Facebook Sync (Facebook Connect) v1.0

Release Notes

*** Make sure you read the readme.txt in the zip to know where to get the Facebook API key. Also make sure to put the API key under the settings in the tool administrator***


About the Plugin

The Elgg Facebook plugin allows your existing users to login to their account on your site using Facebook, and new users to create an account using Facebook. It also allows users to disconnect from Facebook which follows Facebook's TOS so your developer account won't get banned.

Your existing users will be given the option to sync their current account with their Facebook account, or the option to not sync and create a new account using their Facebook login. 

The plugin pulls the following from Facebook:

  • Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Hometown
  • Interests
  • About Me
  • Latest Status

Once a user is registered with Facebook they can login to your site any time by clicking on the connect with Facebook button(s).

The plugin asks users for an email address to cross reference exisiting users as well as being able to store their email address since Facebook doesn't give that information out. 

Then if you want to sync accounts it asks for your existing password so no one can hijack your account.


What's New

Admin settings give you the options to change the login landing page, change text in each dialog box for new user registration and the ability to set the width and height of the downloaded Facebook dashboard image and the topbar image (this doesn't mean you can change the default Elgg avatars, but images from Facebook will have your size settings).


New Installation

  • Copy fbconnect folder to the mods folder
  • Enable plugin
  • Input API and Secret keys
  • Modify any settings you wish


  • Disable the fbconnect plugin
  • Delete the plugin folder
  • Copy over the new fbconnect plugin to the mods folder
  • Activate the fbconnect plugin
  • Input API and Secret keys
  • Modify any settings you wish


Support & Issues

If you have and issues with the plugin please comment, we do not officially support this plugin but we will try to help anyone who has an issue.

If you find any bugs please also report them here as well as any fixes and we will incorporate them into the next release.

Feature requests will be considered as well.


Screen Shots

Settings Page


Verify Email


Sync Accounts


Verify Password


Confirmation Notice


Email Received


  • thanks fr upgrades can you please tell me what were the bugs in the prvious version


  • Hello, when I put fbconnect folder in the mod folder then I enable the plugin it states "fbconnect is a misconfigured plugin".  Any suggestions?



  • In FireFox 3.6b5 the "Connect with Facebook" button is just showing as text. In Google Chrome it is showing as a working button. Any fixes?

  • not really sure what this plug-in really does.  i successfully installed the plug-in and linked an account to facebook from my fatwow.com site.  I never did receive any type of confirmation e-mail.

  • Thanks for this, very useful.  Just a couple of things I've found.

    Although the 'Name' and 'Location' and profile picture are updating, the rest of the profile isn't.

    Also, everytime you log in, also, the Wire post updates with your Facebook status, which is cool except if you haven't changed it and you log in again, it repeats it.  Same with your profile pic - shows up as changing your profile pic on the River again.

    If you'd like to see what I mean, http://www.skyskratcher.com.





  • i really like this plugin but i think user are getting confused. Why do we need the sync account window and verifiy password window.

    i think it should be a simple 1-2 process

    1, click on facebook connect and pull all info

    2, pop up window ask user email  (so that we have an email to contact the user), this only happens the first time they login/creat account

    All other feature should be secondary, such as sync account etc, they should not be in a popup form when user first register. This is way to many options as a user creates an account

  • lady11yi what version of elgg are you using?

    igbram, actually the code creating the buttons comes from the facebook javascript api, i would suggest checking their issue queue to see if there are any reported issues with that version of FF.

    cofelice there is quite a bit of information at the top about what this does rtm.

    skyskratcher, this plugin only pulls the information listed above, if your looking to update information that isnt listed above you will need to modify the update_facebook function in the start.php file. if your account is created solely from your facebook account and is not synced with an existing account, your account will be updated based on cron runs, or when you login, this is a fully synced facebook account, if you look on the settings for your user it will tell you this. if you do not sync the account you will recieve an email update, however if you sync with an existing account an email is not required because your user is already activated, has a login and password.

    nadiab the option to set what the user see's in the dialog boxes was partially due to your request, if you feel your users are confused use this option to explain better what is going on. this plugin complies with the tos for facebook's connect api, it has options to sync users in order to provide the greater user base with more options, there is a facebook connect plugin that does just create a new account without any options, i recommend that if you need a more simplified version for your users. however if u read above you will see that if a user does not have an existing account or does not opt for to sync their accounts a new one will be created skipping the password request.


  • Thanks for the response, but I think you may have missed the fundamental points.  About Me is in the list above, but that's not syncing.

    The other issue is that if you log out and log back in, even if your status on Facebook and Profile pic remain the same, it posts a River notice that you have changed your profile pic (again) and a Wire message with your staus (again).  If you were to log out and in again multiple times without ever acctually changing anything on Facebook, you just get a long list of repeated messages in the river and the wire.  Does this make sense?

    Its not an error as such, just what I perceive as a fault in the way it works.  Renders it kind of isuable for me unfortunately because once lots of users are using it, it will just will up the pages with repeated garbage. 

    Thanks again for your time,


  • skyskratcher: We'll make sure to include that fix in the next version coming out fairly soon, just need to incorporate some of the other options and we'll release a fix for that, we're including a k.i.s. option, keeping it simple for those users who want to create new users for facebook only and dont want the sync option.

    if you have any other ideas or find any more bugs please let us know here :)

  • Thanks for the Quick Response :) Here's what I found after poking arround online:

    "Moving the FeatureLoader and Initializing Javascript from after the body tags to just before the login button code causes the login button to actually render, and be clickable.  It wasn't before (in Firefox, only).  However, in Firefox, clicking it reloads the page without popping up a login window."

    Does that give you any ideas on how we could fix the issue?

  • Can the kiss be an admin feature instead of a user featuer.

    Please detail the KISS feature before implementing it

  • @spring hosting

    look at how techcrunch uses facebook connect. http://bit.ly/67XQGK link at the bottom and see how easy it is to log in with there facebook connect. A lot of user are use to this kind of login and it would be great if you had such an easy option. The only thing that is missing is the email address window

    <!--Session data-->

  • Is there a site where I can try it?


  • We're taking off for christmas, so we'll let you know about updates next week. happy holidays everyone!

  • @spring hosting.. a few people have tried this out on my site now... and every time they do, it makes two empty posts to the wire from Facebook.  This seems to be unnecessary noise.  How can this behaviour be changed please?

  • Hey, very nice!  I tried it on Mark Bridges site.  Noticed that my FB status got put in twice, just FYI.  Thanks for the hard work. It's great.

  • Thanks for the work.  I am new to elgg and definately this plugin will help pull users who concurrently use facebook at the same time

  • I am getting this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function fbconnect_client() in /**/**/public_html/mod/fbconnect/actions/login.php on line 2

  • when i click Connect with Facebook button  i am getting a error like this  " Connect with Facebook Invalid argument The Facebook Connect cross-domain receiver URL (http://thedomainname.com/mod/fbconnect/xd_receiver.html#fname=_opener&%7B%22t%22%3A3%2C%22h%22%3A%22fbCancelLogin%22%2C%22sid%22%3A%220.019%22%7D) must have the application's Connect URL (http://www.thedomainname.com/) as a prefix. You can configure the Connect URL in the Application Settings Editor.


    can you pls any help me

  • on the firefox and IE getting this error "


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


  • Anyone else getting the

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function fbconnect_client() in /**/**/public_html/mod/fbconnect/actions/login.php on line 2

  • function "fbconnect_client()" exists in start.php, did you look there ? so you cannot be getting that error ;-)

  • hi,

    getting the following error,

    Error while loading page from fbconnect

    fbconnect is under construction. Please try again later.

    please help, how to fix this?

    thanks and regards,



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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