[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v3.3.2

Release Notes

  • Fixed: Display of Friend's Photos tab now working correctly,
  • French translation updated.
  • Why not display the pictures while sharing the link on Facebook and other sites?

  • Why not show a preview of GIF files

  • Why not show a preview of GIF files

  • My reply from the github issue on the same questions:

    That's something that has to be done on the Facebook site or whatever other site you want to link from. That's nothing within Tidypics that could define what someone adds on another site.

    There were "share" plugins available for older version of Elgg that would help users with linking back from social network site to content on an Elgg site. Such a share plugin would takt care of adding the correct link code (or maybe making use of some API functions offered by Facebook etc. to define the layout with preview of such a link). I believe such a share plugin would be the approach to choose for sharing content as it could deal with all the content available on the site and not limited to the content of a single plugin only (and requiring the sharing stuff to be added in every plugin separately).

    I won't offer such a sharing plugin though. I'm simply not interested in becoming a user on Facebook or other sites and if only for testing the share plugin. Maybe someone else would take the job.

    I don't know what you mean with previews of GIF files. If you refer to previews on other sites it's the same matter as with the share plugin in general. If you mean "animated" gifs not being animated in the thumbnails on your Elgg site it might be because you have selected the GD image library in the Tidypics plugins settings for creating the thumbnails. The GD php extension can't resize animated gifs. So, you would have to use either the Imagick php extension or the Image Magick tools for thumbnail creation.

  • This page became in German after updating the addon? https://ibb.co/gPsb5pR

  • Also, recent photos are no longer visible https://ibb.co/CH5qcjP

  • @Abdulaziz

    I think I can reproduce the first issue with the language. I think it's a bug in Elgg core that was introduced in Elgg 3.1 (it still worked as intended on Elgg 3.0). I've reported the issue (https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/13582).

    I can't reproduce the second issue with the images no longer showing up. Are you sure there's not a conflict with some other 3rd party plugin? Does it still not work with all other 3rd party plugins temporarily disabled? Is there anything in the error log of your server that might tell what's wrong? Without further information I can't help you here I'm afraid.

  • I contacted hosting support and they confirmed that the transfer was done correctly
    Also the problem is strange, I can upload the images, but they do not appear in the preview. I think if it is a server problem, I will most likely be able to upload the images.

  • Please explain in detail (in detail!!!) what is working and what is not working!

    I don't understand if you have a problem with the images uploaded before the server migration/upgrade or if you have a problem with images uploaded now after the migration/upgrade.

    • Does it work with the old images? Do they show up on the site? Can you download them?
    • What is with new images uploaded? Do they show on the site or not? Can you download any uploaded images?
    • What is if you upload an image using the bundled Files plugin? Does the upload work? Are the preview images of images uploaded with the Files plugin show?
    • What is the image library you have selected in the Tidypics plugin settings? What are the values of post_max_size, memory_limit etc as shown on the "Server Analysis" tab of the Tidypics plugin settings page?

    Please give me a detailed response! It might be difficult for you to anwer in English. But if you don't tell me the necessary detail I definitely can't help you. If you think there's any other relevant information, please tell me, too. Any info can help.

  • Pictures don't show up like this


    But it can be downloaded normally
    Also the pictures from a while ago were looking good
    I contacted the hosting and reviewed the transfer process and it was done as you suggested previously

  • More and relevant infos sooner and I would have been able to write this sooner, too: as the old images (from before the server migration) seem to show up perfectly fine, the server migration was very likely successful. The fact that the old images still show up fine now and that you can also download the new images (even if the thumbnails don't show up) tells me that Tidypics itself also works as it should. BUT: the thumbnails seem not getting created. The reason for that is that you either have selected (or maybe not updated the selection) an image library in the Tidpics settings to be used for the thumbnail creation that is not installed on the new server or not all requirements for its use are fullfilled on the new server. You should only be able to choose from the image libraries that are installed on the server. But there's no check that makes sure that the selection is still valid at a later time when the server configuration has changed in the meantime.

    What you should do:

    • check which image library is selected in the Tidypics plugin settings (GD php extension, Imagick php extension or ImageMagick command line tool). Depending on what is selected make sure the corresponding php extension or the ImageMagick tools are installed and working on your server. If imageMagick is used you would have to provide the path to the folder where the convert command is available. The php GD extension should be available in any case under normal conditions.
    • You might need to adjust the values of the php variables memory_limit, post_max_size and upload_max_filesize either in Elgg's .htaccess file or the php.ini file of the server (if you have permissions to change it depending on your hosting plan). If the value of upload_max_filesize would be too small, the upload would fail (i.e. you wouldn't be able to download the image either). Memory_limit needs to be quite large (e.g. 128M) if you use the GD php image library. And post_max_size has to be large enough to handle all images uploaded in one batch at the same to (e.g. 50M or 60M might do). You can check on the Server Information tab of the Tidypics plugin settings if the value you have set are used, i.e. if there are other values displayed as you expect, somethings not right.
    • Check in the data directory if the creation of the thumbnails has worked even if they don't show up on site. If they are there but are not displayed the problem is not with the thumbnail creation obviouly. But it would be strange if the thumbnails of older images show up but not these of newer images.
  • I'm not sure I understand exactly where I'm going to edit
    Also Image Library? Certain ImageMagic


  • You can select the image library to be used on the Tidypics plugin settings page ("Image Library Settings") section on the "Settings" tab page of Tidypics.

    If you select "ImageMagick executable" as image library the ImageMagick package must be installed and working on your server and you also need to provide the path to where the commands of the ImageMagick package are to be found. I can't help you here. Ask the support of your webhoster. Not me!

    You can test with setting the image library to "GD" at least temporarily to see if the thumbnails are created then for new uploads. If it works for a new image upload you would know that you have a problem with ImageMagick not installed or not available at the path set in the plugin settings of Tidpics.

    And please try for yourself to get it working. And try it for more than a minute. I have really no longer any patience left to repeat myself over and over again.Try for yourself to get it working! It's a server configuration issue and not a problem within the Tidypics plugin.


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