Profile Manager v10.0-beta

Release Notes

  • added: support for Elgg 2.0
  • changed: moved event functions to classes
  • changed: moved hooks to class functions
  • changed: namespaced the profile manager object classes
  • changed: refactored profile field toggle options
  • changed: renamed js and css views
  • changed: replaced usage of custom icon with fontawesome alternative
  • changed: tooltip hints now use an output view and AMD load its js
  • changed: a lot of code styling and refactoring
  • removed: dropped the user summary feature
  • removed: no longer support calendar input type
  • Hi Jeroen,

    great plugin which I now use for years already - many thanks!

    One small issue: in profile_manager/views/default/output/pm_facebook.php there is hard-coded the language setting for nl_NL (line 32)

    js.src = "//";

    I think using /en_US/ would make more sense for most of the users of the plugin. You could also  match user language (but with some kind of matching through the language file as FB accepts just a language_COUNTRY combination).

    As you have an en and nl language file, those should work: en -> en_US; nl -> NL, ...

    FB has /en_US/ as fallback - so if a wrong/missing language is set, it is not a huge issue.





  • Hi and thanks for the plugin. For some reason I get get it to work on my site. Think you could help me out?




  • @cece can you tell me what the problem is?

  • @Jeroen Im not sure as I am not good with code but I installed it as you said and when I went to view the profile it gave a long page of error messages. I tried turning all plugins off and it still didnt work. I use Digital Ocean server and I have a twitter bootstrap theme. I can inbox you login details if you want to take a look. 

    Or just signup and Ill make you admin


  • I installed v10.0-beta in Elgg 2.0.1, and when I click the Add button on the Profile Fields section under "Appearance : Edit Profile Fields", Elgg throws an error:

    "You cannot access AJAX views directly"

    which is ajax:not_is_xhr and seems to be thrown from elgg_ajax_gatekeeper() in /vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/lib/pagehandler.php

    line 26 in /profile_manager/views/default/profile_manager/profile_fields sets the href for $header to ajax/view/forms/profile_manager/profile_field

    This gets rejected because it's not an XHR request.  See



  • Robert, this could be caused by javascript not being initialized (yet). Can you see any javascript errors? The add form should be loaded in a popup window.

  • @michele we did not drop a field, but the Profile Manager had a feature which allowed you to control which fields show up when users are listed (for example on the members page). You could add every profile field to the listing... however it was not used much, should/could be its own plugin or is most of the time handled in a theme.

  • Hi.

    I use v10.0-beta in Elgg 2.0.1. It's very good, but DropDown-Field "Allow users to change their username in settings" does not work. In Appache-Errorlog:"Type-subtype 'object:admin_notice' does not exist!, referer: https://xxx/admin/appearance/profile_fields".

    What can I do?


  • Sorry.

    The name of Plugin is "Profile Manager".

  • Jeroen,

    That's exactly what it was - a different plugin that wasn't initializing Javascript properly.  When I disable that the Add Field popup works fine.  Sorry for the bogus bug report.


  • @johi the error log notice is unrelated to this plugin. Why do you thing allowing users to change their username does not work? They should see it on their settings page.

  • Hi Jeroen.

    Because it does not matter which value in DropDown-Field "Allow users to change their username in settings" I selected, the user can change his name anyway.

    At first the Plugin works correct but if I changed value several times it did not work longer.

    many thanks

  • @johi i can not reproduce this problem. Maybe you are confusing username with displayname.. that field is also on the form, but the setting only controls the availability of the username field

  • Hi Jeroen.

    You're asolutely right. I'm so sorry.

    Is it possible to disable to edit the displayname?

    Thank you very much.

  • @johi that is currently not a feature

  • When using the Profile Manager plug-in, is there any practical limit to the number of fields that can or "should" be used? 

    What are some Elgg sites that use Profile Manager that have user profiles with a "large" number of fields?

  • @tom there is no theoretical limit, but there is a pratical limit because the amount of database activity will increase with more profile fields. There already is a lot of caching implemented to prevent a lot of db activity, but that is the only issue. We have multiple sites with 50 - 100 profile fields without a noticeable problem.

  • Beyond 50 - 100 fields, are there other plug ins you might recommend to capture and store information relevant to a specific user, such as responses to a series of open-ended questions, or responses to questions in articles, etc.?

  • Entities and relationships? Or annotations? Like the default Elgg comment behaviour is?

  • My Elgg site will contain hundreds or thousands of "articles" and "lessons". Each article might conclude with several mostly open ended questions that members can respond to. Many responses will include several sentences or several paragraphs ("long text"). 

    I want to store a user's responses to the questions they answer, and somehow make the responses  "part of" the member's profile, or "attached to" the member's profile, so that when anyone is viewing a member's profile, they can easily view responses to questions the member has answered. 

  • That's exactly where Eggs comment system is for.

    Your article or lesson would be an entity and users can comment on that, you might want to check the blog plugin to see an example, where your article is a blog entity.

    Later you can easily get the responses of the user on their profile in a widget by using

    	echo elgg_view('page/elements/comments_block', array(
    		'subtypes' => 'article', //or lesson, what you name the subtype after.
    		'container_guid' => elgg_get_page_owner_guid(),

    But also that's covered in the blog plugin. 

    @mods, can someone move this?

  • Sorry, we don't have a function for moving from comments -> discussion.  Only from discussion replies to a new topic.

    @Tom - your use case isn't appropriate for profile manager

  • Is possible insert a "File Field" option?

  • Which version of the Profile Manager plugin are you trying to use and which version of Elgg have you installed? You are posting your question on the page of Profile Manager version 10.0-beta which is rather outdated. If you are using version 2.3 of Elgg use version 13.0.1 of the plugin and for Elgg 3 use version 14.0.1. See the recommended versions with the the compatible Elgg version at If you are not yet using the suitable plugin version it might explain why you get the error.

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