Profile Manager v11.0

Release Notes

  • added: profile types now have a plural label available to configure
  • added: you can now configure a different label for profile field input
  • changed: increased the elgg requirement to v2.1
  • fixed: hide profile type default on profile edit if hidden on register
  • fixed: issue with ckeditor modal dialogs opening in colorbox popups
  • fixed: remove blacklisted chars from autogenerated usernames
  • Spanish translations doesn´t work with system cache enabled. Default profile fields are not traslated (core translations), for example skills, location, mobile...

    With others languajes it works. I tested Profile Manager v10, c10.2, v11 and v12 with the same result.

    I´ve Elgg 2.3.4.

    If I disable the plugin, translations appear again. With system cache disabled spanish translations works ok. I tested it with all other plugins disabled to avoid conflicts.

    So strange!! Any idea about the solution??

  • @Javier Do you get the English profile field labels instead of the Spanish labels or do you get the last part of the raw language string (labels in lower case or really the "correct" English labels)? I have also an issue with Profile Manager on Elgg 2.x but only with the Celebrations plugin also enabled and strangely only when German language is used. I had opened an issue about that ( Unfortunately, I haven't found the reason for the problem yet. Now I wonder if possibly the same problem can also occur with other languages and even without the Celebrations plugin in use (or possibly with any custom profile fields added by other plugins as the Celebrations plugin does).

  • @iionly I obtain the last part of the raw language string, like "contactemail", "briefdescription" or "skills".

    As I´ve read in the issue su posted, the problem is the same you have with German.


  • @iionly I´ve continued looking for the origin of the problem, and I see the language file cached is wrong. If you search for a profile language raw string, you find the translation is wrong, for example:

    File: data/system_cache/es.lang


    It stores raw string instead the translation string.

  • When a new profile field is added, it only affects a new registered user. The newly added field is not available for exsiting users. Elgg ver 2.34

  • @myhotfb you need to mark the profile field as editable by the user. That way it will become available for existing users.

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