Custom index with widgets v1.7

Release Notes


Enhancements & fixes in 1.7

  1. Add the ability to include the dashboard in the bottom of the page when user is connected.
  2. Add the river latest activity widget
  3. Add the task widget
  4. Add a generci widget, based on the subtypes you could host on your elgg.
  5. Css improvments, as i seen that the buddytalk thme didn't render correctly my page.
  6. Code factorization, in the index construction.
  7. Pages, blogs and file now take categories, list types and group into account.
  8. Remeoved the "Accueil" mention in the page title.
  9. Some fixes



  • Wow, i missed only the friend widget, then i use your great work :D


  • This is great! I needed to temporarly revert back to the prior version because I wanted to understand a few things and say what I noticed...

    • Changes that I hade made to the top nav bar were gone - the bar went back to the elgg default
    • When I would customize/update the HTML widget, the widget would return to the widget selection panel (this happened on two attempts)
    • Latest Groups widget would pull blogs, videos, but no groups had shown up.

    I really like that there is a river widget! Your work is great!

  • hi there,

    I get "custom_index_widgets_1.7 is a misconfigured plugin" when i activate, i unzipped+uploaded it in to the mod folder, that was all i did...Thx , Frank

  • Everything works well, but can we control how the events calendar displays events? Currently, all events including previous ones are displayed. Good job with this plugin!

    Secondly, tag cloud?

  • hmmmm, tagcloud, i like this idea ....

  • maybe an idea for on you todo list: It would be cool if other plugins could register widgets for the frontend. Just like you can register widgets for profile and dashboard. Other developers can extend this plugin with new widgets (therefor you don't have to make them!).

  • @jeroen: widgets are made the same as other elgg widgets (widget directory, view.php, edit.php) and the plugin register them with the 'custom_index_widget' instead of 'all' usualy set. This way you can register any widget you want to figure on the fronten page. Is this an answer for your suggestion ?

    In an other way, I have added a generic widget which is also a good way to create widget without writing a line of code: you just specify the subtype you want to list , subtypes are grabbed from all known subtypes in your elgg instance.

  • Can you help with my first question about calendar events showing up even though they have passed?

  • @dave: sorry. In fact widgets display "last entries", this means than for this moment events are not filtered with the current date. May be in the future.

  • @Fx Nix: OK, for now, I will edit the new_ndex.php file to display events using an older method I have. This is more "cosmetic" than a bug because if I started adding a few events right now, the older events will not show up, correct?

  • Love the plugin, but when I enable it in my site. My logo is messed up. Instead of having just one logo display, I get two showing underneath each other. I tried messing with the plugins within admin setting to see if that would help. But no luck, any ideas on what to look or do?

  • I am not sure if this is just my issue or a bug.  It seems like when I try to move the widgets to the location it works.  When I go to make a change it seems to put all the widgets back in the widget box to the right.  I was moving the HTML, New Members, and the River widget.  Keeps resetting everything when I try to make a change.

  • I really like this but ran across some issue that might need to be looked at and confirmed as bugs.  As stated before I am having a real tough time keeping the widgets in place when editing the positions of the widgets.  It works if I place them in their positions all at one time and save it.  But if I go back and move one around and hit save, some widgets disappear.  Also, I noticed that the groups widget has a couple issues.  It does not show all groups.

  • @cofelice: i have seen sometimes your issue (widget disapears), and didn't understand it too. It seems also that this bug doesn't appear anymore with a few time .

  • Hi Nikon,

                              I was messing with it some more.  It seems like it does not allow you to move widgets around after the first time you place them in the spots.  For example:  Say I lay out 10 widgets in the different sections and it save.  Later I decide I want to move a widget around and add one to my line-up.  After I hit save, all the widgets reset. 

    I also notice the groups widget is not working.  I think there is some conflict going on with the category drop down menu or something.

    I am not much of a programmer so I am afraid I can't be too much help but thought I would report what I been noticing.  

    It's a great widget, just has a few issues going on.

  • oh i forgot to add one more thing.  The wire post does not seem to work either.  You can check it out a (my site).

  • Izap video widget pls ? :(

  • Great Plugin. However, I am facing a few issues.

    I am unable to use a widget multiple times. The widgets reset when I click the save button. I am also facing issues with the resetting when the widgets are rearranged. The 'latest groups' widget does not work too. 

    Please fix them. This plugin is a great addition to my site.

  • i agree with Shobhit . the save doesn't work but it is such a great plugin.

  • @ALL
    From Dhrup-The-Scoop
    dont bug the cwapz out of fxNion. he doing a great great job
    ok guys -- y'all not post too many extravagant requests for features, features, bugs, bugs, etc. etc.. be patient..

    ps: take care of each other

  • Yeah... Fx Nion is a plugin machine!  Do you ever take a break?  Thanks for your plugins!

  • I have noticed that Custom Index with widgets does not work properly with the Socializeme ELGG Template from EDESIGNERZ.NET. When I revert back to the standard Elgg template everything works fine.

    One question though. You stated:

    "Under the edit zone, click on the customises button of the widget, and take care to make the access public for which you want to be seen by anyone not logged."

    I can't seem to find this. Where exactly is this?


  • I found the "edit" setting! My eyes must have been somewhere else.....

  • When the login topbar is enable,the custom index page is not preview properly on IE. All the widgets drop down a big space after the login top bar.Anyone experience this?

Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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