Custom index with widgets v1.8

Release Notes


Enhancements & fixes in 1.8

  1. Free html content, tried to fix it with simply rename it.
  2. The widgets seems also no more disapear with this previous fix.
  3. Tag cloud widget, highly customisable
  4. Fix Latest Group widget bug (sorry, sorry, sorry, it was a bad copy/paste, thanks Mark Bridges)
  5. Added Izap_video plugin (thanks anna bitanga again, i don't have izap_video, but the recipe was looking good, so...)
  6. Some stuffs in translation file


  • Great work.

    Keep it up.


  • USERS PLEASE CHANGE MANUALLY: In you english language file it should read
            'custom_index_widgets:nogroups' => "There are no groups yet",

    (instead of 'custom_index_widgets:nogroups' => "There are no files yet",)



    And here is the german translation (

    Fx Nion: you can add de.php in language folder with your distribution, if you like )



        $german = array(

            'custom_index_widgets:latest_bookmarks_index' => "Neueste Lesezeichen",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_groups_index' => "Neueste Gruppen",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_files_index' => "Neueste Dateien",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_blogs_index' => "Neueste Blogeintr&auml;ge",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_members_index' => "Neueste Mitglieder",
            'custom_index_widgets:nofiles' => "Keine Dateien gefunden",
            'custom_index_widgets:nogroups' => "Keine Gruppen gefunden",   
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_news_index' => "Neueste Nachrichten",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_pages_index' => "Neueste Seiten",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_events_index' => 'Eingehende Events',
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_wire_index' => 'Neuester Wire-Beitrag',
            'custom_index_widgets:inline_content_index' => 'Eigenes HTML',
            'custom_index_widgets:html_content' => 'Ihr Text',
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_generic_index'=>"Generischer Inhalt",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_tasks_index'=>"Neueste Aufgaben",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_activity_index' => 'Aktivit&auml;ten',
            'custom_index_widgets:cloud_generic_index'=>"Tag Cloud",
            'custom_index_widgets:metadata_name' => "Metadaten",
            'custom_index_widgets:threshold'=> "Thresold",
            'custom_index_widgets:latest_video_index' => 'Neueste Videos',
            'custom_index_widgets:rich_media_index' => "Multimedia Inhalte",
            'custom_index_widgets:widget_video_width' => "Breite (Nur Zahl, ohne px oder %)",
            'custom_index_widgets:widget_video_height' => "H&ouml;he (Nur Zahl, ohne px oder %)",
            'custom_index_widgets:widget_video_url' => "URL",
            'custom_index_widgets:widget_video_caption' => "&Uuml;berschrift",
            'custom_index_widgets:layout' => "Layout",
            'custom_index_widgets:index_2rmsb' => '2 Spalten, [Mittelbreit, Schmal] - [Big]',
            'custom_index_widgets:index_2rsmb' => '2 Spalten, [Schmal, Mittelbreit] - [Big]',
            'custom_index_widgets:index_2rhhb' => '2 Spalten, [Halbe Breite, Halbe Breite] - [Big]',
            'custom_index_widgets:index_1rsss' => '1 Spalte, [Schmal, Schmal, Schmal]',
            'custom_index_widgets:index_2rbhh' => '2 Spalten, [Big] -[Halbe Breite, Halbe Breite]',
            'custom_index_widgets:index_2rbsm' => '2 Spalten, [Big] -[Schmal, Mittelbreit]',
            'custom_index_widgets:index_2rbms' => '2 Spalten, [Big] -[Mittelbreit, Schmal]',
            'custom_index_widgets:area1' => 'Widgets Zone 1',
            'custom_index_widgets:area2' => 'Widgets Zone 2',
            'custom_index_widgets:area3' => 'Widgets Zone 3',
            'custom_index_widgets:admin:notfound' => 'Seite nicht gefunden',
            'custom_index_widgets:index' => "Widgets aktiv auf Index",
            'custom_index_widgets:num_items' => "Einzahl Module",
            'custom_index_widgets:reset' => "Zonen auf Standard setzen",
            'custom_index_widgets:pleaselogin' => "Anmelden f&uuml;r alle Details ...",
            'custom_index_widgets:widget_title' => "Widget-Titel &uuml;berschreiben (auf index-Seite anstelle des Standardtitels des Widgets)",
            'custom_index_widgets:context_mode' => "Layout-Stil",
            'custom_index_widgets:context_list' => "Liste",
            'custom_index_widgets:context_detail' => "Details",
            'custom_index_widgets:inlayout'=>"Im Layout",
            'custom_index_widgets:widget_all_groups' => "Alle Gruppen",


  • Hi Fx NION... many thanks for your kind comments :)  A pleasure!

    I am really glad you are still working on this plugin... together with all your other plugins, this is absolutely FANTASTIC!

    I have given the new version a test on my test site, and I notice one or two things:

    1. I do like having two free_html widgets, and you have changed the name to inline_content... took me a minute or three, but I have my extra html widget now.
    2. The video widget does not seem to work "This widget is either broken or has been disabled by the site administrator." not sure what is causing this... any clues appreciated.
    3. Events widget displays events from the past... do you know of any fix for this please?

    Just an idea... it would be great to have this kind of draggable widget thing for Group Profiles as well :)

  • Hey all,


    rename latest_izap_videos to latest_video_index

    That will get Video Widget working.  There are other ways...  Basically the start.php file at mod\custom_index_widgets is looking for latest_video_index and not latest_izap_videos see below:

              add_widget_type('latest_video_index',elgg_echo  ('custom_index_widgets:latest_video_index'),elgg_echo ('custom_index_widgets:latest_video_index'), "custom_index_widgets", true);

    I took the path of least resistance and just renamed the folder.

    Hope this helps someone.

  • Well done elgg_noob!  Thanks for that snippit.

  • Your welcome Mark Bridges,  feels good to be able to reciprocate :-)

  • abandoned

    @elgg_noob: Yup, that's how it was in the original post on version 1.7. I'm not sure why it was changed in 1.8.

  • Ok, i take these things inot account, see you in the 1.9:

    • German translation
    • Correction of 'custom_index_widgets:nogroups'
    • Correction of izap folder name

    Thanks to all.

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