Custom index with widgets v1.0

Release Notes

From the excellent Custom Index plugin, this one provides you an easy way to customise your index with widgets.

I included the widget relevant to the latest entries : news, member, blog, files, bookmarks, pages.

For the moment i recommend to use it in an intranet configuration, because of the ajax way to render the content (Google won't like). If someon knows the tip to render the content of a widget in the server site, let me know.

I prepared differents layouts, based upon a simple combination of three areas. Each layouts is used both for the configuration of the widgets you want in your page and the rendering of the pages. The names follow a simple scheme convention explained here:

  • index_2rmsb : 2 rows, [Medium, Small] - [Big]
  • index_2rsmb : 2 rows, [Small, Medium] - [Big]
  • index_2rhhb  : 2 rows, [Half, Half] - [Big]
  • index_1rsss   : 1 row, [Small, Small, Small]

To use,

  1. Deactivate the Custom index, if it was activated
  2. Activate the Custom index widgets under the admin tools, choose a layout in the settings, save.
  3. Go to the admin menu (Customize index), drag and drop you widgets on the areas, save.
  4. Under the edit zone, click on the customises button of the widget, and take care to make the access public for which you want to be seen by anyone not logged. That's it.

May be you will need to delete the view cached files under your elgg data directory.

French and English Translation given.


The settings



  • Betty Jones

    just want to say......woww.....  will test it soon.. and reply you back...

  • Caramba!

    voce me surpriendeu!

    Mto bom esse pluguin!



    " <!-- output the actual comment --> just want to say......woww....."

  • this looks amazing!  can't wait to test it

  • Thanks all :)

    I noticed a little bug i will corect on the next release. It appear whe saving the widget boxes.  Thes whor are on the are2 and are3 disapear.

    Don't matter, for whom who are impatient, you can anticipate and do the little correction by your own on the file views\default\custom_index_widgets\edit.php

    Around line 90 Replace

    $middlecolumn_widgets = array();
    $area_widget_list = $area2widgets;


    $middlecolumn_widgets = array();
    $area_widget_list = $area3widgets; // Bug corrected in 1.1

    and around line 102 replace

    $rightcolumn_widgets = array();
    $area_widget_list = $area3widgets;


    $rightcolumn_widgets = array();
    $area_widget_list = $area2widgets; // Bug corrected in 1.1


  • Great mod !

    Your patch fixes the mix between area2 and 3 as you save in admin (just after save, the 2 areas are switched when the patch is not applied). But the two areas are still scrambled in front (on my test server, using any template).

    Also, bookmarks widget seems to list members instead.

    I am trying to make events (from Kevin) and videos (from Izap) to be draggable as well.



  • Thank you for all these nice comments !

    Effectively, i made a mismatch between the areas, i tried to fix it too quickly but it was in vain. Sorry.

    Il will publish the 1.1 probably today, thanks Mato for the bookmarks bug.

Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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