CKEditor - Replaces TinyMCE v0.1 Beta

Release Notes

About the Plugin

CKEditor is a fully re-written version of FCKEditor. This editor replaces TinyMCE and allows users to upload images through the editor.

When an image is uploaded it creates a file in the file plugin under that user. We are using this on a lives site that doesn't use the files plugin but if you do and you don't want images clogging it up then this might not be for you.

*** This plugin works fine with a Elgg install on a dedicated server but some people experience issues on shared hosting. ***


  • Disable TinyMCE
  • Upload CKEditor into the mods folder
  • Enable CKEditor in the tools administration


Support & Issues

If you have and issues with the plugin please comment, we do not officially support this plugin but we will try to help anyone who has an issue.

If you find any bugs please also report them here as well as any fixes and we will incorporate them into the next release.

Feature requests will be considered as well.

This plugin is currently running on a live site on a dedicated server with no issues but we are marking it as beta until we get more people to test it out.


Screen Shots

What the Editor Looks Like


Uploading an Image


Image Properties


Right Clicking Images in the Editor


Blog Post with Image


  • Wonderful. We can finally have images on blog posts! This is exactly what was needed to make Elgg blogging more like real blogging...

  • Excellent plugin, works though out site this is w real bust to elgg blogging.

  • Works great, but as you do mention it can clog up the files plugin. Could there be a way to mask any uploads from ckeditor so they don't show up when browsing files?

    Also just out of interest - why ckeditor and not fck?

  • Get an error when trying to configure ckeditor - page title is set as <title>Community: <div id="content_area_user_title"><h2>Configure CKEditor</h2></div></title>

    and no options appear.

  • I have the same problem you have Jimbob :(

  • well, the file admin.php in views/default/fckeditor/forms is empty ... so it's normal nothing appears ...

  • This is simply fantastic!  Works a treat!

  • Hello Jimbob, there wasn't any configuration options built in yet, this is just an initial version, we wanted to make sure people were having success with it first, we were thinking about putting in some options on what menu's to show, but first we just wanted to get this out there so we could get some feedback.

    the reason its CKEditor and not FCKEditor is because fckeditor is now ckeditor :D, this is the most recent version of the ckeditor.

    as far as not showing the files uploaded by each user that would have to be an option someone built, it would go both ways as far as users wanting the option to show uploaded images for posts and those who dont. you could change upload.php to have the subtype say something besides file and then restrict the output for the files view for that subtype...

    the admin area is in there to allow others or us to provide any administrative settings that people thought were useful to add on.

  • not work with htmlawed 

    no img added

    no smiley added =(

  • Hi Springs Hosting,

    Tried it out, but unfortunately the embed/upload button didn't work anymore. And also, editing posts fails, sometimes the editor won't display.

    Uddhava dasa

  • Is it possible to have a video player on elgg?

  • Does this work okay with 1.5?

  • Kulikov - htmlawed doesnt really work with any of the editors, it strips all html tags, so formatting wont work. you have to have that disabled to use any of the editors.

    uddhava - did it ever work? what type of hosting do you have, there are known errors with hosting, php needs to be able to edit your _graphics folder, check in your _graphics folder and see if there is a temp.jpg file, if not then your php instance doesnt have permissions to write to your _graphics folder, try changing the permissions on that folder to enable to write to the folder.

    webnovice - there are several video plugins, you can link swf files into your posts using the ckeditor flash button.

    jededitor - i am not sure, i would say yes however due to the fact that the developers don't conscientiously maintain backwards compatibility with their functions its hard to say whether anything is ever backward/forward compatible, you should be able to use the ckeditor, and even uploading images (on 1.5, i didn't use any function calls that i know of that did not exist in 1.5, syntax could be off though) should be ok, but i would say test it and please come back here and let us know how you fared so we can let the rest of the community know.

  • Hello,

    I love this new editor ! Only problem is with static pages : it is only loaded once, on the second textarea. On the first one (where you can edit the lefthand block of the front page) it simply doesn't show.

  • Hello mato,

    thanks for posting the bug, I recreated the issue by having to fulltext boxes and no doubt, so in release 1.0 that'll be fixed, it shouldn't take too long, we're trying to get more info on the users who cant use the uploader, but so far there has only been one post, were working on some extra functionality too, but some of that might have to wait till 1.1 since multiple fulltext boxes not showing up is a big issue.

  • 2 minor problems:

    - with Safari, pictures of CKE (copy, table...) don't load

    - with Kaltura plugin, it's impossible to add a video in CKE


    I have a problems eg with writing blog posts on my Elgg (1.6.1)

    - When i try to insert a eg picture , the picture dont show up in the blog post
    - When i try to format the text eg. "Bold", the txt dont show up "bolded" after saving

    Any help on this please?

  • I noticed if you put smiely faces on the blogs it does not show up on the main page.  The main page displays the actual HTML code of the smiley face.

  • I notice that "embed/upload media" already allows adding images to blog posts. Is there inherently an advantage to doing this via the ckeditor instead?



  • we are having problems when there are multiple editors on a single page (e.g. in group discussions where you can add a new posting or edit an existing).

    this changed version of longtext.php seems to fix the issue:

        global $CONFIG;
        global $ckeditor_js_loaded;
        $input = rand(0,9999);
        if (!isset($ckeditor_js_loaded)) $ckeditor_js_loaded = false;

        if (!$ckeditor_js_loaded) {
            echo '<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$CONFIG->url.'mod/CKEditor/ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script>';
            //add in the javascript code to fool the *hardcoded calls to tinyMCE...sigh
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    var tinymce = {
            _init : function() {},
            triggerSave : function() {}

    var tinyMCE = tinymce._init();


            $ckeditor_js_loaded = true;

    echo '<textarea name="'.$vars['internalname'].'">'.$vars['value'].'</textarea>
                <script type="text/javascript">
            var editor_'.$vars['internalname'].' = CKEDITOR.replace( \''.$vars['internalname'].'\',  {
            toolbar : \'Fullest\',
            uiColor : \'#9AB8F3\',
            filebrowserUploadUrl : \''.$CONFIG->url.'action/CKEditor/upload\'
        } );


  • When I try to upload a SWF file, nothing happens after I click "Send it to the server". The same form reappears, and if I click OK it alerts me the URL must not be empty. Is there a permission I need to check somewhere? This is happening on more than one instance (one running 1.5, the other 1.7/trunk)

  • Issues with autosave and site preformance with this version of an editor.

    autosave a normal function of the blog plugin will autosave "title", "body", "tags'.  With this editor the autsave function will be disabled in the "body".  After reverting back to TinyMCE the function still did return.  Disabling all editors set the blog default text editor also did not return the autosave function.

    We backed up the blog folder and deleted the blog plugin from the mod folder.  We then uploaded a fresh (clean) copy of the blog plugin.  The autosave function then returned.  We tested to check and after enabling CKEditor the autosave function of the blog plugin was then lost again, however after disabling the CKEditor the autosave function did return.

    We also noticed an over all sitewide increase of site load speed after disabling this plugin.

    We recommend all that have enabled this plugin to test the autosave within blog.




  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 6392
  • Recommendations: 5

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