Profile Manager v5.5

Release Notes


 - added: ability to preload members search form with (POST or GET) input variables (not available for date fields)

 - added: own url output view, because elgg default doesn't auto add http://

 - added: target _blank to all url output views on profile details and full_profile

 - added: ajax/loader to members search

 - changed: on the search page multiselect fields and all fields marked with show as tags are searchable (Elgg 1.7)

 - changed: initialise_attributes of ProfileManagerCustomField & ProfileManagerCustomProfileField to make it more efficient

 - changed: profile type now saved with correct access level (Elgg 1.7 default was PRIVATE)

 - changed: search is not an action anymore

 - fixed: profile page not displaying after edit (caused by datepicker)

 - fixed: reset not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: restore not working in Elgg 1.7 (due to use of delete_entities function)

 - fixed: accordion not working in Elgg 1.7 (include of accordion js only when version < 1.7)  

 - fixed: multi select not saving in Elgg 1.7 (related to trac #2016)

 - fixed: multi select not created correctly on register and admin user form



 - added: hooks to extend membersearch sql string

 - fixed: custom_profile_type visible on profile details for admins when nothing else has values

 - fixed: unable to remove categorie -> profile type relations  

 - fixed: tabs not working correctly when changing profile type on profile edit



 - added: extra classes and a * to register form mandatory fields

 - fixed: updating of profile type and category not possible

 - fixed: applied nasty fix to hide configuration from search results

 - fixed: members search result profile icons not showing pulldown

 - fixed: members search not filtering on profile type in Elgg > 1.6.x

 - fixed: members search fields not listening to admin_only

  • this plugin breaks the groups plugin functionality because with this plugin enabled the "Who can see this group?" does not show when creating a new group

  • Hi,

    I still get a token mismatch on elgg 1.7 - this happens when a user tries to save after he filled his profile fields.


  • The group edit form view that the plugin overrides is missing the group visibility if statement:

    if (get_plugin_setting('hidden_groups', 'groups') == 'yes') ...

    This was introduced in Elgg 1.6. Inserting the code and running on an Elgg 1.5 site should work fine.


    Jeroen, you should also take advantage of the security token view. Using it is much easier and should guarantee future compatibility: <?php echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken'); ?>

  • Hello,

    I have a problem using the plugin calendar_event together with profile_manager. If the latter is disabled, no problem. If it is unabled, whatever date I input, it goes back to 01/01/1970. Any idea why and how your plugin may affect the dates?

  • the simpledatepicker plugin solve alot of my problems with profile manager for some reason,,,,, just saying lol

  • @rufuz i can't reproduce the token mismatch. Do you have another plugin which replaces the 'edit profile' form? Can you confirm in the source that the ts and token fields are there?

    @Captain & @Cash i need to change the group edit profile view so it has the new features. Just missed it.

    @Cash when changing already existing views or making new ones we use the new token features (like view and function). Some views we didn't change in this version, so they will come gradually

    @ccbuilder the conflict with the datepicker of event_calendar is still there. The usage of the datepicker differs between the two plugins (we save timestamp, event_calendar text), so thats why the problem arises. Hopefully we'll fix it in the future.

  • @Jeroen Any idea how to fix the event_calendar problem ? Both plugins are a must, so activating one and deactivating another is impossible for me and probably for the others...     :-)


  • @elHayaze a very bad fix could be to rename the input and output view of the datepicker in the profile manager plugin (mod/profile_manager/views/default/input and output). Just rename them to _datepicker or something like that. This will probably do the trick, but you would not be able to search these fields anymore, because the search expects timestamp instead of strings. But maybe worth a try (still a bad fix :)

  • @Jeroen Worth a try. Thank you for your contribution.

  • jeroen, please check y9our message inbox, i sent you a msg, u can post it here if you like, thanks a lot

  • @jeroen,

    I setup a test installation, a fresh elgg1.7 and profile manager just right after. Token mismatch is always there.

    I am using it in localhost with xampplite, could be that the problem? ...even though I never had such problem before with xampplite...

    I got a look at the source same days ago, even  *as far as I can remember* I found an action without token but adding it didn't solved the thing...

    thank you!


  • thanks for the fast response Jeroen. i was not able to upgrade my site from 1.6 to 1.7 resulting in a fresh install and complete rebuild. the profile manager field functionality is badly missed

    fyi i found a bug in core plugins, looks like an issue with groups and the activity river, worth a look in case the group function is at additional fault:

  • Jeroen, please update

    views\default\forms\groups\edit.php and

    each contains two <? that should be <?php which are causing (my) token problems...

    Cheers, Ruben

  • Edit/update: views\default\forms\groups\edit.php contains four <?

  • @Ruben,

    I found 2 in views\default\forms\groups\edit.php and 2 in views\default\profile\edit.php.

    Thanks because now it works, no more token mismatch.


  • @ruben thanks for the tip. I'll post a new release shortly.

  • Hello, friends.  I'm trying to add a new profile field, but for some reason I keep getting the error message of "The requested action (profile_manager/new) was not defined in the system."   (I had already fixed the " <? " issues as described by Ruben..)   Would really love to be able to use this extremely useful plugin.. 

  • @rufuz - To fix the token mismatch you need to fix a bug in the code. In profile_manager\views\default\profile\edit.php line 293 the code: "<? echo $ts; ?>" needs to be changed to "<?php echo $ts; ?>". The line 294 the code: "<? echo $token; ?>" needs to be changed to "<?php echo $token; ?>".

    Just a silly error but I think that the new 1.7 requirement of an action to have a valid token is causing the clash. :-)

  • @Asa, @Rufuz

    The problem is *not necessarily with the PlugIn, but rather your php.ini config for short tags.. you can **either code that apparent "fix" above OR change your php.ini to allow short tags.. either way will work ok..  as long as one keeps in mind that it is *nbot an inherent PlugIn problem.. just hoe you configure your php settings ;-)

  • @ Jeroen


    We are using this plugin. Major problem with Datepicker.

    We use datepicker for date of birth. When we choose "show on profile as tags" it does.nt show proper date. It shows some value.

    E.g. if I choose 1st april 2010 it displays "1270080000"

    Is it a problem or we are doing something wrong ?

    mail me at


  • great plugin, installing and running with no problems at my 1.7. Icant wait the multilingual options to try it !

  • I found the same problem as captain.

    @Cash - Where Can I find more details about how to fix the missing field ?


  • O' that was another easy one, I added the entire IF block at line 103... 

    Thanks for the plugin Jeroen

  • I had to uncomment next test

    //if(version_compare(get_version(true), "1.7", "<")){

    at the bottom of profile_manager/views/default/profile_manager/profile/userdetails.php in order to make work the accordion in profile. Though I'm using elgg 1.7.

    Also, I cant make work the multiselect field type : it appears like a pull down menu with no items inside.

    Apart from that, this is a great pluging which hugely improves the value of a community site. Congratulations

  • Is this version fully compatible with Elgg 1.6.1 ?

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