Custom index with widgets v2.4

Release Notes

I Fixed some ennoying "deprecated messages" mysteriously born with the 1.8.3,

clear som unusefull code, made some tests ;)

The task widget works with the new Tasks Widget.


These version needs Elgg 1.8.3, i tested it successfully with Elgg 1.8.9.


  • Thx for this plugin. Works like a charm on 1.8.3

  • Works great! Thanks

    I can't make my menu items available to the public though,but that's not your problem...

  • Looks like an exceptionaly usefull plugin, unfortunately I'm getting a "Fatal error, Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent...." when I try the admin settings.
    I can see the custom index as a long column with all entries - I cant set it up in admin though without the above error.  

    Probably something on my side since so many have implement it with success. Any known incompatibilities?

  • Hi Fx Nion,

    thanks for this great plugin! It is really useful. After configuring it, the tag cloud remains however empty. We do have tagged content... may this be realted to the threshold? I left it in "1", but maybe you'd have a definition of the different thresholds somewhere.

    thanks for your work,


  • Thanks for the plugin, i think it's really useful

    However, after the plugin activation in the admin tools and executing the drag and drop widget step, my home shows nothing. Am I sikipping some step? where is the option to select the layout in the settings menu? Do i have to install anything else?

    Thanks for your answer.

  • By ELGG1.8.6, the following error is displayed and it does not operate.

    <Error display>
     "Argument 1 passed to elgg_list_river() must be an array, integer given, called in /var/www/home/mod/custom_index_widgets/views/default/widgets/latest_activity_index/content.php on line 16 and defined" in file /var/www/home/engine/lib/river.php (line 381)

  • ^ Ended up with the same error as miya. I'm using Elgg version 1.8.6 - thought I'd mention it anyway. You DID say to use 1.8.3!

    Thanks anyhow, looks like a great plugin.

  • yeah same issue in 1.8.6 as miya and Tabs

  • Great plugin, but how do I get it to display as the homepage? So far, I chose the layout; selected and added the widgits; edited which would be Public, etc; and organized the page.  Now I want users to view this page after loggin in.  How do I do that?

    Thanks so much! -Donna

  • Mistakingly added the 2.4 widget and site went white.  I missed the obvious that it was for 1.8+.  I am at 1.7.15.  Happen to know where to go to disable this in .php page, or in database?  Stuck now and trying to fix.

  • modified the folder name and got back in.  uploaded correct one.  problem gone. amen

  • very promising. I will install and let you know how it works.


  • need advice on editing custom index page,  I have html, css,image and java script folder ready, , but i am not sure how do i work with css, javascript and images.

    My site is and I want to do, the header and the footer remains facebook style

  • I finally got around to installing this, and it works great, thanks for this, makes things alot easier to make a custom index. I do recommend. Question though, is there a way to remove the image/link at the bottom right?

  • Hi this looks great but is there a way to still have the profile icon, and groups membership, freinds online etc on the index I dont see these as widgets, and when I dont use something like this plugin, I have all the other stuff but not the latest blogs, latest bookmarks etc.. I wan't both on the index.




  •   You forgot to mention that you have to turn in on in the widget manager.

  • @miya, @tabs, @Adam: i tested with the 1.8.9, and no problems appears. I do not have a 1.8.6 but if i can get one, il will try to reproduce your issue.

  • Love your plugin, but is there a way to have the wire add form inside of the activity widget? I have looked all over and have yet to find a way to do that. Thanks


  • Hi,

    Your excellent plugin works well in my elgg 1.8.12 except for one thing. Am using the easytheme 1.3.2  plugin to format my home page. With your plugin activated, my header and footer remain unchanged but naturally the formatting of the body is changed. It looks exactly like the elgg default with the ugly, horrible blue header boxes. When I alter the css file in


    nothing changes. Can you please tell me what's happening!? Thanks.

  • @jon666

    At the bottom of that css file paste this:

    .elgg-module-featured {
        border: 1px solid #181a2f;    

    .elgg-module-featured  .elgg-head {
        padding: 5px;
        background-color: #181a2f;

    ...should work?

  • No, it didn't work. It gave me a white screen. Even with the easytheme plugin disabled it still gave the white screen.

  • @jon666

    A completely white screen? No header or footer?

    The code I gave you works, when added to the bottom of the css.php file, and changes the colour of the bright blue module boxes - I've just checked it myself - it sounds as though an error has crept in somewhere. Backtrack to the point where it all worked and start again from there.

    Anyway... I'm probably breaking elgg community etiquette by posting on Fx Nion's page ;)  I only gave you the css code here because it was an easy answer and you are using my theme.

  • Thanks juBo - So after a frustrating day at work I deleted everything in a fit of pique - new database, new elgg download. With pristine database and elgg 8.1.13 I installed custom_index_widgets and added your code snipet. It changed the blue box headers to black - so looks like all is now well. I guess something must have got corrupted along the way.

    Have yet to reinstall easytheme to see if any conflict arises. Hoping I can modify the custom_index_widgets css file a little further, as before it overode your settings file excepot for background colour.

    Many thanks. Yours is still the best free theme for my purposes.

  • All OK except for one minor point.

    On my site homepage the feature boxes in the left hand column butt right up against the lefthand border, as opposed to the right hand boxes which leave a nice bit of padding.


  • Help! Mr. Fx Nion, your plugin goes crazy with the Latest Photos widget. (My installation is Elgg 1.8.13, custom_index_widgets 2.4, tidypics 1.8.0rc1, and Easytheme 1.3.2)

    When I place the Latest Photos widget in Settings then go to View Site there is a blank page with only the words in html "Latest Photos". It locks up the site so I can only get back through a previous (non-index page) URL in my browser History. Still, when I go to the index page I get another unformatted html page from custom index widgets.The first time this happened I was tired and overreacted by deleting my whole (test) site and database.

    This time I just removed your plugin from the server and all is fine. Upon reinstalling the plugin I still get the blank page, etc.

    What am I doing wrong?  I imagine its written something to the database that's preventing the plugin to reinstall.



Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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