Profile Manager v5.3

Release Notes

Version history
- added: extra classes and a * to register form mandatory fields
- fixed: updating of profile type and category not possible
- fixed: applied nasty fix to hide configuration from search results
- fixed: members search result profile icons not showing pulldown
- fixed: members search not filtering on profile type in Elgg > 1.6.x
- fixed: members search fields not listening to admin_only

- added: hint text on profile fields to show on edit/register forms
- added: empty value to pulldown and radio options to empty a field (or keep blank)
- added: new admin add user form with the option to notify user and directly add extra profile information
- changed: plugin now works with classes
- fixed: multiselect not working in safari/chrome
- fixed: switching profile field (with edit) doesn't empty form. Problem when last field doesn't contain a label
- fixed: description not keeping data on edit group form
- fixed: layout bug in css on search form
- fixed: having no custom profile fields except admin only makes the admin only visible on the profile ($CONFIG->profile need to not contain these fields)
- fixed: profile fields used filled on the register form (and admin form) now listens to default access level
- (maybe) fixed: on some browsers group fields configuration not showing (not reproducable)

- added: members search form based on profile fields (admin configurable)
- added: simple/advanced search toggle options on user profile field configuration
- fixed: token mismatch on group edit when using 1.6.x or higher (not tested)
- fixed: after bounce on register it showed bounced values
- fixed: datepicker fields sometimes a day off, fix provided by westor (
- fixed: groupprofile view replaced to show correct field labels
5.0.1 (2009-12-28):
- fixed: profile type description change on selection change not working on register
- fixed: bouncing on register form not working for profile type and multiselect
5.0 (2009-12-23):
- added: backup / restore of custom profile fields configuration (no categories and profile types)
- added: basic export of profile metadata to a csv
- added: admin option to show a tabbed edit profile view
- added: option to add profile type to members tabbed view
- added: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups
- added: admin only option to custom group profile fields
- added: simple admin stats to show different profile type count
- added: profile fields now editable
- added: profile type selection on register
- changed: renamed plugin to Profile Manager
- changed: secured all actions with tokens and action gatekeepers (for Elgg 1.7)
- fixed: forgotten translation of unavailable options
- fixed: admin only not saved when adding new fields

  • Hi again, I see its possible to use <img-elements for icons, but it would be nice to get this implemented perfectly in this excellent plugin also.

    I.e. an icon to indicate male / female, an icon before links, etc.

    I imagine if I put an icon for male now i.e. its not searchable.

    It really is an amazing plugin this, so excellent if it can be completed to be suited for the dating / look for a partner scene.

    (Also I miss the calulating of age based on birth date, and search on this... i.e. from 18 to 24.)


  • Hello,

     i would to ask about possibility protect selection type of profile. Example profile list "Mudr,Pdh,Ing,Bc"

    I would give change ne user choice profile withou Mudr. Have you aby intention how I will provided it?

    thank you.

  • Is it possible to link in Facebook Connect to this...?

  • I know Jeroen is working hard, but man I am dying for a 1.7 update...

  • @TahoeBilly I tried it in 1.7 and it works.

  • @elHayaze not the multi select dropdown! ;)

  • Works fine, but I cant tile or set the background image options.

    They dont show up at all. Any idea on how to get these options to actually work...?

    Would also be nice to have this plugin coded into a premium system with a time limit on. I.e. 1-3-6 and 12 month of payment for the usage.

    After each periode then the user had to insert a code for further usage.



  • @Lifeform what background options ???

  • can't wait for the 1.7 update - hope the date picker is compatible with Kev's event calendar plugin.

    Happy Elgging and may the force be with Jereon!...

  • jereon I can't wait for the 1.7 version

  • and plz try to fix the accordion thing :)

  • @Zenzoon: I have made a post the 3rd page of this plugin which might be helpful for you about the Accordian manu.


    I have been able to have the accordian functionality working on Elgg 1.6.1, not exactly like the screenshot though.

    Copy the codes from this directory


    and paste it on this directory


    Save it, upload it on server and re-enable the Profile Manager plugin.

    Make sure you have the Select how the different categories are displayed on the profile is set to Accordian.

  • I tried prepare own funcionality on profile manager where metadata for entity user will retried as row table in JQGrid. Problem is when metadata example "surname" set privilege parameter not Public function  profile_manager_get_categorized_fields() not return data. Privilege Friends not return data too.


  • Was wondering if anyone could help please?

    I maybe (more than likely am being quite dense) but I just cant get this plug-in to work, having tried it in both 1.6.1 and 1.7.

    I can get it so my custom fields show up on the register form, but for the life of me nothing comes up on the users profile page, and when I click 'Edit Profile' it just refreshes the page.

    I was wondering whether there was any documentation for this plug-in, or whether someone would be prepared to message me with an idea of the extra options that I need to select?

    Many thanks in advance!


  • how can i set a defined profile type for site members instead of default?

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