Profile Manager v14.0.1

Release Notes

  • added: class on simple access control field
  • added: feature to hide a profile field from user/group profile
  • added: german translation
  • added: profile fields can now show as tabs
  • changed: group is passed through categorized profile fields function
  • changed: moved actions registration to elgg-plugin
  • changed: moved plugin initialisation to bootstrap class
  • changed: register action validation now uses middleware
  • changed: replaced custom delete actions with generic entity/delete
  • changed: replaced object functions getTitle with getDisplayName
  • changed: site join river item now is created on user create event
  • changed: split profile rendering into subviews
  • changed: updated useradd form with core defaults
  • changed: updates for Elgg 3.0
  • fixed: allow multiselect fields to be empty/removed
  • fixed: allow unsetting a multiselect value
  • fixed: also export field placeholder data
  • fixed: do not hide select so required checks show indicator with field
  • fixed: multiselect can be correctly used multiple times on the same page
  • fixed: provide group type/subtype for icon input
  • removed: changing account is now a core feature
  • removed: download action of inactive users
  • removed: export of user/group profile data
  • removed: live validation of register form
  • removed: login history statistics is provided by system_log
  • removed: no longer show profile fields in an accordeon
  • removed: register widget moved to widget_pack plugin
  • removed: support setting a limit on group name/description
  • removed: unused event for pm_file profile field uploads
  • Revert "fixed: do not hide select so required checks show indicator with field"
  • The registration fields for my users don't show up on their profile even though I have enabled those fields compulsory and to include on profile. Any idea what the problem might be?

  • Hi,

    The Profile Manager Plugin allows you to include more information in your user registration form.... How can I get this added information to show up in in the Admin validation? Right now all I can see is their email and username, but I would like to see other details as well. For instance, say I have an ID# field in the registration form, how can I get that to show up in the validation screening?

  • Thank you for the great plugins!

    When I add a MultiSelect profile field, the user's choices are showing up as tags even when I have " for that field. I deleted the field and tried again, same thing. Does MultiSelect just override the showing up as tags option?

    I am on Elgg 3.3.13.

  • @blue yes it does... it assumes it is a tag like field

  • I would request the ability to do MultiSelect without it showing as tags.

  • Hi, I added a field that the user can't edit but is shown on the profile. Is there a way I can I edit that field on an old user (one who had a profile before I created that field)? My new field seems to not show up when I'm logged in as Admin and go to the old user's profile and click edit.

    Additionally, I don't see my new field when logged in as Admin and go to a new user's profile and click edit. This new user was created after I created the field, so he has it displaying on his profile successfully, but I don't know how to edit it. But maybe I'm in the wrong place?

  • I might be able to explain my earlier post better. An additional piece of information is that I can add text to the non-editable field when I create the user, but I don't seem to have any ability to edit it later.

    I figure this is all because I'm on 3.3.13 though.

Jeroen Dalsem

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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2023-12-7
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