Profile Manager v1.0

Release Notes

Provides better use of profile fields, replaces (replace profile fields)

- importing default or custom fields
- ordering of profile fields (drag and drop)
- adds pulldown, radio and calendar field types
- show on register form
- mandatory fields (for register form)

Needs to be positioned after the profile plugin!!!


Version history

 - initial release

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(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • I have installed this, and the dropdown and radio options do not work for me.


    entries were added as such,

    option one,option two,etc

    When you go to edit via your profile page the drop down box is there but with no data.

    where the radio buttons should be nothing other than the label.

    Any ideas?

  • Sorry forgot to say I am using 1.6 also.

  • O.k I moved the plugin to the bottom and now it is working, always the way with some plugins lol.

    Going to test it now will report any issues.


    Oh and Thank you for taking the time to make this plugin and for sharing it with the communtiy.


  • :( I also get the dredded red error, same as everyone here, I should note that after I installed 1.6 I also had the same error with changing my profile fields, so this is likely more to do with elgg 1.6 than your plugin.

    Guess there will be a fix at some point, sooner rather than later hopefully.

  • I found this in my searches

    Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    From Elgg Documentation



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    --> <!-- start content -->

    This error occurs when an action is expecting a security token from a form but does not receive one.

    This is generally an error in the plugin you are using.

    See Security for more information.

    <!-- NewPP limit report Preprocessor node count: 2/1000000 Post-expand include size: 0/2097152 bytes Template argument size: 0/2097152 bytes --> <!-- Saved in parser cache with key docs_elgg_org:pcache:idhash:210-0!1!0!!en!2!edit=0 and timestamp 20090826124826 -->

    Category: Error Messages

  • This worked perfect for me without any token mismatches on 1.6. I'll play a bit further but this is exactly what I needed. I agree with Jeroen a group selector on the registration form would be an awesome feature. Thanks for an awesome plugin!

  • Great !

    1. Love to see predefined default values for "Who can view this field".
    2. Trying to figure out a logical way to separate set of fields for display purposes, So a set could get a header like "private details" / "professional details")
    3. How to label internationally? Can we also use the language/xx.php files for this?
  • Nice plugin - only thing I have picked up on is that any new fields you add for the register page appear after the age check/coppa. It would be nice if they appeared before them.

  • @jeroen Dalsem.

    I installed your plugin on version 1.5 and it works just fine. This is live site with a lot of members and some new members have signed up using the 'show on register form', without any problem. However, I made a typographical error in one of the labels, long time ego, when I set the site up and I imported that label along side others, using your plugin.

    My question is, can I delete that particular label, using your delete option, and replace it with the correctly spelt label without having to delete all the profiles?



  • @vantel There should be no problem if only the label is wrong. Just delete the field and make a new one with the same name, but with a better label.

    @Tom to internationalise the fields, you just have to leave the label blank. The field will then be shown with the label profile:field_name if you use/add this in a translation file then it is internationalised. If you don't see profile: before the label, then it is already translated, for example if you name your field like one of the default fields.

  • It's great job! This is what I am looking for.

    Hope you include as follows;

    1) checkbox (for multiple choice)

    2) multiple or mix using of  pulldown, radio button or checkbox (ex/ If I want to make 'birth field', I can control date(pulldown), month(pulldown), year(pulldown) in one line / If I want to make 'translation field', I can manage english(pulldown) -> french(pulldown) in one line).

    These functions will be very useful for everyone.

  • Thank you for the plugin!! I have been a long time looking for something like this!! :)

    I found a problem. When I select a new field (or a default one) for appearing in the register form, it does displayed it but twice, thus is, one within the form and one more (the same field) outside it. I'm using elgg v1.5. Any idea?

    One more thing, is there any way to connect two register fields? I would like to be able to enter some information in a first one, call an script and display the result in a second one.

    Sorry If the last thing is out of place, but any hint will be apreciatte in order to improove this plugin.

  • Sorry for all the trouble. I solved the problem, still no idea why that was appearing, tho.

    So if someone can tell me how to connect two register form fields this plugin will be all what I need :)

  • Any news on 1.6 testing for this plugin?  I'm still getting htat error but jimmy45455 says he has no errors on 1.6.  Just wondering if it could be some configuration on my end that is throwing the errors.

  • This plugin sounds great.

    At the moment, im using the Flexprofile plugin and the main reason is because i can search all the details my members put in. So ... are the fields i create using this plugin searchable? Can I create a form to search my specifi data that i have created?

  • @Sim2K - one of my clients has just approved the funding necessary to add registration form support to the form and related plugin family. So that should be out in September.

    I see Jeroen's plugin as a quick option for people needing a simple profile form solution. The form and related family of plugins has many more features (and so has more of a learning curve, of course).

  • @Jeroen Dalsem,

    Thanks a lot, it worked like a charm. I've been waiting for this kind of plugin for such a long time. The plugin solved three different problems I was having on my site: the Registration Form, the typographical error on one of my labels, et all. People like you make life easier.



    Jeroen Dalsem

  • This looks like a nice plugin, tho I am experiencing a problem. When I create a field using radio buttons, after I save it, it does not show on profile. Any suggestions?

  • Oh yeah sry, I'm using 1.5.

  • @jeroen, nice work.

  • Hi Jeroen

    Everything works great on my 1.5

    But when i try and select a date using the calendar it does not open.

    What could be wrong. Im using FF3.0

  • I'm using ver 1.6

    It shows error message; Form is missing_token or_ts fields

  • Hi,

    Firstly, thank you for an excellent plugin squire!

    Was wondering if you could help me out though (running Elgg 1.5) - my Client needs 26 profile fields, but when I get near the end of the list the field title and name are irreversibly swapping themselves over - any insight into how I can fix this would be greatly appreciated squire!


  • Form is missing_token or_ts fields

    added the following piece of code after <form> tag line 19 in path "view/default/profile/edit" and it works.

    <?php echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken') ?>


  • Sorry the full path is "mod\custom_profile_fields\views\default\profile\edit.php"

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