Custom index with widgets v1.2

Release Notes


Fixes in 1.2  (Thanks to all)

  1. Fix the bookmark and page widgets
  2. Fix the init procedure to set a default layout when none given.
  3. Added the tidypics latest photos widget
  4. Added the tidypics album widget
  5. Added the Event Calendar widget
  6. Added 3 more layouts:  index_2rbms : 2 rows, [Big] - [Medium, Small], index_2rsbm : 2 rows, [Big] - [Small, Medium],  index_2rbhh  : 2 rows, [Big] - [Half, Half]


  • Nixon, there's already a similar plugin that I created some time ago - the vazco_mainpage. It generates widgets that are not ajax-based, thus more SEO - friendly (right now around 25 widget types and 15 configuration options are supported).






  • vazco,  it's FxNion (like François-Xavier NION) and not Nixon.  This pluggin is not as complex as the one you tell me about. I plan a few more capabilities, asked for my company, but not too much in fact.

    My main goal is to be the nearest as possible of  Elgg functionnalities, not create new ones but use the ones available in the core.  Very funny in fact, as you certainly experienced before me.

  • RT @Nixon Your plugin works not very well with 1.6 version. There is CSS issue. And, this plugin more flexible, because has different widget sizes.

  • RT @Fx Nion This one much better! I still have a issue with 'wire posts'. They work only for administrator, not for members. Can you fix it?  And, you discribed about a few widgets:

    1. Added the tidypics latest photos widget
    2. Added the tidypics album widget
    3. Added the Event Calendar widget

    I don't see these widgets anywhere! May be I missed something?

    Thanks! Anyway, it's a good job!

  • Serge, happy to see than things are going better for you.

    For the tidypics (album and photos) and events calendar, in order to see the corresponding widgets  you must have installed thes pluggins and activated them. I tested with tiddypics 1.6.2 and eventCalendar 0.8. Is it right for you ?

    For the 'wire posts', i don't understand. I you mean post made to the wire, i didn"t take this into account in the developpment. If you mean other thing,  may be verify than you put the Access to public in the widget setting (second part of the edit page, clicking "Modify" on the widget incriminated.

  • FxNion, sorry for the mistake in You nickname...  I guess fast-reading beat me this time ;)

  • vazco, your welcome. It sounded like the name of a president, very curious ...

  • Thanks, FxNion for quick answer! I got it, about those widgets. About 'wire posts', for example: I have two accounts; one is admin, another is public member. When I make two different posts on 'the wire'; one is from admin account, other from public member account, and then I logout to see the main page, I can see only admin wire post on the main page without wire post of other(public) member. Your wire post widget has option of 6 latest wire posts. It would be nice to see 6 latest wire posts of public members. I have only admin posts as I discribed above. Thanks!

  • Hmmm, so i will have to investigate about the wire, because i didn't take it into account in these dev. May be a special widget for the wire would be the solution. I gonna take a look in this way.

  • Fx Nion, how can I use this plugin to create a 'homepage' for logged users only while I keep my current custom index as the frontpage for everybody?


  • @ antifmradio. I am going to try that.

    I in fact would like to redirect users to this plugin index as I feel it's more suited for logged users.

    However, I believe as it is now, this plugin conflicts with Custom Index. Enabling this plugin requires that Custom Index be disabled.

  • I have a problem with this with a SocializeMe theme i've modified...
    On the main/index page, certain widgets are messed up that i've added, they do not look how they are meant to.
    See here...

    As you can see the boarders and other stuff is messed up... the one of the left looks completely wrong.
    Can you point me to the file that is messing up the theme and making the widgets look wrong? I suspect i just need to remove some code...

  • @Beany: mod\custom_index_widgets\views\default\custom_index_widgets\css.php can help you for generals layout.

    In your case, prefer first to edit the widget correpsonding view.php file and try to remove the inde_box wrapper around the echoed datas.

  • @Sem: Yes, you have to deactivate the default custom index to use the widgeted one. I wrote it in the pluggin description above i think.

  • @Serge: I wrote a specfic widget for the wire posts which handle your remark. Il will furnish it in the next release soon.

  • Thanks Fx thats fixed it.
    I've found what seems to be a bug, a bit like The Wire posts bug... with the Latest Photos widget, when i logout, i cannot see the latest photos anymore, even though i've set it to Public. Also when i'm logged in and can see the Latest Photos, the widget only displays 3 photos in each row. So if the widget is in anything but a Small row, theres lots of wasted space because of there being only 3 pics in each row, the pics do not span the whole widget.
    Lastly when i the row setup something like Big - Medium, Medium, the Login box appears under the Big row, instead of on top of it.

  • Thanks, Fx Nion! You're doing great job!!!

  • Did someone experience trouble when upgrading from a vorsion to a newer one ? I erpsonnaly had some, resolved when saving and clearing filed cache but too many time in my opinion.

    As i am preparing the next release, i wonder if i could avoid these trouble in the future.

    So, let me know what did you encounter from which release install to another, and what did you do to be happy ?

Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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