Profile Manager v3.0

Release Notes

Provides better use of profile fields, replaces (replace profile fields) and configurable group fields

- importing default or custom fields
- ordering of custom fields (drag and drop)
- adds pulldown, radio, multiselect, calendar and datepicker field types
- show on register form (profile fields only)
- show output as tags
- mandatory fields (for register form, profile fields only)
- mandatory profile icon on register form
- disallow editing of a specific field (applies to edit profile only)
- replace profile fields access control with just one profile access option

Needs to be positioned after the profile plugin!!!



Version history
 - added: custom group fields
 - added: separate admin menu box for replacing profile/group fields
 - added: admin option to completely hide the non-editable profile fields from the edit profile form
 - added: warning in admin settings if plugin is ordered incorrectly
 - added: more reserved custom field names
 - changed: split admin profile fields page into views
 - changed: edit profile details => added security tokens
 - changed: adding custom field with 'description' name now is possible
 - changed: display of custom fields
 - changed: a lot of code
 - fixed: noneditable fields fix for 1.6
 - added: admin option for simplified access control
 - added: admin option for enforcing a profile icon on register form
 - added: regexp check on name field of a new profile field (a-zA-Z0-9_)
 - fixed: added maximum height to the multiple-select pulldown (control in css)
 - added: datepicker can be internationalised
 - added: multiselect pulldown field based on
 - added: dutch translation
 - changed: datepicker uses strftime instead of date php function in output so it listen to the server locale 
 - added: input/securitytoken view on profile edit form to comply to 1.6.x standards
 - fixed: show as tags also on edit profile and register
 - fixed: datepicker handling existing (non unix timestamp) data
 - fixed: loading of css of datepicker not working in IE
 - fixed: reference to in datepicker

 - added: option to output field (on profile) always as tags
 - added: datepicker (saves selected date as unix timestamp), can replace default elgg calendar view
 - added: option for disallowing editing of profile field (eg only ask on register or data maintained in external system)
 - initial release

 - profile completeness
 - multilingual options (in pulldown, radio, multiselect)
 - Default values for fields (user specified)
 - Force empty fields on profile
 - admin only profile fields
 - search based on fields
 - grouping of fields
 - editing of custom fields (instead of recreating)

Known issues:
- on register error backward maintaining selected profile icon is impossible due to security reasons

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • This is a great plugin!Thanks..

    Does it work with 1.6.1?And in the future will it be possible to search members using profile fields. Forexample will I be able to search females in the age range from 32 and 42?

    Thanks again?

  • Plugin is not developed for 1.6. Based on previous versions it seems it works sometimes on 1.6.x and sometimes it doesn't.

    Search based on the fields is something on the todo list

  • its not correct to say like that it works or not some time in 1.6.1, seriously we are waiting for 1.6.1 version. so please try make it that. we know how diffucult to spare time to make it that. but most of the users updating to 1.6.1 so please do favor friend. :-)

  • @jagadish i'm sorry, but as i commented in a previous version, we will skip development for 1.6.x. When 1.7 comes out we will be supporting that version.

  • @Jeroen: Thanks for this update! I have one question: I used the calendar option and got this output "Birth date: 05 12 1972". Is that from the setting within this plug-in? I looked for the output format in the core and everything seemed okay (though maybe I missed something?). I'm wondering if it's a file in this plug-in and, if so, which one because I can't seem to find it anywhere :(

    Thanks again!

  • Jeroen I am not getting a drop down box to save says "meta data..yada"

    here is how I am listing-

    contractors, painters, architects,  is this correct just a comma? You have * there too but I don't know if that is to be inserted also..


  • Well my site just crashed trying to setup the fields. I deleted this plugin, and Forms and Flexprofile (which were turned off when using Jeroens current plug) and I am proud owner of whitescreen!

  • Worked all nite on Flexprofile couldn't get it to show new fields on profile, gave up. Now I loaded Jeroen's latest plu here, wouldn't seem to make new fields cited "metadata errors" something. Tried a few more times to add field ended up with whitescreen now on website. Deleted Jeroens plug, deleted Form plug, deleted Flexprofile plu, deleted themer plug. HELLLLLLLP!


  • I did whine before but.. 
    does work quite okay in v1.6 ;- )
    on a *prod site...

  • @Jereon: Thank you for this good plugin.

    How can I change the name of profile field after I saved it?

  • Another essential from Jereon..

    One problem is multilingual inputs, which is also a problem with elgg's default inputs. Selection controls like dropdown and options should have a value field, and it should automatically select the existing value. Otherwise it's impossible to make a sex field on a multilingual site eg.. ( hmm.. sex field.. full of identities =)

    I also need a simpler, multilingual datepicker, couldn't find an existing good jquery one on the net.. I'll let you know when it's ready...

  • ah! page expired trouble! this shouldn't be happening on a forum =\ 'page expired, kiss your long text goodbye'.. extremely annoying.

  • Okay did some reading up on on WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH! Sounds sadly like a common problem. One post said never ever delete any users or you will be sorry, geez that sounds bad

    So Jereon, have you had experience with WSOD? I got it today playing with ur plugin, not giving your trouble, but any thoughts on what may have happened might be helpful. Is there some cleanup routines that need to be run? garbage collector? etc.. Thanks! Having my site reloaded now.

  • @Darkwing Duck:  Did you check  ?  Full datepicker override for Elgg's calendar.

  • @Darkwing Duck multilingual options is something on the todo list but will surely be in the next version. What about the datepicker is not simple enough for you?

    @Agentk currently there is no other way to edit the fields but to remove them and recreate. You won't loose the data if you delete a custom profile field. If you keep the metadata name the same the data should be there.

    @Lawrence i have no control over the calendar output because the calendar output is the default from elgg core. If you want more control use the datepicker field type.

  • @Jeroen @Tom

    Thank you guys. With a simple date picker, I mean 3 dropdowns for month, day, and year, not a real 'date picker' actually. So you can simply type the date using tabs, 'day' dropdown should be automatically filled with number of days in the selected month. And by multilingual date, I mean the date format, like order of fields. I'll try to take some time to build such a control, it should set a hidden date field when submitted, so it can be easily retrieved by the application with no modifications.

  • This plugin is fantastic, but I would like to be able to edit a field, instead of deleting an recreating.

    It would also be cool, to be able to have a search that searches the different fields that are set.


    Thank you for this plugin.

  • @Darkwing Duck there is support for a dateselector based on 3 fields in the datepicker provided with this plugin, but at the moment it is not configurable. Maybe i'll provide such functionality in a future release.

    @Matthew Alan editing is something that will be added in one of the next versions. Search is also on the todo list.

    Just a question for everyone; Is anyone using this plugin to customize group profile fields? And if so, does it work as expected?

  • @Jeroen I'm trying to customize group profile fields but it doesn't seem to be picking up options (take no notice of alignment, my site is rtl.)

    group profile1

    group profile 2

  •  @Darkwing Duck : all you suggest exists in the current Datepicker plugin. As far as it is off-topic for Jeroen's Custom Profile, let's continue discussion there: 

  • @Jeroen: We use Custom Profile plugin in conjunction with new CRM plugins a client needs. For this we will have many fields we need to group with ui-accordion in profile page. How could we group the fields? Right now we are thinking about little dirty trick: whenever there is new group of fields starting, we prefix the field name with "[groupname]" for example: "[prive gegevens]voornaam" Makes sense? Or is there a smarter way to do this?

  • @Tom grouping is something we skipped in this version, but is certainly on the todo. At the moment your 'trick' (if it suites you) is a good option.

  • @TahoeBilly there are some reserved fieldnames. A metadata name may not contain spaces or strange characters. Just a-z and 0-9. Just a reminder: This plugin is not developed for 1.6.x. So if you are using that version of Elgg there may be some quirks.

Jeroen Dalsem

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