Profile Manager v5.0.1

Release Notes

Provides better use of profile fields, replaces (replace profile fields) and configurable group fields


When you used a previous version: Because of the rename of the plugin, you need to disable and remove the old one and then install this version, enable it and save the plugin settings.

- importing default or custom fields
- ordering of custom fields (drag and drop)
- add profile types
- add categories (draggable reordering, drop fields on categories to add)
- adds pulldown, radio, multiselect, calendar and datepicker field types
- show on register form (profile fields only)
- show output as tags
- mandatory fields (for register form, profile fields only)
- mandatory profile icon on register form
- disallow editing of a specific field (applies to edit profile only)
- replace profile fields access control with just one profile access option
- backup / restore profile fields configuration
- export user profile (meta)data to csv

Needs to be positioned after the profile plugin!!!

Admin Profile Fieldsimage

 Admin Group Fields:



Plain categorized fields:image

Version history
5.0.1 (2009-12-28):
 - fixed: profile type description change on selection change not working on register
 - fixed: bouncing on register form not working for profile type and multiselect
5.0 (2009-12-23):
 - added: backup / restore of custom profile fields configuration (no categories and profile types)
 - added: basic export of profile metadata to a csv
 - added: admin option to show a tabbed edit profile view
 - added: option to add profile type to members tabbed view
 - added: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups
 - added: admin only option to custom group profile fields
 - added: simple admin stats to show different profile type count
 - added: profile fields now editable
 - added: profile type selection on register
 - changed: renamed plugin to Profile Manager
 - changed: secured all actions with tokens and action gatekeepers (for Elgg 1.7)
 - fixed: forgotten translation of unavailable options
 - fixed: admin only not saved when adding new fields
4.1 BETA:
 - added: experimental support to extend field types (read more here)
 - added: description field on profile type
 - removed: pulldown, radio and multiselect field types for groups (because they don't work at the moment)
 - fixed: some missing translations
 - fixed: bug with longtext showing twice on userdetails
 - fixed: bug when profile types where deleted but still attached to a profile (getSubtype on non-object)
 - fixed: css issue with sortable categories
4.0 BETA:
 - added: profile types
 - added: categories
 - added: admin only profile fields (makes Admin Profile Fields plugin obsolete
 - added: full profile view (link can be disabled in admin settings)
 - added: admin tooltip to clarify functionality
 - changed: display of profile fields (plain categorized or with accordion)
 - changed: a lot of code
 - fixed: display of customfields icon in IE on admin pages

 - make custom fields editable (instead of delete/recreate)
 - profile completeness
 - categories and types for groups
 - multilingual options (in pulldown, radio, multiselect)
 - Default values for fields (user specified)
 - Force empty fields on profile
 - dependend fields
 - search based on fields
 - export based on fields
 - profile type selection on register page
 - show profile type on user details
 - check existence of input/output views (in get_categorized function)
 - check if fieldtype is enabled (in get_categorized function)
 - handle disabled fieldtype options (in get_categorized function)
 - handle empty fields on group details (in get_categorized function)
 - handle field options on group edit (pulldown, radio, multiselect)
 - replace profile type description with longtext instead of plaintext

Known issues:
- on register error backward maintaining selected profile icon is impossible due to security reasons
- multiselect pulldown not working in safari and chrome on register page
- longtext with tinymce too small when on first hidden

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-8-24
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