Custom index with widgets v2.1

Release Notes

BugFixes in 2.1:

  • The Free Html Widget was causing some deletions of all the widget config while updating it. The reason was the conjunction of use with the TinyMce Plugin with the Custom Index Widget plugin. As there were some Textareas in the edit view, there were converted by the tinymce plugin. I changed these texteras to basics input.
  • I made the plugin compatible with 1.7.1 in the manifest too.
  • Hello thanks for your plugin, great work. I have a little problem with google adsense. When i put the ads code in the html widget and i will save, then the site goes white an loading..........

    Saved is ok but i cant edit the mainpage when the ads code running!

  • Currently the login page is placed in the right handside. How can I place it back to left handside as original? Thanks.

  • hello friend, a question you can not use soft privately? to display only the river activities of your friends and not those of the entire community?

  • I need to know how to insert html into the widget positions. I am script illiterate, but I have firebug installed and notice it gives me html coding to edit but all of the files I've found are in php? Please help!

  • The bookmark widget isn't available at really in 2.1 version. Could somebody help us to improve it? When we go to "Index widgetisation", there are a lot of widgets available at "Widget gallery", less the bookmarks! :-(

  • @Leandro what do you want?  I've added a few widgets to my copy and its been simple and painless.

    If all you need is bookmarks i can take a look and post some code here but if i was going to do it right i would scrap this code and make a new one that called the existing widget views in for groups as well.

  • @Leondro, we used the Generic Content, selected the Entity subtype "bookmarks" and changed the title to read "Recent bookmarks." Presto!

  • I installed this, set it up how I wanted and when I was logged in it displayed as I had set it, when logged out though it didn't show anything apart from a login do I get the widgets to still show when logged out?


  • Great plugin brother! Thank you very much for sharing!



  • Sorry, found out how to do it. Great plugin, thanks.

  • @lelkins - are they set for "public"? My guess is that you have them set for "logged in".

  • @bman, thanks for your attention! What happens is that when I go to Administration / Index widgetisation, there is the "Widget gallery". In this gallery there almost all the widgets/plugins installed in my elgg... except some of them, like tag_cumulus or bookmarks, for example. Do you have some idea about how to include them at my index page, considering the fact that I am using custom_index_widgets as my index organizer...?

    I didn't investigate yet how the custom_index_widgets works exactly, so I don't know if it's a problem of (1) what widget must be "top", "up", "down" or "botton" in relation to other widget; or (2) the custom_index_widgets just includes in it's "Widget gallery" some widgets; or (3) if is easy to call any widget installed with some "Free html" code; or (4) if it's only a fixable bug.

    Thanks since now for all your help and attention!

  • @rwallace (Ron Wallace), your sollution is great!!! For the bookmarks widget (which is a kind of content), it's 100% OK now using "Generic content", thanks! But... the tag_cumulus isn't a kind of content, and the "Generic content" doesn't appears to be a solution to put the tac_cumulus widget on the index page (using the custom_index_widgets plugin). Any idea about it?

  • I don't now use the Tag Cumulus, so I'm not sure how that works (and I'm not sure if it works with 1.7.1 anyhow). I would too be interested if anyone has a solution. 

  • Hi,

    as anyone a idea for a "ROTATING or SHUFFLE IMAGES" fix on the latest photo widget???

  • thanks for a great plugin !

    A question from an Elgg beginner: If been looking for general widgets for the dashboard like your like latest blogs, wires and have not been able to find these simple widgets in here ? Most widgets seem to only show my post, latest from friends, and I need the site wide ones like you have here.

    So: Am I missing something very elemental ? If not can your widgets be ported to the dashboard easly ?

    thanks for any enlightenment.



  • Really Cool Plugin, but how do you get the calenar plugin to show up in the widgets gallery?

  • Hello I'm using Elgg 1.7.1.

    I have inserted a javascript from Poll Daddy into the Free HTML widgets and everything went blank, with the edit page of the plugin loading endlessly.

    I have try to delete the plugin and upload a fresh one but my Elgg keeps the faulty configuration and everything goes blank the moment I try to delete that javascript code from Poll Daddy.

    Is there anything I can do?

    I was just trying to embed objects into widgets.

    Thanks a lot

  • Maybe it has been filtered by htmlawed ... not sure actually.

  • this plugin is one of the best, any chance we can get a group version of it???

  • I detect strange behaviour of this plugin with my 1.7.1 installation. 

    Should it work properly with 1.7.1 ?

  • idiotter, what strange behaviour ? Be more spesific please.

  • deactivating shows plank page (backwards browserbutton shows green successfully deactivated message). activations works, but activated custom_index_widget produces some other awful behaviour like blank page after saving widgets, blank page after returning to tool administration view ... If you could help me that would be great, i could also send you admin credentials through PM ... 

  • I have disabled plugins, cleared cache, etc. but it appears that widgets stuck in the db from previous installs show up on the index page. What can be done to clear them? I don't see the old ones when I am configuring which plugins I want on the index page. It is only after I go and view the index page afterwards.

Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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