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An easy way to configure your home page with severals layouts and widgets.

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Customize your home page without any line of code : drag and drop widgets in one of the seven predefined layouts, and that's all.

I included in the widget displaying the latest entries for the following topics:

  • news,
  • member,
  • blog,
  • files,
  • bookmarks( use my enhanced bookmark plugin, it's nice),
  • pages,
  • tidypics,
  • wire posts,
  • events,
  • rich media content, (new in 1.5)
  • free content, (new in 1.5)
  • Rss (you need to activate the simplepie plugin).
  • tasks (new in 1.7)
  • River activity (nex in 1.7)
  • Generic widget based on the subtypes you could have new in( 1.7)
  • Izap_video widget (new in 1.8, thanks to Anna Bitanga)
  • tag_cloud widget (new in 1.8)
  • Box Style (new in 2.2)
  • Guest Only display(new in 2.2)
  • Social NetWork Share (new in 2.2)

You can customise the datas get by the wdidgets in sevrals ways:

  • Access: Common to Elgg philosophy. The datas will be displayed according to their access level needed and the user current status.
  • Categories: Using the wide category pluggin, for contents concerned. The datas will be displayed with their tagging correspondance to the ones set for the widget.
  • Number of items displayed. No comment.
  • Style of display: You can either display the list style or a more detailled view.
  • Group: For contents which can be correctly brought by group. The datas displayed will be the one attached to the selected group.
  • Widget title: Replace on the main page the default generic widget title.

Since version 1.3, th plugin doesn't use no more the ajax calls, so the page is built on the server side and all things will be visible for any search engines. Even Rss ...

I prepared differents layouts, based upon a simple combination of three areas. Each layouts is used both for the configuration of the widgets you want in your page and the rendering of the pages. The names follow a simple scheme convention explained here:

  • index_2rmsb : 2 rows, [Medium, Small] - [Big]
  • index_2rsmb : 2 rows, [Small, Medium] - [Big]
  • index_2rhhb  : 2 rows, [Half, Half] - [Big]
  • index_1rsss   : 1 row, [Small, Small, Small]
  • index_2rbms : 2 rows, [Big] - [Medium, Small]  -- Added in 1.2
  • index_2rsbm : 2 rows, [Big] - [Small, Medium] -- Added in 1.2
  • index_2rbhh  : 2 rows, [Big] - [Half, Half] -- Added in 1.2

I prepared this plugin for two reasons:

  • Be more nicely visible for Search engine, and do just not put a loggin box on the index.
  • Be abble to deal with elgg datas on the main page without any line of code needed.

To use,

  1. Deactivate the Custom index, if it was activated
  2. Activate the Custom index widgets under the admin tools, choose a layout in the settings, save.
  3. Go to the admin menu (Customize index), drag and drop you widgets on the areas, save.
  4. Under the edit zone, click on the customises button of the widget, and take care to make the access public for which you want to be seen by anyone not logged. That's it.

Important : The widget is made for use with the REAL admin account, i don't know what happen if you use it with an "user made admin" account.

May be you will need to delete the view cached files under your elgg data directory.

French, English ,Spanish and German Translation given.

Since version 2.5 , there is non no more table in layout, SEO in mind, all is replaced by div tags. I also added a responsive behaviour for mobile devices and a fluid / fixed layout. Both behaviours can be activated in the settings panel.


Finally, if you want to make me feel happy, because you are so happy using this plugin, it's easy : just recommend it ;)


Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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  • Category: Widgets
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-10-13
  • Downloads: 32492
  • Recommendations: 57

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