Celebrations (before: List user celebrations like birthday and others) v0.2

Release Notes

NOTE: I have no tested it in diferent situations, it's for test purpose, and it is the first version.

This plugin is to see the users celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries,....

You should use Kevin's form and flexprofile plugin because I haven't tested it with the core personalization profile fields, but maybe it works.

This plugin adds some field types to the profile form that is generated by the flexprofile plugin of Kevin.

At the moment I have defined the field type:

- "date" with three pulldowns for the day, month and year to avoid the use of calendar input for old dates

- "feast date" a particular date with two pulldowns with day and month (in some countries like spain you celebrate the date of your name's saint)

Then you can create profile fields like "birthday", "feastday" and "dieday".

If you use these names then the widget and the plugin can show these dates. In a future I want to add a marriage field.

In your "tools" menu appears a "view celebrations" option where you select the month, then you obtain a list with all the celebrations for this month

You can put the widget in your profile page with the celebrations of the day.


I haven't defined css specific styles for this plugin, you can see it with your theme and improve it. I apreciates if you send me css examples.

I'm not a code generator, I'm a user with certain php knowledge. This plugin works for me but maybe it's not the best code.

Any suggestions, bugs, improvements and comments are welcome.


1. intall the folder celebrations inside mod directory

2. install the kevin plugin (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/kevin/read/97061/form-and-related-plugins-for-elgg-15-and-higher)

3. createa profile form with this plugin (read the instructions because rewrite the elgg profile fields)

4. create the fields "birthday" and "dieday" with "date" type

5. create the field "feastday" with "feast day" type

Changes for release 0.2

- Change date by gmdate
- Correct some errors with feast celebrations
- Improve user experience with less screens
- Submenu added with the month's list
- Corrected some language errors
- Added icon and profile link for every user
- Corrected a double closed of select tag

Todo list
- Email reminders for the next celebrations
- Add a new relationships between users (marriages)
- Page with the next celebrations

  • Working great Fernando, i approached it somewhat differently keeping (date)instead of gmdate, but i like your updated version much better since you call the icon  function for entitys and linked them to their corresponding profiles, good job, working fine for me, thanks.

  • If i wanted to have just one pulldown menu dor the 'year' only how do i do that ?

  • @Optimus

    You need to create a new field type.

    You must edit the models/field_types_extended.php and add the new field, then you need to create the input and output view for this field.

    You can copy and adapt one of the others views and delete the unused pulldowns and the associate javascript.

    If you are using flexprofile I recommend you to create a pulldown field with it, then you don't need to code a new field type.


  • Thx for the reply fernando, prob is i'm not a programmer man, but i'll give it a try. Of course any help would be very very appreciated :)

  • @ Optimus

    If you aren't a programmer, then your best solution is to use the flexprofile and form plugin by Kevin Jardine, it has the field pulldown possibility.

  • Hello partners! i am having problems installing this plugin maybe i am not doing it ok

    could you help me?

    i paste it in elgg/mod/celebrationsthen i am goint to the admin panel to activate it and some error happens and my elgg dissapered i have to delete celebrations from my folders to fixed

    what i am doing wrong? thanks for this plugin and for your help

  • @mylamilagros

    I supose that the problem is an incompatibility with other plugin. What have you installed?

    Test to send the plugin to the bootom plugin list, have you created the needed fields?



  • @mylamilagros

    you can read it in the plugin information.


    1. install the kevin plugin (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/kevin/read/97061/form-and-related-plugins-for-elgg-15-and-higher)

    2. createa profile form with this plugin (read the instructions because rewrite the elgg profile fields)

    3. create the fields "birthday" and "dieday" with "date" type

    4. create the field "feastday" with "feast day" type

    that's it

  • Fernando muchisismas gracias! pude activar el plugin :)

    Fernando thanks a lot i could activate the plugin :)

  • Fernando i could install bouth plugins (kevin`s and yours) but i still can't have a relationship between plugins....the name of form  have to be celebrations o something like that? or i have to modified something in the code of celebrations, thanks again

    last question, i get translate  it into spanish but it  doest'n show it in my screen and my language in elgg is spanish there is something i have to change in the file celebrations , i put it into the file langeuage the file es.php this is my file :

     $spanish = array(
       * My HTML details

      // pagina
       'celebrations:title' => "Mis eventos",
       'celebrations:shorttitle' => "Ver eventos",
       'celebrations:day' => "Dia",
      // widget
             'today_celebrations:title' => "Eventos de Hoy",
             'today_celebrations:today' => "Hoy es",
             'today_celebrations:description' => "Aniversarios, bodas...",
             'today_celebrations:nacimiento' => "Cumplea&ntilde;os",
             'today_celebrations:santo' => "D&iacute;a Festivo",
             'today_celebrations:defuncion' => "D&iacute;a del Santo",
       'today_celebrations:nocelebrations' => "No hay eventos, pero puedes sugerir alguno",
       /* Form fields */
             'today_celebrations:profile_birthdate_label' => "Fecha (dd/mm/yyyy)",
             'today_celebrations:profile_feastdate_label' => "Fecha del d&iacute;a festivo (dd/mm)",
       /* Month name */
       "month:1" => "Enero",
       "month:2" => "Febrero",
       "month:3" => "Marzo",
       "month:4" => "Abril",
       "month:5" => "Mayo",
       "month:6" => "Junio",
       "month:7" => "Julio",
       "month:8" => "Agosto",
       "month:9" => "Septiembre",
       "month:10" => "Octubre",
       "month:11" => "Noviembre",
       "month:12" => "Diciembre"



  • @Fernando

    Installed your plugin (good work). In the profile edit page, when I click to open the one of the select boxes (day, month or year) it opens and closes up the list of options immaditely, I am unable to view them. That is under Firefox 3.0.13 in Linux.

    With Internet Explorer 8 (fully updated) under Windows XP it works ok.

    So it's obviously a browser compatibility issue, can you look it up please?

  • @liri I know this issue, but I was working on the core and this issue is at the bottom.

    As it works with anothers browsers and you can select it in firefox if you stay the cursor above the select box (I think that in the scroll bar), I had considered not important while it was another issues.

    Thanks for your comment, I'll say you when I'll be able to correct it



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