Custom index with widgets v2.0

Release Notes

What's new in 2.0

Essentially minor adjustements to make the pluggin compatible with the new elgg functions, and the 1.7 release.

  1. I had the capability to choose wether the latests members should be displayed with or without the avatar.
  2. I changed the wire widget in order to display the latests wires even the user is not logged in.

To install this release on a previous one, just overwrite your previous folder with the new one.

Once installed, don't forget to go in your Administration panel and run the Index Customisation menu. It will help ;)

The plugin seems to be very stable now, so if you encounter some troubles:

  1. check first the Elgg compatibility version (here 1.7),
  2. check you are making the index customisation under the real admin account,
  3. check for all yours widgets you put the right visibility.


  • thanx for fixing so quickly the Wire privacy setting issue!

    now it's perfect, highly reccommended!



    TIP: you can link with a -a href- tag  the titles to the corresponding widget page. It works good for me.

  • Execuse me, but every time I try to save my widgets I get an error message: "There was a problem saving your widgets. Please try again." Thanks in advance ^_^

  • Hi  Fx Nion,


    that is a very cool plugin, but i have always problems when i choose the setting language "german".

    All Sites are blank . I have tried the elggversion 1.6 and the new 1.7. With the themes elggbook and buddytalk. I have changed the name of the "canvas" file to "canvas2" of both mods.


    Could you please help me?


  • I'm running 1.9.1 on elgg 1.6.

    All of a sudden embedding youtube code in the "free html" section of custom index with widgets admin section no longer works it seems. Plz help, my website depends upon it!

  • @newbie2002, in the file mod/custom_index_widget/Languages/de.php, try to remove the blanks before the <?php at the begining of the file.

    @mikejkelley, may be it's due to the htmlawed module behavior, wihch clean html before posting. Try to temporarly deactivate the htmlawed, edit again and test. Try also to "delete all the widgets" under the custom index widget admin panel to see if this helps.

    @Shouvik, yes, it's a stable version.

  • Hi

    i am running elgg. 1.6 and have just upgraded this module to v2.0 and get the following error when trying to enable or move the mod in admin panel:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_extend_view() in /home/xxx/mod/custom_index_widgets/start.php on line 6

    is version 2 compatible with elgg 1.6? or have a made i mistake somewhere else along the line??

    Thanks in advance T

  • @tomchip : the elgg_extend_view is new in 1.7 and isn't known in 1.6. So, yes, the 2.0 is only for eklgg 1.7. For 1.6 use the 1.9.1.

  • Cheers Fx

    The reason i was wanting to upgrade was that in 1.9.1 when i tried to add additional widgets (seemed to be 3 or more) the third one would wipe off all of the other widgets and leave the placeholders empty, i have tried this using, IE8, FF3.6 and chrome and get the same results. Could you shed any light on this?



  • Is there anyway to disable the option to expand/collapse option on the widgets, especially with the Free HTML section?

  • @tomchip... I have had this issue as well.. in order to modify any widget setup, I have found it necessary to reset all the widgets and start again (having first copied text from the html widgets somewhere for safe keeping - otherwise it is lost)  A little tiresome, but once you have it right, it is fine.

  • @Mark bridges.

    Thanks Mark that works to some degree, but fails when i try and add more than one free html section as you cannot add more than one free html section at a time. have you or anyone else overcome this?


  • works at my 1.7 but when it runs at IE8.. BING! Ie8 report an error while it charging the index page. Yeah, but the plugin works too (while IE shows the error at the left corner: need a "}" at the line 26 or something like that..)

  • @Fx Nion: Thanks for help. It works now. Great.


    @Tomchip: I have also sometimes problems with the freehtml widget. e.g. if I add 3 widgets and one of them is the free html widget, I canot save my setting. If I choose just 2 widgets, it works. If I choose 3 widgets without the freehtml, it works too. So there must be some trouble with the freehtml widget (but I like it :) )

  • @Fx Nion: I have tried to activate the RSS feed. My Simplepie plugin is activated, but i cant´see the widget at the page "index  widgetisation". As I have seen, there ist no widget "feed_reader_index" activated in the start.php. (i have introduced that, but it still doesnt work).

  • Hi, I have this mod on elgg 1.7 and everything is working perfect except when an user try to login, a blank page appear and you click on the back buttom on your browser them you are login. Some sugestion to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  • Is there any way to make the events widget sort the upcoming events by date?

  • @tomchip...  I have had this issue too.  I found it necessary to create another free html widget.  You will find instructions for this in the previous version of the plugin.  Reproduced here for ease:

    Adding another Free html widget

    goto  ...\mod\custom_index_widgets\views\default\widgets

    copy inline_content_index folder and rename to inline_content2_index

    goto ...\mod\custom_index_widgets

    edit start.php

    add this code:

    add_widget_type('inline_content2_index',elgg_echo ('Free html 2'),elgg_echo ('Free html 2'), "custom_index_widgets", true);

    below this code:

    add_widget_type('inline_content_index',elgg_echo ('custom_index_widgets:inline_content_index'),elgg_echo ('custom_index_widgets:inline_content_index'), "custom_index_widgets", true);

    You could repeat this procedure as many times as necessary and simply increment the number in the areas in bold to have many free html widgets at the begining without having to go back and add later.

  • I'm trying to fix a bug with the Free HTML widget... someone who can help me?

    The problem is this:

    Let's say I add 5 random widgets to the widget zones. It doesnt matter which one, as long as it isnt the Free HTML widget. Now when I press save, it saves the widgets as they should. So from here, all works fine.
    Now, I add the Free HTML widget, somewhere randomly in the widget zones. When I press save, it still works fine.
    But now, each time I press save, it will remove the last widget from each widget zone until Free HTML is removed. After that, saving works fine again.

    I'm pretty sure the Free HTML widget is the cause of this, cause when I test placing/re-ordering/removing other widgets then the Free HTML one, it all works fine. But when the Free HTML widget comes in, it will keep removing the last widget from each zone each time I press save until it removes itself.

    Anyone who has a clue on how to solve this problem?

    I work on Elgg 1.6 (I know this plugin is for 1.7 or above, but after reading through the comments it appeared the issue is also in this 2.0 version) and I'm using the index_2rhhb (2 rows, [Half, Half] - [Big]) setup.


  • @drecomm, interesting, I have this problem as well, and find I have to plan exactly what widgets I want, and reset the widget area and then put them all in place.  It is frustrating, but once done it is fine and you can edit the widgets.  I had not twigged that it was related to the free html widget as I have never not used it, but if this is true, then it must be fixable.

  • @Mark Bridges, Yeah I guess so, but the question is: Where is the problem? I already tried a different layout, just to see if that causes any problems, but that doesnt seem to be the issue. It works just the same as any other layout.

    The only thing we currently know is that the Free HTML widget is causing the removal of the last widget from each widget zone.

    I need to solve this problem because the reset button isnt going to be a option for me. But I've been searching for the problem for days now so I was hoping some could help me find this problem.


    Besides this bug, I forgot to mention to give a big up to the creator of this plugin! Its a great plugin and it should have been in the standard installation of Elgg. I dont know if this is already done in the latest version of Elgg, but if not, I highly recommend it to!

  • Alright, in my previous post I said the following:

    The only thing we currently know is that the Free HTML widget is causing the removal of the last widget from each widget zone.

    After thinking about it, I realised that mabye TinyMCE is cause this problem. So I disabled it, and returned to the custom index plugin to test the save button with the Free HTML widget in one of the widget zones, and it turned out the be the issue.

    TinyMCE causes for some reason to remove the last widget from each zone. I'm getting closer, hopefully next time I'll come with a solution...

  • Nice Mod, very good. THX for your good work!

    Little Problems:

    1. The html widgets doesnt clean work!

    2. I put adsense code in the html box > Save > my site going white and loading!

    Sorry for my english.

    Best Regards - Lars

  • Hi,

    great plugin! Though I'm having some problems with the Tag cloud widget.  When inserting it via the custom index widget I get some strange tags:

     01ayudasoporteimage/var/www/html/elggdata/,ElggDiskFilestoreayuda y soporteimage/png103

    any help configuring the Tag widget?


  • I've install the most recent Tag Cloud 1.7, and Custom Index with Widgets 2.0, but I get nothing when the widget is engaged. All that appears is the header - no tag cloud. I'm guess they are not compatible. Correct?

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