Custom index with widgets v1.4

Release Notes


Fixes in 1.4  (You know...)

  1. Better handling of loginbox positionning depending the layouts.
  2. Fix login box size depending the layouts.


  • You're a quick worker! Thanks for posting this.
    It's looking good, and the login box is fine now (although it would still be really great if you could do what i mentioned before).
    Theres one thing that bothers me, and it's probably the TidyPics plugin, not your plugin. But if i put the Latest Albums or Latest Photos widgets in anything but a "Small" row, then the pics within both of these widgets do not fit in the widget properly, because the widgte is now bigger, and theres loads of empty space at either side because the pics are displayed vertically. Bit hard to explain so can take a screenshot if you wish?...

  • Thanks for the quick upgrade. It's working better now with the login box.

  • Why does this plugin have to replace the custom index? I believe this would help create great frontpages for categories or groups if it was not designed to actually replace the site index.

    Hopefully another programmer here will explore the idea.

  • FxNion,


    Great plugin!!! Love it! Only one problem ive come across, the Live Feed/activity says the following (when it is set to public access in admin) "Please, please, login to see more...". My site is also set to public default access in the Site Admin as well.  My site is


    Please help me,



  • Yes, it's normal, the wire posts are handled differently than other posts in elgg. They seem to be" attached" to the user. So it there is no user logged in ...

    The best way to deal with this is to set the widget access to loggged in users. This way, the box won't appears for anonymous users but will appear wth the messages for connected users.


    Hope this helps.

  • @ Fx Nion. How do you keep the page from displaying "Website: Accueil" in the browser tab. Not that i mind its nice to have it say welcome but off the top of your head can you tell me where i can adjust this for english?

  • @Dante Vagas : Sorry, i forgot a translation. I will correct this, but you can adjust this by editing the /mod/custom_index_widgets/index.php file. I will change this a the next release, the title will be in the translations files.

  • Tnks man!

    Great job!


    mto bom mesmo!


  • I love this plugin!!  I'm getting something very odd, though... the page is repeating itself so that after the spotlight/footer, the whole page appears again!  Here is a link:

    Still in the works, this site... so please nevermind the lack of shine... Any thoughts as to the doubling up?


  • Really good widget, can you pls add an izap_videos widget? thx ^^

  • gobbelee:

    strange. did you deactivate the standard custom index under the admin panel ?


    i was wondering about this, and i will certainly take a look to izap_videos

  • Fx Nion - Yes, I did deactivate the standard custom index. I might reinstall just to make sure... there were a couple of missteps as I activated it the first time; I might have done something to cause the issue, so I'll retry.  It seems to only occur on the login screen!  I'll report back if I figure anything out.

  • gobbelee:

    Still strange. Try various things, like finding an other pluginwhich could cause the problem. Deactivate all plugins, if the layout becomes ok, try activate each plugin step by step until finding which one is repsonsible.

    Try also to clear the cache. Deactivate th caches under the site generals settings (then after you will reactivate it if you want).

    Hope this helps.

Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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