Adbrite Brite Pic pluging for TidyPics v1.6

Release Notes

Argg..  3 times to post this thing, once image.php needs to be zipped, once for no license and now.  If I rewrite this post once more you may not get this plugin(smiles).

Ok Now!!!

This is a TidyPics patch to allow Adbrite BritePic functionality to the "View Large Image" display inside of TidyPics. You can now start earing cash for images being viewed. For more information on BritePic Advertising goto

See Adbrite for a free account and Brite pic ad #,

download patched file, edit it line 167 and 172 replacing my Adbrite customer # with yours(or Not!! I always like free income)

Then copy file to /mod/tidypics/view/default/object/image.php and your good to go...

So go forth all ye people and make curancy to exchange!!! Be fruitful and multiply your earnings!!



  • can i use this to place adds on the spotlight

  • No to do that I had to turn off the htmlawed plugin and then you can paste ad code from any provider in the html code window of tinymc.


    PS this ad code is still beta.. may have issues showing ads...

  • @Cubert, I found a few issues in your code. Your original code doesn't work correctly, it brokes CCS style. I did a few corrections and now it works fine.

    So, first of all, you have syntax error on line 173-174 <nosscript>, should be <noscript>. Then, if you use java in the loop(line 167 and 172), the best way to put your <script> code </script> to the new line ( you use two java in one line). That's the best option, I think.

    Anyway, you did nice work! Thanks for your path!

  • Good catch on the typo, I did get an error as I didn't have an image with out a link on it.


    As for 2 java script on one line, that's to save type multiple echo statments, Browser reads it all the same anyhow just conserves whitespace... Makes it hell to read and debug when cramed all up on it's self I do agree..

    Well Enjoy what ya can get from it...


  • I'm confused.. so any pic that is uploaded to my site and is clicked on i get paid for that click?

  • hey, you can edit spotlight in root/view/default/page_elements/spotlight.php


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