Profile Manager v5.0.1

Release Notes

Provides better use of profile fields, replaces (replace profile fields) and configurable group fields


When you used a previous version: Because of the rename of the plugin, you need to disable and remove the old one and then install this version, enable it and save the plugin settings.

- importing default or custom fields
- ordering of custom fields (drag and drop)
- add profile types
- add categories (draggable reordering, drop fields on categories to add)
- adds pulldown, radio, multiselect, calendar and datepicker field types
- show on register form (profile fields only)
- show output as tags
- mandatory fields (for register form, profile fields only)
- mandatory profile icon on register form
- disallow editing of a specific field (applies to edit profile only)
- replace profile fields access control with just one profile access option
- backup / restore profile fields configuration
- export user profile (meta)data to csv

Needs to be positioned after the profile plugin!!!

Admin Profile Fieldsimage

 Admin Group Fields:



Plain categorized fields:image

Version history
5.0.1 (2009-12-28):
 - fixed: profile type description change on selection change not working on register
 - fixed: bouncing on register form not working for profile type and multiselect
5.0 (2009-12-23):
 - added: backup / restore of custom profile fields configuration (no categories and profile types)
 - added: basic export of profile metadata to a csv
 - added: admin option to show a tabbed edit profile view
 - added: option to add profile type to members tabbed view
 - added: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups
 - added: admin only option to custom group profile fields
 - added: simple admin stats to show different profile type count
 - added: profile fields now editable
 - added: profile type selection on register
 - changed: renamed plugin to Profile Manager
 - changed: secured all actions with tokens and action gatekeepers (for Elgg 1.7)
 - fixed: forgotten translation of unavailable options
 - fixed: admin only not saved when adding new fields
4.1 BETA:
 - added: experimental support to extend field types (read more here)
 - added: description field on profile type
 - removed: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups (because they don't work at the moment)
 - fixed: some missing translations
 - fixed: bug with longtext showing twice on userdetails
 - fixed: bug when profile types where deleted but still attached to a profile (getSubtype on non-object)
 - fixed: css issue with sortable categories
4.0 BETA:
 - added: profile types
 - added: categories
 - added: admin only profile fields (makes Admin Profile Fields plugin obsolete
 - added: full profile view (link can be disabled in admin settings)
 - added: admin tooltip to clarify functionality
 - changed: display of profile fields (plain categorized or with accordion)
 - changed: a lot of code
 - fixed: display of customfields icon in IE on admin pages

 - make custom fields editable (instead of delete/recreate)
 - profile completeness
 - categories and types for groups
 - multilingual options (in pulldown, radio, multiselect)
 - Default values for fields (user specified)
 - Force empty fields on profile
 - dependend fields
 - search based on fields
 - export based on fields
 - profile type selection on register page
 - show profile type on user details
 - check existence of input/output views (in get_categorized function)
 - check if fieldtype is enabled (in get_categorized function)
 - handle disabled fieldtype options (in get_categorized function)
 - handle empty fields on group details (in get_categorized function)
 - handle field options on group edit (pulldown, radio, multiselect)
 - replace profile type description with longtext instead of plaintext

Known issues:
- on register error backward maintaining selected profile icon is impossible due to security reasons
- multiselect pulldown not working in safari and chrome on register page
- longtext with tinymce too small when on first hidden

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • Hi Jeroen, thanks for this great module.


    I have a slightly problem using 1.6.1 : when I use a textarea for one field, and when I use list on it <li><ul>...</ul></li> the module has a weird behaviour : the list appears on the top of my profile, and one more time at the good place (in the correct field).


    For example, if I add a "Description of your video devices" and if someone want to write :

    "I have :

    • TV
    • VCR
    • DVD


    Then, at the top of my profile I'll see TV/VCR/DVD, and then my profile ans usual, with the abovementionned fiel (this time at the correct spot).


    I tried different configurations, and it seems it comes from your plugin. Any ideas where the bug could come from?

  • @colandino. Try putting this plugin after the group plug in. I had a similar problem as you described, but when I reordered, I was ok. Not sure if it will work on your config, but I would give it a try.

    Joreon, Great development work. THanks for your contribution to the community.

  • Is it possible to add a separator beetween fields, and how it does ?

  • Very good work!!!

    But may be this is a bug: I want to save birthdays and I use the date picker. If I choose a date, e.g. Monday 07/09/1962, the date before this day will be saved, in this case the saved date is Sun 08 Jul 1962

  • Hi,

    would be great to find out how to remove this bug in elgg_1.5:

    If i have mandatory fields on register page and if i doesn't select all options of mandatory fields, then i'm getting message "Next field must be filled: ..." (it's ok ;] ) and at the bottom of page this code with other mandatory register fields:

    Array ( [0] => Register [birth_date] => [country] => my_selected_country [city] => my_selected_city )

    i think it's might be something wrong with error messages or...

    how to hide this line?

    Thanks ;]

  • Unless I am missing something, if the field type is not "tags" then they don't work for search?

    1. define a field as "multi-select"
    2. check "show as tags"
    3. field shows up as tags in the profile
    4. click on one of the "tags"... taken to search page - no results

    It would be nice if "display as tags" actually made them tags.

    Great plugin btw!!

  • As I wrote, I had the problem with incorrect date. I investigated some time.

    I'm living in germany, and as I relaized: I have to add an hour to the timestamp, because the datepicker gives the timestamp in GMT. So I tryed to change this:

    views/default/input/datepicker.php line 51 to:

    $('#<?php echo $strippedname; ?>_alt').val($('#<?php echo $strippedname; ?>_alt').val()/1000 - new Date().getTimezoneOffset()*60); 

    May be this could help someone else.
  • Is it possible to add a separator beetween fields or sub category ?

    Anyone can help?

  • Great plugin and thanks for the response last time, had some old code mucking things up. Anyhow was wondering how to get the accordion working, doesn't seem to be, saw the question before but not sure if it's the same resolve.

  • Thanx for this plugin Jeroen Dalsem

    I can't seem to get groups working in elgg 1.6.1

    I tried moving the plugin order around.   Profile Manager, Profile, Group  and Profile, Group, Profile Manager.

    I tried the import default for Group and it said it imported 4 items but doesn't show them?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Wenn ich das mod instaliere kann ich keine Gruppen mehr anlegen...


    es kommt immer diese Fehlermeldung

    Im Formular fehlen die Felder __token oder __ts


    was kann ich da machen?

  • Du kannst in English schreiben ;]]]

  • Wenn Sie nicht schreiben kann / Englisch sprechen, verwenden Sie bitte ein traslator vor Entsendung ... es ist in IHREM Interesse:) This one is OK      &nbsp;

  • @Pikar -  I get the same error message.

    I had to disable the plugin for now.  It's a shame really because it's a great asset to elgg management.

    Hope someone smarter than me figures it out.

    Also note that the About Us block from the profile does not get populated when I import default.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • I have the same problem, i cannot use the group section. It is impossible to see any of the field. i've already tried to pull the plugin down all but it makes no difference.

    any suggestion?


    Thx for this great plugin. I'll give a donation. It is possible to make a request like this:

    - add "modify once" option to fields. So user can only modify the first time. Only admin then will be able to change it.

  • What an outstanding plugin - I'm using it to allow students to select an appropriate profile for the particular qualification they are working towards. It allows the right number of practical tasks / online tests and written exams to be assigned to them.

    However - I also use a profile tracking plugin which tracks their progress on their course - relying on them completing fields in their profile (ie. A yes/no field would be 'Online Test 1 Complete').

    Now that I have several 'Profile Types' the profile tracker picks up ALL the fields - not just those assigned to the Profile Type.

    Help with a solution would be appreciated.....


  • Jeroen I am running a older version of this..when it was still called custom_profile_fields, it works fine but I can not edit the existing field you fixed this in the new edition so I believe I am upgrading from 3.0 to 5.1, how do I not loose what was done so far or can I just delete the old plugin install the new one and re create the fields in the new one and I should be set..please advice, groeten uit Amerika..


  • @rkambach upgrading from 3.0 to 5.1 should go nicely. No need to recreate the fields only to save the admin plugin settings again because of the rename of the plugin. Just yesterday i updated someone from 2.0 to 5.1 without any problems.

  • The same problem as colandino and elgg_noob under 1.6.1. Looks like groups doesn t work if there is 3 of us with the same problem.

    I can not see any group fields after adding them or importing. I tried as well reordering them but doesn t change anything.  Which version of elgg is this module dedicated? I would apreciate any help from the module developers...

  • Group fields doesn t work under 1.6.1

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