Custom index with widgets v1.9

Release Notes

Bug fixes in 1.9

  1. German translation added
  2. Correction of 'custom_index_widgets:nogroups'
  3. Correction of izap folder name


  • Got the same issue with fresh and clean 1.6.1 install. With mod enabled, I cannot :

    • get to site administration page
    • get to my setting page (as admin or regular registered user)
    No message in log file...

    -My 2 cents

  • my index page is not displayed correctly :(

    i think it s not compatible with the cwal plugin

    i m using 1.6.1


  • hey all.

    same problem on the settings page for me too :(


  • @TheOnlyBob @sandeep @blue @enadri @7uc0 @xorne

    The language file de.php file in ...\mod\custom_index_widgets\languages  has an extra  <?php tag in the code.  That is what causes the errors you all have been experiencing.

    To fix it make de.php look like this at the beginning/top of the file:


        $german = array(

    Save it and your golden.

    I initially simply deleted it as I do not require translations, my audiance is english speaking, and that fixes the problem.  However, I realized that is probably short sited of me since the web is far reaching after all.  So I compared the languages files and noticed that the de.php file had the extra php tag in it. Once I removed it, everything worked fine.

    Hope this helps. :-)


  • Thanks for the plugin, but can you please tell me how to make my index page appear like with the login form to the right, an image to the left and 3 images below. Thanks

  • @elgg_noob

    Works great now.....Thanks..:)

  • Me also facing problem in arrange those widget in setting. It gone when i saved it. I'm using 1.6.1 elgg. Looking forward with next release

  • hello to all.

    I've installed that great pluggin in my site. 1.6.1  ( and 1.9)  but i have a problem. I know that Sandeep had the same problem, but i can't undestain how to solve.  ( i don't speak english, and that's perhaps why i  can't solve it.  the problem:  i can't have two "htm" widgets in the template, because when i save it, suddenly disapears all the widgets.  I know that   MArk bridges gave him that solution, but i can't undestain.

    Please can somebody explain me how to solve that problem?  I speak catalan, and spanish.. and as you can read my english.. is not very well. :-D

    Thanks again !

  • @joanalb  et al

    Adding another Free html widget

    goto  ...\mod\custom_index_widgets\views\default\widgets

    copy inline_content_index folder and rename to inline_content2_index

    goto ...\mod\custom_index_widgets

    edit start.php

    add this code:

    add_widget_type('inline_content2_index',elgg_echo ('Free html 2'),elgg_echo ('Free html 2'), "custom_index_widgets", true);

    below this code:

    add_widget_type('inline_content_index',elgg_echo ('custom_index_widgets:inline_content_index'),elgg_echo ('custom_index_widgets:inline_content_index'), "custom_index_widgets", true);

    You could repeat this procedure as many times as necessary and simply increment the number in the areas in bold to have many free html widgets at the begining without having to go back and add later.

    Hope that helps.


  • @Blue   *blushing* Thank you

  • @elgg_noob Thankyou ! i did it ! now i have 2 html pluggins.

    But i have to read all the posts, because sometimes, when i edit the pluggin, sudenly desapear all the content. Perhaps i'll have to wait to the 2.0 version


    thankyou !!

  • I had the same problem that Blue had - the settings panel appears outside the site theme and an error occurs.

    I had to turn off custom index with widgets for now because of the problem.

    It seems like a nice widget though!


  • @joanalb Your very welcome :-)

    @douglerner  the solution is in the comment from 3 days ago, please look up and read my post.

    et al

    I have some strange behavior going on,  when I have this plugin enabled the elgg logo appears in my bar, even though I have removed it from my theme ??  If I just use the elgg custom index or no custom index the elgg logo disappears as it should.

    Secondly, there is a 20px space on the right hand side that I can't get rid of.  Well I can by tweaking the css, but that is only by making all tables width 101% .

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    TIA :-)

  • @elgg_noob - Thanks for pointing me to your post. Fixing the error you discovered in the de.php file did fix the problem.

    I also noticed that in de.php there is also an extra ?> at the end. So I deleted that as well.

    Anybody know of a "latest group postings" widget which can be added to this?

    Thanks again,


  • Oh, also, if you are using vazco_topbar I notice that should be loaded after custom index with widgets otherwise the settings in that widget are ignored.


  • I did run into a strange problem before - my widgets would get cleared after clicking "Save." 

    First I thought maybe I accidentally clicked the reset to default button so tried again. But I was able to repeat the non-saving problem several times.

    Finally I hit reset intentionally and started over. This time it saved. But I had to retype in my "Free HTML."

    Anybody else experience a problem like this?


  • Yep, this bug happens all the time. The widgets will often get cleared if you change something and save again. This can be frustrating if you had content in a free HTML widget. So I recommend saving any HTML content before modifying the widgets in case you have to recreate them (until this bug is fixed).



  • Figured out the elgg logo in navbar - just needed to modify elgg_topbar.php in ...\mod\custom_index_widgets\views\default\page_elements

  • @Jessica

    correct your typos ;-)
    "reister" ?

    Thanks ;-)


  • AKKKK keyboard out of range or batts almost dead :)

  • GREAT plug in, super work!!! I know little about php and would really like help with two things;

    would it be possible to have he register page instead of the login in the body, alread have logon at the top and woud be nice to have the register (not just the link) the page that you get if you click the 'register' button.

    the other is that i am using the big middle small and would really like to have one more big across the bottom.

    thanks for any help with this, and again great mod


  • Hi FX Nion,

    thanks for the great plugin. But I have a problem with the siteaccess-plugin. I have walled gardes DISABLED and use ist just for better usability than the standard one.

    If I have your plugin custom_index_widgets (1.9) enabled, I can not see the siteaccess build in captcha anymore. 

    Do I disable it, it works fine again.

    Do you have any clue, what happens here? I will ask the siteaccess programmer as well... and keep you posted.

    Thanks for the help!

    Best Gunther

  • Me Again: It seems its a bug with the Custom Index plugin: even with all other plugins dsiabled and siteaccess and custom_index_widgets enabled it is not showing the captcha. 

    Also only with custom_index_widgets and disabled siteaccess and the native captcha plugin from elgg it canot display the picture.

    Anyone experiancing the same?

    Ty and all the best,


Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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