Profile Manager v5.1

Release Notes

Version history
 - added: members search form based on profile fields (admin configurable)
 - added: simple/advanced search toggle options on user profile field configuration
 - fixed: token mismatch on group edit when using 1.6.x or higher (not tested)
 - fixed: after bounce on register it showed bounced values
 - fixed: datepicker fields sometimes a day off, fix provided by westor (
 - fixed: groupprofile view replaced to show correct field labels.
5.0.1 (2009-12-28):
 - fixed: profile type description change on selection change not working on register
 - fixed: bouncing on register form not working for profile type and multiselect
5.0 (2009-12-23):
 - added: backup / restore of custom profile fields configuration (no categories and profile types)
 - added: basic export of profile metadata to a csv
 - added: admin option to show a tabbed edit profile view
 - added: option to add profile type to members tabbed view
 - added: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups
 - added: admin only option to custom group profile fields
 - added: simple admin stats to show different profile type count
 - added: profile fields now editable
 - added: profile type selection on register
 - changed: renamed plugin to Profile Manager
 - changed: secured all actions with tokens and action gatekeepers (for Elgg 1.7)
 - fixed: forgotten translation of unavailable options
 - fixed: admin only not saved when adding new fields
4.1 BETA:
 - added: experimental support to extend field types (read more here)
 - added: description field on profile type
 - removed: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups (because they don't work at the moment)
 - fixed: some missing translations
 - fixed: bug with longtext showing twice on userdetails
 - fixed: bug when profile types where deleted but still attached to a profile (getSubtype on non-object)
 - fixed: css issue with sortable categories
4.0 BETA:
 - added: profile types
 - added: categories
 - added: admin only profile fields (makes Admin Profile Fields plugin obsolete
 - added: full profile view (link can be disabled in admin settings)
 - added: admin tooltip to clarify functionality
 - changed: display of profile fields (plain categorized or with accordion)
 - changed: a lot of code
 - fixed: display of customfields icon in IE on admin pages

  • @Dago
    yes ;-O
    but you will need to figure out the metatag names

  • Hello,

    great features in this plugin! But I always get "token mismatch" errors when trying to save my custom user fields.

  • yes Faolan. There are some people, me included ,with the same problem. Vazco seems to have a solution for it by his posts so let's hope someone can explain that cause i don't know what he means by security code

  • As far as I figured out, vazco's solution is, to change something in the file "mod\profile_manager\views\default\profile\edit.php":

    - Remove the code in line 17 "$token = generate_action_token($ts);"

    - Replace the code in line 327 (the line after "<input type="hidden" name="__elgg_ts" value="<? echo $ts; ?>" />") with "<?php echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken') ?>"

    That worked for me.

  • Hi Jeron,

    your plugin is very good and I'm trying to use it to have different profile types but I have a problem:

    ho can I obtain different registration page for the different profile types ?

    I just need that the users choose which profile belongs to, but I don't want to enable the selectbox for the profile type on the "front-end".

    Can you help me ?

    Thanks a lot.



  • Yup Faolan that did the trick for me as well.. Huge thanks to you and vazco for it..and ofc the kudos still go to Jeroen for his awesome plugin :)

  • I´ve resized searchform from 410 to 400. But the result-div floats under the search-div yet

  • When I try to edit and then save a profile after enabling Profile Manager 5.1, I get a notification that reads, 

    "We encountered an error (token mismatch). This probably means that the page you were using expired. Please try again."

    I am using Release 1.6.1 of elgg. Any suggestions or hacks you can think of to get this working?


  • At last, you can search by profile fields! Great, now its time to road test this plugin!

  • hi,

    when your plugin is enabled and i want to create a group i get the same message like TD:

    "We encountered an error (token mismatch). This probably means that the page you were using expired. Please try again."

    when i write a new event in event calendar the date always i 1 Jan 1970.

    when your plugin is disabled i can create groups and event calendar works, too.

  • @Dhrup

    Easier said than done! Found some but not all of them. :/

  • LOLZ;-O

    I did say "..need to figure out.." And true -> finding those darn metatags is pain.. code reading ;-( I did consider using PlugIn for a client site, but needed searching on profile tags, etc.. gave up and just coded my own b/c w/ my own code I knew the exact metatags ;-)

  • Group profile bug still not solved.

    It s not possible to add or import any group fields. It was reprted before and still no solution. Any help from developer?

  • @martinez unfortunately because of the new plugins plugin on this community the supported Elgg Version is not yet showing. This version is not supported on version above 1.5.

  • Hi guys. Everything seems ok apart from when i enable search and go to the members page. On the members page i get this in the results area before I even search .. 

    Unknown column 'A' in 'where clause' QUERY: SELECT count(distinct e.guid) as total from elggentities e join elggusers_entity u on e.guid = u.guid JOIN (SELECT subm1.*, s1.string FROM elggmetadata subm1 JOIN elggmetastrings s1 ON subm1.value_id = AS m1 ON e.guid = m1.entity_guid where ((m1.name_id='381' AND m1.string BETWEEN A AND A)) and ( (1 = 1) and e.enabled='yes') and ( (1 = 1) and m1.enabled='yes')

    Should the plugin be placed under certain other plugins in the plugin order for this plugin to work? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  •  ** UPDATE **

    I create a field called "Date of Birth" which is a date picker field. When i add that to the search, THEN i get the above error.

  • @Jeroen, I have a couple feature requests.  I noticed that your features say, "replace profile fields access control with just one profile access option"

    I am wondering if you could make it so the admin sets default options for each field, but that the user can change it to another setting.  For instance, maybe the telephone number field, set to friends only, and set the e-mail address field to logged in users.  Both as a default.  Most new users will just fill in fields without much thought to the setting, so it would be good to put some privacy in place for them until they figure out the site more.

    Secondly, it would be good to add field that are designed by default to work with ICQ, Skype, etc.  I have an Elgg 0.8 site that was able to do that, but as of yet I have not seen Elgg 1.7 doing it.  It would be great if your plugin could handle that.

  • Well, it would be nice if you could specify somwhere that its a version for elgg 1.5 so people don t lose their time... Do you have plans to make it compatible in the near future?

  • I also get problems with groups.

    I wish if there had been a 1.6.1 version as well.

  • Well I guess its really necessary as far as 1.6.1 is a production version for a while now.

  • @Martinez

    Joeren already explicitely said he would not make it compatible with 1.6.1, as he's waiting for 1.7 final (which is supposed to get out of SVN any time soon, by the way).

  • If i create a "Multiple select" for a new field, it creates it ok BUT on the users profile page it seems to show as a drop down but when you look at the code, you can see its trying to be a multiple select.

    Apart from that everything else apart from my statement above seems to be running OK.

  • Hey, Great update, still can't accordian the profile page, any ideas?

  • Hi,

    i've noticed a behaviour which i don't know if it is wanted or not, on members view per profile type :

    • the plugin adds the chosen profile types on ../mod/members/index.php?filter=MYFILTER as expected, but only admins can view the members' list

    it's not linked to the admin settings, and i'm wondering if this is wanted or not ?

    if it is, do you know any workaround to list profile types for normal users ?

    thanks for advices !

  • Jeroen, I uploaded the new free version of vazco_gmap plugin that supports your plugin with geotagging capabilities.

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