Custom index with widgets v1.9.1

Release Notes

Fixes in 1.9.1

  1. German translation corrected
  2. Spanish translation added
  3. TopBar tag bug corrected
  4. 1.7a compliance made.
  • Hiya, great mod, love it and using the heck out of it, one thing, is it possible to have random members and random Photos instead of latest?


  • Has anyone had a problem with the page view in ie7?  mine looks dreadful! Although it is fine with ie8 and Firefox.

  • Hej, everytime when I enable this plug-in, which seems to be great, I get a blank page. I disabled custom_index and followed the instructions, so doeas anyone knows what may be the problem?


  • Hi great plug in all works well, apart from i cant set any of my widgets to public access, any ideas?


  • @n_|1 and tomchip... I am pretty sure that the problem is elsewhere (if you are using 1.6.1)... n_l1 check that the files are uploaded properly and put it near the bottom of the plugin list.  tomchip check that you can set other things to Public. 

    Niether of these problems have been identified before, and I have just read through every comment from the first release for another reason, so I doubt it is this plugin.

  • tried it again, still the same problems. maybe another plug-in causing it. But can I modify the custom_index, so that e.g. the newest files won't be shown. Couldn't find it.


  • I'm experiencing random problems saving widgets; it appears that TinyMCE is randomly adding paragraph tags around the debugField textarea content when there is content, (and adding break tags with mce_bogus=1 into empty fields, which doesn't matter, but did help me locate the problem) when clicking the save button but before submitting the form contents.

    I've done a little research, and I wonder if the problem is that the debugFields you used for the reset button use the same css ids as for the save button? Apparently reusing css ids can cause random behaviours. Also, I notice that the save/cancel buttons have onClick event that point at a page element that doesn't exist; perhaps these should be removed as well?

    I'll let you know when I figure out more.




  • I have just tried the Tag Cloud for the first time... and I can not configure it to jsut show normal Tags (especially ones used in a custom form (Kevin's plugin).  I get all kinds of stuff like numbers etc.   Anyone had any luck configuring it nicely? 

  • If you want to show the wire posts shown on the front page for non-logged in users go to:


    copy 'echo $widgtet_datas;' and replace with it whatever is following 'else'


  • hi,

    i used elgg1.7 and has the same problem. if i aktivate the plugin, i get a blank screen and nothing works fine. i don't get access to admin area, because the blank page appears


  • hi again,

    i just testet it with a fresh 1.6.1 but its the same. i have a blank page.


  • @Mark Bridges: Mark my fault, if anyone else has same issue it was because i was using one of my other accounts rather than super admin, more haste less speed.


  • @ Fx Nion

    Astounding, in one word.

    Of course, it looks as though still in the developmental stage and there are problems (as the respoenses point out), but I haven't given up on it. I regard this plugin as one of the best things that has happened to Elgg, which is famous for having a remarkably unattractive pre-login home page and for passing the buck to the dashboard.

    I am sure you can work out your facelift project to perfection soon with the help of all the feedback above. But, the page shouldn't be exclusively for logged-in users. All visitors should have read/view permission -- at least the Activity and Member Avatars widgets (preferably with an option to get the Avatars displayed at random).

    @ kasper

    Thanks for suggesting a solution. I will give it a try, because this plugin really fascinates me.

  • Hi! great plugin! any idea on how I can add a latest blog post and a news widget to the widget gallery?




  • Anyone knows the code to show latest discussions on the index ??

  • re: Izap_video widget (new in 1.8, thanks to Anna Bitanga)

    As a widget, does this show up as "latest videos?"

    HELP! I need a way to specify which video gets shown on the index page! How do I do this?

  • Hi Fx,

    this plugin is a real must.

    I just noticed a wierd behavior:

    1. The wire, even if set to public, when a user is logged off, shows only a message "Please, please, login to see more...". I suppose this could be fixed.






  • nm, I just embeded the video in the html widget.

    Which leads me to a new question, is it possible to add more than one html widget to the index? Trying to do so, and basically re-editing the layout in general causes a "reset (of) all zones." Is this one of the bug fixes in 1.9.1?

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions you made.

    I prepared the next release,  the 2.0, just to fix a deprecated function in latest_members, and the suggested "wire" correction on the behaviour.

    The all widgets are made for latest entries corresponding to the object type, but not for random behaviours. Why ? Because this plugin is a built fromthe orginal custom index (without widgets), and this plugin showed the latest entries. In a matter of realism, most of sites will needs latests news on their home page, so i think the general way is the good one.

    As it's possible to code some random stuffs, i will investigate this way for a future version.

    See you in the 2.0 relesae page ;)


  • Hi,

    The plugin works great. However I have 2 issue,

    1. I cant see the settings link in tool administration to change the layou.
    2. My dashboard widgets are also shown on the index page if I am logged in.

    Can someone help me in this regard??

  • Hi,

    I am on elgg 1.6.1, This is a great mod and it is almost working correctly. This was exactly what I was looking for for my site. The only thing that is an issue is when you try to modify your set up. If you go to save a small change to the widget setup. It removes about half of the already set up widgets...

    If you set it up fresh and don't touch it then it works great!. Not sure what the bug is that is causeing it but if it annoyes me enough I will search it out. Hopefully the developer will know more than me.


    Thanks again, great mod!

  • just an update on my potential bug find. If you start fresh and load up all your widgets and save it, everything sticks and works. Without going to anyother page if you save a second time. It removes one widget from each section of the layout. It is consistently the same each time you save. One widget is removed from each section of the layout until all widgets have been removed.

    So this is caused from subsequently saving a widget layout. Might be an indexing problem in the code.

Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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