CKEditor - Replaces TinyMCE v1.0

Release Notes

The issues with having multiple instances of CKEditor running on the same page problem are fixed. Let me know if you find any other bugs, there is an error with the developer edition of google chrome, but that has to do with the browser itself, this has been tested with firefox, IE, and the non-dev version of google chrome.

Also Included support for Blogs and the Save Draft Feature.The save draft will save your draft for the blog entry your editing, if you leave to do something else, as long as its the same session (ie you dont log out) it will still be there when you go back.If you go to edit a different blog post and save that draft the other draft changes will be lost.

  • It certainly appears that this plugin has been abandoned.

  • Found the problem with Version 1.7.1 and CKEditor.

    Looks like the upload function does not work because it requires the action tokens.

    Fixed it by replacing the last few lines of ..views/default/input/longtext.php

    You can see the code I added:

    $rand = mt_rand();

    $ts = time();

    $token = generate_action_token($ts);




    echo '<textarea name="'.$vars['internalname'].'">'.$textval.'</textarea>

                    <script type="text/javascript">


                    CKEDITOR.config.language = \'en\';




                    var editor'.$rand.' = CKEDITOR.replace( \''.$vars['internalname'].'\',  {

            toolbar : \'Fullest'.$rand.'\',

            uiColor : \'#9AB8F3\',

            filebrowserUploadUrl : \''.$CONFIG->url.'action/CKEditor/upload?__elgg_ts='.$ts.


        } );




  • when i use this plugin for uploading flash files i couldn't obtain any results 

    i tried to add afolder named " flahes " to my site directory and uploaded the flashes to it and choose the flash icon from the editor and add the url of the flasah as :;

    i see the flash in the preview but when save i couldn't find it !!!!!! 

    any suggestions 


  • i disable timymce but i can not enable this plugin. I'm using ELGG 1.7.3

    Anybody can help me to solve this problem.

  • i've uploaded this to an 1.7.7 elgg installation..

    the editor shows ok..

    however, text formatting is stripped out and there appears to be issues with uploaded images being accessible by all site visitors.. i'm still looking as to why.. if anyone knows then please let me know



    delete ?

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  • My Elgg-1.7.8 says "misconfigurated plugin" when I enable it.

  • Great plugin Thanks alot. One question, how can I extend the characters menu, I need to add more mathematical symbols to the editor. Thanks

  • Great plugin Thanks alot. One question, how can I extend the characters menu, I need to add more mathematical symbols to the editor. Thanks

  • I am having a strange problem with the plugin. When I try to edit a blog entry it deletes everything when I click publish. Please help

  • Ive installed it on elgg 1.8 and it works fine.

  • How can I embed video with this editor? no flash, a youtube url for example.


  • Hello,

    I just installed CKEditor on our elgg 1.8 system. It seems to work really well - the only things I fixed was to substitute deprecated methods with their replacements. I also updated CKEditor itself.

    The basic features seem to work perfectly well, but it doesn't create multiple instances. To be more specific, in TidyPic's batch-description feature, only the first longtext-input field is a CKEditor instance.

    I'd be thankful for any ideas!

    Best Regards

  • Hello again,

    sorry - I forgot to add the error-msg:

    uncaught exception: The editor instance "caption[]" is already attached to the provided element.

    Best regards,


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 6392
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