Profile Manager v2.3

Release Notes

Provides better use of profile fields, replaces (replace profile fields)

- importing default or custom fields
- ordering of profile fields (drag and drop)
- adds pulldown, radio, multiselect, calendar and datepicker field types
- show on register form
- mandatory fields (for register form)
- mandatory profile icon on register form
- disallow editing of a specific field (applies to edit profile)
- replace profile fields access control with just one profile access option

Needs to be positioned after the profile plugin!!!


Version history

 - added: admin option for simplified access control
 - added: admin option for enforcing a profile icon on register form
 - added: regexp check on name field of a new profile field (a-zA-Z0-9_)
 - fixed: added maximum height to the multiple-select pulldown (control in css)
 - added: datepicker can be internationalised
 - added: multiselect pulldown field based on
 - added: dutch translation
 - changed: datepicker uses strftime instead of date php function in output so it listen to the server locale 
 - added: input/securitytoken view on profile edit form to comply to 1.6.x standards
 - fixed: show as tags also on edit profile and register
 - fixed: datepicker handling existing (non unix timestamp) data
 - fixed: loading of css of datepicker not working in IE
 - fixed: reference to in datepicker

 - added: option to output field (on profile) always as tags
 - added: datepicker (saves selected date as unix timestamp), can replace default elgg calendar view
 - added: option for disallowing editing of profile field (eg only ask on register or data maintained in external system)
 - initial release

 - on register error backward should maintain selected profile icon
 - multilingual options

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • Cool Plugin, for this i missed to set easy birtday field (e.g. tt/mm/jj) and set checkboxes like coppa plugin.


    And i think it´s more user friendly if in example pulldown menus users find a "notice" like "Please value...". On this website you can see what i mean, there it is german (=>Wählen Sie aus).




  • The new fields that I create, can they be searched at all?

    If i create a drop down field called City for a profile field, can that field be searched from a search page and bring back everybody i selected from the exact same city drop down field in search ?

  • Great tool.....but...ahmm, i missed something.

    How can i edit (enable) the imported default fields like "location"? I need this option on registration

  • @pivey at the bottom on the "replace profile fields" form you can import the default fields (and also location). In the list you than can selected it has to be on the register form.

    @Sim2k the fields are like tags, and therefore can be searched. At the moment there is no search available that lets you specifically search a certain profile field. I'm thinking of adding that functionality to a next release.

    @Cube default values will be on the todo list. Birthday field can be made, although it will give you just a date. I guess you want the age to be displayed?

    @Sem integrating this plugin with wavatar is the wrong way around, because a wavatar is unique for your emailadres, so there is no picking. Maybe vazco_avatar would a better plugin to integrate.

  • @Jeroen  That would be nice.
    Would be great to search for say, Female, 22 - 30, London, UK,   .. from a form and it would be able to search all users under this criteria.

  • I have an elgg site for students at my school and we created custom profiles using the feature that comes with elgg core system. We realized that we needed more features (like the ability to remove custome fields) that was not possible with elgg core system, so I found this module that looks exactly what we were looking for. The problem is that when I activate this module, all my custom fields are gone. If there a way to use this modude but preserve the data that was stored in the previous custome fields?

    Thank you

  • @finaycm you can use this plugin and when activated you can import the previous (old) custom profile fields. Look for the import buttons on the bottom of the form. Good luck with it.

  • Arghh.. idiot me... of course i had to try to use my mouse over the indication fields :-)

  • @Jeroen

    I guess you want the age to be displayed?

    Yep, thats right. For suggesation, users can input easy B-Day date and on profil comes output their age as number.

    Another suggestion, user get his zodiac sign (text or image) if he/she input B-Day date :D




    I wish elgg would put more value on a total of birthdays and gender separation. This shoult be standard fields on an register page.

  • @ Jeroen

    I've got a profile option of LOCATION.  I would like to setup it up as a pull down menu. Select CITY, STATE, COUNTRY as pull down menu.  Its hard to type in all the cities. Is there a database of a the citeis and countries around the world that we coulnk in.  How would we do this? This woud be great. Thanks.

  • Being able to eearch according to given  criteria would be great Jeroen

    Great Plugin..thanks

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