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Install it like any other plugin. It probably needs to be lower in the plugin order than Tidypics.

  • Hello Cash,

    amazing plug! I have one question: Is it possible to show the image link into the lightbox? Or showing a link like "Comment this Pic"...

    Thx you.

  • Hi,

    it work's!! Thank you... with Win7 and IE 8 the lightbox is very slow and there is no "close" button with firefox 3.5.5 it work's fine.

    Can you add a "previous" and a "next" button?

    Thank you!


  • @mazze

    Next, prev, play and pause buttons... are allready working! By me with winxp and IE8 also!

    In IE8 lytebox works extremly slow, but you can do a thing to speedup this one:

    Go to => mod/tidypics/vendors/lytebox and edit line 37 from true to false. This deactivated the animations. Animations are not nessesary, so i unenabled it to.

    IE sucks XD

  • the links for the next,prev, play are present but there are no pictures in Win7 and IE8, ELGG 1.6.1, tidypics 1.6.5 i try it with WinXP and IE 7 and it works!

  • The text in the lytebox is pulled from the title link. There are better lightboxes out there if you want more control.

    If you don't want the slideshow, edit start.php. There is a comment in there about that.

    There are next, previous buttons when viewing the album in the lightbox.

  • It demonstrates how to use the plugin hooks built into Tidypics to add a lightbox.

    Well focus of this post to make us know how to implement tidypic hook. You guys can use your own version of light box suites your need. No?.

  • @Cash,

    This is good since the flash slideshow on my site wasn't working anyways. Thanks Cash

  • Can someone please explain what lightbox is versus the current Tidypics? I liked the highslide viewer. I'd like any pic anywhere on the system to be able to popped up when clicked on.


  • TB, Flash slideshow vs Javascript lightbox. If you're not familiar with lightboxes, take a look at this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightbox_%28JavaScript%29

    Your best option is to try it out (though this is meant as a demonstration to help developers than a production plugin).

  • Thanks Cash for the TP work, this is the future/power of Elgg for me!

    I sent you a note on adding some fucntionality to TP that many may find useful.

    #1 It should allow the profile's photos to be selected for display in (for instance) a special two column widget, so not all pics in gallery are added, just "favorited/selected" or whatever you call them.

    #2 It would allow the "non-logged in public" the ability to add short threaded comments to the right side of these pics, after of course the profile starts the thread describing the photo.

    I have a PDF layout of the desired two column widget, can I send it to you?

    Bill Filer

  • Cash I might add...the "non logged in public" (which is the key to my site developments) could add (say) their first and last name to make a threaded comment on photo, and they could leave their email also which would be blind to the public profile but visible by the profiler when logged in.

    It's a very simply concept. Let profile's draw in outside interest in what they are doing without becoming system members.

    Bill Filer

  • TahoeBilly - my development time is completely full right now with other work. I very much doubt that I will be working on anything related to Tidypics for a while.

  • This fix allows me view/edit/comment pictures in gallery which has no name. Replace following function with my version (tidypics_lightbox\start.php).

    function tp_lightbox_album_wrapper($hook, $entity_type, $returnvalue, $params) {
        global $CONFIG;
        if (!isset($params['image'])) {
            return $returnvalue;
        $image = $params['image'];
        $ititle = $image->title;
        if ( empty($ititle) )
            $ititle = 'noname';
        // change lyteshow to lytebox for manual slideshow
        $html = <<<END
    <div class="tp_lightbox_wrapper">
        <div class="tidypics_album_images">
            <a href="{$CONFIG->url}pg/photos/thumbnail/{$image->guid}/large/" rel="lyteshow[album]" title="{$image->title}" >
                <img src="{$CONFIG->url}pg/photos/thumbnail/{$image->guid}/small/" alt="{$image->title}" />
        <div class="tp_lightbox_title">
            <a href="{$image->getURL()}">{$ititle}</a>
        return $html;


  • Works for me out of the box.  An excellent extension.  Many thanks for sharing it. :-)

  • To show links <Prev - Next> in IE8, type browse IE to mode compatible.

  • @Marco
    Verified. On IE8 the Prev/Next, Close and Pause buttons do not show, but their function is still present. If you run the site in compatability view (the torn paper icon at the right side of the address bar) then the lightbox buttons appear. All works fine in Firefox.


    Any idea what the issue with IE 8 is and any permanent fix coming in the future? Thanks for an awesome pluggin!

  • Help, Flash slide show or this plugin does not work for me. Am i doing something wrong?

  • Probably nit-picking but the lightbox doesn't expand across the entire page when viewed with an iPad!

  • The problem with not displaying overlay and buttons in ie8 is with lytebox.js

    To solve go here to read http://nederveld.wordpress.com/2009/07/02/lytebox-and-internet-explorer-8/

    Or use the script here where its already adjusted. I downloaded lytebox_v3.22 to use for the plugin so the script is from 3.22, Download from my server:




  • when i install this it is sucessfully installed but when uploads images it showing empty page please help

  • @balaraju - this plugin has nothing to do with the upload process of images.

  • please list what requirmnt to run this plugin

  • The only annoying feature of this although I understand its an example is that clicking an image always shows the lightbox when a few of my less computer able friends didnt know they could comment on images etc by click the text link because like facebook etc you click an image in the feed and it will take you to its page in the album where as this always displays the lightbox if I'm making sense is there any other lightboxs out there yet?

  • Icopied the folder to mod folder and enabled it but it did not configure.Please assist me me to install this plugin properly.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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