Profile Manager v5.3

Release Notes

Version history
- added: extra classes and a * to register form mandatory fields
- fixed: updating of profile type and category not possible
- fixed: applied nasty fix to hide configuration from search results
- fixed: members search result profile icons not showing pulldown
- fixed: members search not filtering on profile type in Elgg > 1.6.x
- fixed: members search fields not listening to admin_only

- added: hint text on profile fields to show on edit/register forms
- added: empty value to pulldown and radio options to empty a field (or keep blank)
- added: new admin add user form with the option to notify user and directly add extra profile information
- changed: plugin now works with classes
- fixed: multiselect not working in safari/chrome
- fixed: switching profile field (with edit) doesn't empty form. Problem when last field doesn't contain a label
- fixed: description not keeping data on edit group form
- fixed: layout bug in css on search form
- fixed: having no custom profile fields except admin only makes the admin only visible on the profile ($CONFIG->profile need to not contain these fields)
- fixed: profile fields used filled on the register form (and admin form) now listens to default access level
- (maybe) fixed: on some browsers group fields configuration not showing (not reproducable)

- added: members search form based on profile fields (admin configurable)
- added: simple/advanced search toggle options on user profile field configuration
- fixed: token mismatch on group edit when using 1.6.x or higher (not tested)
- fixed: after bounce on register it showed bounced values
- fixed: datepicker fields sometimes a day off, fix provided by westor (
- fixed: groupprofile view replaced to show correct field labels
5.0.1 (2009-12-28):
- fixed: profile type description change on selection change not working on register
- fixed: bouncing on register form not working for profile type and multiselect
5.0 (2009-12-23):
- added: backup / restore of custom profile fields configuration (no categories and profile types)
- added: basic export of profile metadata to a csv
- added: admin option to show a tabbed edit profile view
- added: option to add profile type to members tabbed view
- added: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups
- added: admin only option to custom group profile fields
- added: simple admin stats to show different profile type count
- added: profile fields now editable
- added: profile type selection on register
- changed: renamed plugin to Profile Manager
- changed: secured all actions with tokens and action gatekeepers (for Elgg 1.7)
- fixed: forgotten translation of unavailable options
- fixed: admin only not saved when adding new fields

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-8-24
  • Downloads: 108675
  • Recommendations: 308

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