Facebook Sync (Facebook Connect) v1.0

Release Notes

*** Make sure you read the readme.txt in the zip to know where to get the Facebook API key. Also make sure to put the API key under the settings in the tool administrator***


About the Plugin

The Elgg Facebook plugin allows your existing users to login to their account on your site using Facebook, and new users to create an account using Facebook. It also allows users to disconnect from Facebook which follows Facebook's TOS so your developer account won't get banned.

Your existing users will be given the option to sync their current account with their Facebook account, or the option to not sync and create a new account using their Facebook login. 

The plugin pulls the following from Facebook:

  • Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Hometown
  • Interests
  • About Me
  • Latest Status

Once a user is registered with Facebook they can login to your site any time by clicking on the connect with Facebook button(s).

The plugin asks users for an email address to cross reference exisiting users as well as being able to store their email address since Facebook doesn't give that information out. 

Then if you want to sync accounts it asks for your existing password so no one can hijack your account.


What's New

Admin settings give you the options to change the login landing page, change text in each dialog box for new user registration and the ability to set the width and height of the downloaded Facebook dashboard image and the topbar image (this doesn't mean you can change the default Elgg avatars, but images from Facebook will have your size settings).


New Installation

  • Copy fbconnect folder to the mods folder
  • Enable plugin
  • Input API and Secret keys
  • Modify any settings you wish


  • Disable the fbconnect plugin
  • Delete the plugin folder
  • Copy over the new fbconnect plugin to the mods folder
  • Activate the fbconnect plugin
  • Input API and Secret keys
  • Modify any settings you wish


Support & Issues

If you have and issues with the plugin please comment, we do not officially support this plugin but we will try to help anyone who has an issue.

If you find any bugs please also report them here as well as any fixes and we will incorporate them into the next release.

Feature requests will be considered as well.


Screen Shots

Settings Page


Verify Email


Sync Accounts


Verify Password


Confirmation Notice


Email Received


  • I'm getting the same thing as jagadish. I created the app on facebook and got my API key and secret. Do I just have to wait, or is this something I can fix myself?

  • Okay, I'm tired, so forgive my stupidity, but I forgot to fill in all the settings. Jagadish, you have to edit your setting on the application. Especially the "Connect" category. That's where your problem is coming from.

  • Hi - about to try this out. Looks good - particularly like the "Check it out" screen giving you those options.

    BTW - the


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.

    error looks like it is from the web server and mean you have not given the server permission to read the files.

  • @Springs Hosting or anyone else who knows - once the user connects with Facebook (this plugin), is it possible to have an integration such as - when the user posts something in Elgg's wall it will also post it to his Facebook's wall? and such...?


  • Hi, really great work - thank you!

    I had the following issue: I got a white page, showing only a url: ../_graphics/temp.jpg
    If you have this, you should check the write permissions to the /_graphics directory at your elgg installation. Normally this could be not writable.
    But: is it good to use this fix name for a temp image? What about temp.jpg, if another application would use the same file or if two users are connectiong at the same moment?

    But however ist works well for now. If you want to check out, here is a playground:
    (I set this site up 2 days ago for all elgg issues, I would enjoy if a lot of people would join us. I will blog my problems and solutions with elgg there.)

    More questions:
    First time I created the account with sync. Then deleted the user. Then created again without sync. Deleted. And now I never get the question for syncing. What's going on?

    In facebook application setting you have the options for Friend Linking Access. Are they relevant?

    If I logout from elgg, I will be logged out from facebook at the same time. This is not what I would expect, can I change this behaviour?


  • At the "check it out" form, if I press the "sync my facebook account" I put the password and it always says to me I put it wrong, and if I put "Create a separate account" (the action is http://localhost/elgg1.6.1/action/fbconnect/addemail) it sends me to a blank page.

    Did somebody have the same problem?
    Thanks in advance!

  • I'm having the same problems. And I can't change the email message that is sent out to users either.

  • I am having the same issue some have mentioned before when

    403 Forbidden


    You don't have permission to access /mod/fbconnect/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    It is a bit unclear from the readme if the root of the site should be used as the "Connect" and "Account Preview" URL - in my case www.pohdev.com

    or the URL for the plugin www.pohdev.com/mod/fbconnect/

    Right now this is how i have it setup

    Connect URL - http://www.pohdev.com/mod/fbconnect/

    Account Preview - http://www.pohdev.com/mod/fbconnect/

    base domain - blank

    account reclemation - blank

    Does this make sense? should it be different?

    It seems as if the plugin simply forwards to http://www.pohdev.com/mod/fbconnect/ after which the following is added


    Is it trying to reference a specific file in the directory? should i include a file name in the connect URL ?

    Not quite sure what to do to solve this

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    P.S. - it does not seem to be a permissions issue since they are fine for that specific directory, simply the plugin referencing a directory instead of a specific file (as far as i can tell at least)


  • @Steve do you have the same problem I had? How is the current message that is sending?

    @stantz did you put the API Key and API Secret?



    • You can't cancel the process once it has started. There is no "x" box in the right hand corner of the windows.
    • It instantly creates your profile before you have even verified your information.
    • It posts a blank message to the wire everytime you login
    • You can create a seperate account but it doesnt give you a way to delete the "facebook" account so you end up with two profiles.
    • It asks for a password and no matter what password I use it just doesn't and keeps me in a never ending loop because I can't cancel the process. I just have to close my browser and start over.


  • Hi Steve et al,  I have had this plugin on my site for a while and several elggsters have tried it out... and I have to agree with your observations... if Springs Hosting is going to do any further work on this, the list above would be a good start for a "to do" list.

  • Hi, yes, I agree with @Mark Bridges and @Steve. I just saw a plugin (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/westor/read/408894/westors-deleteme) that can help with the topic about having two profiles.

    I think the main problem of the plugin is when a user that have already signed in logs in with the fbconnect because the plugin detects the email (this is when you try to sync Accounts). I commented the line 222 (thewire_save_post($fbprofile['status']['message'], ACCESS_PUBLIC, 0, 'facebook');) and then I think solved the problem but I guess I have to continue testing it.


  • Hi @gushbellino, thanks for the tip and please do let us know how your testing goes... we are all interested!  I will make your mod too and see how it goes as well and report back anything I find.  Thanks ;)

  • Someone having problems with elgg 1.7 too? I had to change tho action link to work with elgg 1.7.

    @springs hosting: is this plugin still in further development? Will you publish a new release in the near future, where some of the issues are fixed? Please see my last entry.


  • I want to install this on my new 1.7 elgg install but now I am thinking I'll wait until I know it works on 1.7.

  • nice plugins. i've tried it out on my demo site. however this plugin didnt pull my fb avatar when i log in. using dave plugins it works. any idea?

  • If someone wants to make it work in 1.7, this hint may help:

    Look at mod/fbconnect/views/default/login.php


    I changed in Javascript:


    <script type="text/javascript">
    function facebook_onlogin() {
    document.location.href = "<?php echo elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url($vars['url'] . 'action/fbconnect/login') ?>";


  • would really love to see this in 1.7

  • and would love to see this working well with profile manager, that'll be just amazing!!!

  • my error

    Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    I changed the login.php as what westor said. I'm using elgg 1.7

  • maybe it's missing some security tokens?

    echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken');

  • i have a problem, it goes on and ask me to signin using facebook and then asks for username and password for the site..... why not just use facebook and automatically log to the site if the user has chosen to use facebook and clicked the signin using faceboook.

    and it keeps on telling me that unable to create account after I choose sync and enter my email and pass....

    I'm using 1.7 


  • Category: Authentication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 9273
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