Custom index with widgets v1.6

Release Notes


Enhancements & fixes in 1.6

  1. Fix: correct the issue with the wrong admin password who make disapear widgets. Arf, it is still here :(
  2. Enhancement: Add group filter option for blogs, pages, albums, photos, events and files. Available in the edit section of thos widgets.



  • Oh wow, good work. Going to my test platform in a bit and will report back with findings.

    However, does it also enable you to disable login page (not the right side box, just the login form within that box)?


  • @Carter: concerning login box, you can choose either to display inside the main page, or display it in the topbar.

  • Thx for the update,

    hmm i am haveing some trouble, why am i unable to rename the widgets?

    I  am just abel to drop the widget to the board... Is there something wrong?

  • @Yuji: Widget name will be replaced only when viewing the index page, not the configuration one;)

  • Works great. Not much else i can think of now that you can add to this plugin... the only thing left that i would like to see is more custimisation in the page layout.
    For instance could you add other index page set ups like:

    • 2 rows, [Big] - [Small, Small, Small]
    • 2 rows, [Half, Half] - [Small, Small, Small]
    • 3 rows, [Big] - [Half, Half] -[Small, Small, Small]

    ...and other combinations like that.
    And for some reason the wrong admin password still makes the widgets disappear for users that are not logged in (it sets all the index widgets to the "logged in users" option)

  • @Beany: I only use the three standards elgg areas used in the other widgets custmisable page. And yes, the issue with the admin pasword still remains, i missed.

  • @Fx Nion, thx for your reply.The Thing i dont get, is what should i do to rename a widget? Should i remame the widget folder name? Btw when i tryed to make the login box appear on the topbar, i didnt work(i was unable to login back). There is something wrong with my installation...

    Also can you pls concider adding an IzAC video & Simple pool widget? Thx :p

  • @ Yuji - go to the admin page > Index widgetisation from the menu on the left > and click Edit on one of the widget boxes > then enter widget title.
    That wasn't hard now was it lol. And the widget title will only display on the sites Index page, not in the admin area.
    @ Fx i'd also like to see a video widget.

  • Thanks Fx Nion. Got few things to report after testing the plugin thoroughly.


    I am already using a sliding login bar so didn't need the login box to be create or go on a topbar, but apparently when I changed the settings to do so, the login box disappeared completely and neither it created a topbar (if it was suppose to create one after changing the settings to appear login on a topbar).

    However, intermittently, I lost login capabilites to my site at all when I selected the login box to appear on the topbar (which doesn't even exist) and I had to disable the plugin to get the login capabilities again.


    Moreover, it does not save the widgets you pick for index page, if you edit them after saving the selection. E.g. if I select whatever widgets to be shown on the index page and save it, it's all good and does the job nicely, but if I go back and edit the selection to add or remove any widget, it resets all the zones/widgets to nill and I had to make the entire selection again. (is it because of the admin password issue?)


    Also, it only let me select the Free HTML widget only once for only one column. Would it be possible to select many Free HTML widgets for as many columns on index page as many we want?


    Also I would like to know if there's a way to show "externalpages" pludin on index page through your widget? And if we can get rid of the widget boxes replacing them with a simple box (like external pages?)

    Thanks again!

  • Oh and I forgot to mention, when I select the Latest Photos plugin, it does not let me change the settings of the widget at all. Can't pick how many photos to be shown, can't pick the access level etc.


    Also, the Multimedia Content widget does not accept any URL at all. Like wont show the photo, or a video, or any other multimedia powered URL.

    Thank you

  • @All : if you already have another topbar enhancement, don't use the topbar logon in the custom widget.

    @Carter: All the widgets are declared "multi", so you can put any numbers of the same widget you want in the page. I saw that sometimes, it was necessary to save the page before being abble to add again the same widget in the page. For multimedia content, the jqmedia plugin need the media extension at the end of urll (http://somewhere/something.flv for example). Concernining the widgets losts, i have sometimes seen this, but i doesn't seems to be recurent.

    @Beany: Thanks for your help ;). For the video widget, you can try the Rich media widget. It would be better if it could use the embed plugin, i known, but as the embed plugin doesn't keep the extension of the file downloaded, it doesn't fit nice. However, the rich media widgetcan deal with a lot of file format.

  • @Beany: Thx for your reply, helped a lot :)

    @Fx Nion: Can we have an IzAc video & Top User( User Points btw is there a way to set manually widgets for your Plugin? :)

  • @All_Readers : Concerning the automated reset of the widget, this is due to the use of this plugin in conjunction with the defaultwidget one. At initialization, the defaultwidget make an access reset for all the widgets, and the index widgets are reseted. I think this is a side effect, because examining the code would make suppose than before reseting we would ensure that we are logged in. And the code just verify if we are not logged as admin. So, we fail to log as admin with a wrong password, but we do the reset. Strange.

    Contournment one: if no needed, and as a test you could turn off the defaultwidget.

    Contournment two: hack teh default widget: in /mod/defaultwidget/start.php,


    // set the widget access to the default access on validation if this is not an admin-created user
        if (!isadminloggedin()) {


    // set the widget access to the default access on validation if this is not an admin-created user
        if (!isadminloggedin() && isloggedin()) {

    I gonna try to find where i can suggest this issue, if it is one.

  • Thanks Fx Nion.

    However, its still the same. I even disabled the default widget plugin, but it still resets all the zones to nill if I edit the selection, or try to use same widget multiple time.

  • @Fx Nion,

    I am also experiencing the same problem as Carter.I even deleted the defaulwidgets mod.even then,the problem prevails..

    Please help..

    Also,how can i add widgets like izap_videos,Top points etc to my homepage via your Mod?

    Is their any way to do it?

  • Hi, Brilliant plugin, thanks.  Although I do have a couple of minor issues:

    The events widget does not pick up the latest events and I dont have the IQ to fix it... can you advise me please?

    Also, how to I change/remove the Accueil from the firefox navigation tab (see )

    I can't wait for a "latest video widget" and an "Banner ad widget", that would be fantastic!

    Cheers, Mark

  • This is a great plugin. Any way to make the status updates public?

  • @Mark Bridges : to change/remove the Accueil from the firefox navigation tab, change the following line in the mod's index.php file:  $title = elgg_echo('Accueil');

  • Thanks scottmate :) champion!

    Any thoughts about the latest events not being picked up thing?


  • No problem... I guess I should have a look at that part since I plan on using it :)

  • @ hey, Fx Nion! Everything works greate! But, why you didn't add latest video widget? This widget would be very useful!

  • @Fx Nion

    Thanks - Great plugin. I was wondering whether you could produce a widget for Latest Activities, just as in the standard Elgg theme when the custom index plugin is not applied. I've noticed that such feature in the default theme also displays status updates (if the default access permission of the site is set to 'public')

  • Great work Fx Nion!


    One prob, tho', the part that shows the event widget doesn't show events that have been added since I first enabled the custom_index_widgets plugin, and those that were created before the plugin was added have, correctly, stopped showing up as they have expired.


    Love the Free HTML-widget


    thanks again


  • Reply to self...

    Changed line 10 in /site/mod/custom_index_widgets/views/default/widgets/latest_events_index


    $widgtet_datas = list_entities('object',$object_type,152,$num_items,false, false, false);


    $widgtet_datas = list_entities('object',$object_type,0,$num_items,false, false, false);


    and it shows my calendar events.



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I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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