I think there's a problem with Elgg on this. I have seen the same blank space on Openinviter too.

  • @all to give an answer on the blank entries in radio and pulldown fields:

    It is by design

    Apparantly not a wise decision :) I introduced the blank option to have the ability to empty a field (other wise you can't revert to nothing). I'll rethink this for the new version which will be there i a few months (hopefully)

  • Does this module works ok with the Site Access module?

  • Hi all....

    Im getting this query syntaxes when using profile managers member search.... Anyone has the same problem ? Its a very nice utility but........ :)

    How to remove this ?

    (Pls check the link for image)



    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)


  • @jaxcatz this query is only visible for admins

  • Oh thanX Jeroen :)

    I was worried a bit hehehe :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • @BenJohnson

    It turns out that if you set the access level to 'Private' rather than 'Logged In Users' on the Edit Profile page then the profile field will not appear to non-admin users. Is there any way to make this the default for my one particular field?

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