Profile Manager v2.2

Release Notes

Provides better use of profile fields, replaces (replace profile fields)

- importing default or custom fields
- ordering of profile fields (drag and drop)
- adds pulldown, radio, calendar and datepicker field types
- show on register form
- mandatory fields (for register form)
- disallow editing of a specific field (applies to edit profile)

Needs to be positioned after the profile plugin!!!


Version history

 - added: datepicker can be internationalised
 - added: multiselect pulldown field based on
 - added: dutch translation
 - changed: datepicker uses strftime instead of date php function in output so it listen to the server locale 
 - added: input/securitytoken view on profile edit form to comply to 1.6.x standards
 - fixed: show as tags also on edit profile and register
 - fixed: datepicker handling existing (non unix timestamp) data
 - fixed: loading of css of datepicker not working in IE
 - fixed: reference to in datepicker

 - added: option to output field (on profile) always as tags
 - added: datepicker (saves selected date as unix timestamp), can replace default elgg calendar view
 - added: option for disallowing editing of profile field (eg only ask on register or data maintained in external system)
 - initial release

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • Hi jeroen.

    thank you for this plugin

    No matter which menu I choose, I always get a text box

    Change Location plugin does not work


  • @yoram try to run an upgrade. Is the plugin after the profile plugin? Maybe there is a conflict with the "Change Location" plugin?

  • Found the problem!

    When I write the text in English, it works. if I write it in the Hebrew language (which this is my site's language), it does not work.

  • Works great - Thanks for this plugin! I really like that you can change the order with click and drag. I have been populating it on my foodie site! :)

  • @yoram good you found it. Maybe it is related to the issue's regarding charsets and encoding as mentioned by Brett Profitt in his latest news post

  • So I guess I'll have to wait for the new Elgg version or try to solve it myself

    Thank's jeroen

  • @Jeroen

    I add dataformat day . month . year xx.xx.xxxx In language file d.m.Y

    When I try to add an birthday date it doesn´t show the year.

    Look at this image:

    my site fot tests

    Tested this with Chrome , IE, Safari, Firefox

    Can you reproduce this?



  • oh sorry this is in version 2.1

    I install now the new version. And try it out

  • hi @Jeroen

    thanks for this update with multichecks.

    I have some bugs:

    • Profile type: MULTISELECt

    if the list is too long (like it can be for select your country) I have this when I open Edit page:


    • is it possible also to give an height to multiselect? like:

    $("#s4").dropdownchecklist({ maxDropHeight: 100 });

    • if I use Profile Type: Pulldown and then Show in profile as TAGS i have a bug in edit profile in input field...I can't see options and if I insert something by my self separeted with comes, I have a long tags with all words
    • if I use Profile Type: Radio  and then Show in profile as TAGS i have a bug in edit profile in input field...I can't see options and if I insert something by my self separeted with comes, I have a long tags with all words
  • I'm on 1.6.1 elgg version

  • can be options internationalised?

  • re: php locale
    ==> this does depend on server's configs for php
    so if not working --> check with hosting tech support

  • @alfalive i think you might have made a mistake in your translation. Check the url's provided in the language file for more information on the right syntax.

    @lord55 that's a long list :) You can set this length like you mentioned in the custom_profile_fields/default/views/input/datepicker.php I'll add the length in the next version.
    The bug you mentioned about the pulldown and the radio and the show as tags option should be fixed in this release. I'll doublecheck. I need some good ideas about the options being internationalised. But i'm convinced it is needed. Will put this on the todo.

    @dhrup that is correct. The host has to have support for your locale. You can set locale with php using the setlocale function e.q.:

    setlocale(LC_ALL, "nl_NL");


  • Hi Jeroen, after installing the plugin I can no longer add users via the admin panel. Are you aware of this?

    Would it be possible to include a captcha field in your form as well, so that elggs own captcha can be disabled, as it really affects the flow of the registration form.

    Have you considered have an age field, which would work pretty much the same as the date field but returns the users age on the profile rather than their DOB.

    One other thing I was wondering, is there anyway of querying the data a user enters, as it would be awesome to have the ability of searching for members who have selected a specific city etc

    Sorry for waffling.......Great plugin by the way :-)

  • @ChrisB

    after installing the plugin I can no longer add users via the admin panel.

    I can't reproduce it on my site. All works fine and I can add users.

  • I just added this to my site, and its a nice plugin BUT, the information won't save. It is just displaying 3 items. the rest are there. What am I doing wrong?

  • Help me please:/. Really annoying :/

  • Hello,

    Really amazing plugin, implementing all i was expecting. We use it sending internal user informations from our DB (RestFul API) including HR fields which MUSTN'T be modified by the user.

    I can help signaling a little bug. When a field is said "non_editable", he is unfortunaly editable :(

    I Found a  fix for this : Line 46 of mod\custom_profile_fields\start.phpstart.php


    if($edit_profile && $entity->user_editable == "no"){


    if($entity->user_editable == "no"){

    The access dropdown is still visible, may be it will be a future improvment.


    Hope this helps.


  • I notice invitations are going out twice when user registers
    same email 2 times
    what could be the cause

  • Multiselect pulldown does not work for me. I tested in two language set; korean options and english options. How can I activate it?

  • Hey anyway to edit this plug in to work with Snows Profile Plug. I love the way he added the Details link. Click to expand the users details on the Site Members Page. His plugin formats the profile page wierd. and forces the About me section to fit within the space under the users profile pic. Anyone know how Snow created the Details Link to Expand, I'd liek to intergrate it without the other features of his profile plug in & make it work with this plugin?

  • I tried using PULLDOWN, which displays on the edit profile page with all my options great. But option does not save.. anyone else have this problem?

  • :) Nevermind. It's working great now! Thanks for this great plugin!!

  • @Jeroen
    I installed this on v1.6.1 to test
    I can see everything seems to work 90% ok on edit
    but the view display on profile does not show all the fields ;-)

    Ik probeerde te krijgen werken voor een van mijn vrienden in de Pedagogische gebied in Amsterdam ;-)

  • GregKeys

    Yeah, It's not showing any of the custom fields on my profile either. Im on 1.6.1

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