[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics] v2.0.1

Release Notes

  • Adding coalense parameter to resizing command of ImageMagick convert command to get animated gifs correctly resized,
  • Replacing usage of eregi_replace() function (deprecated in php 5.3 and removed in php 7.0) with preg_replace(),
  • Only process image orientation correction for images of formats jpeg and pjpeg to avoid error due to missing exif information for other formats that don't support exif,
  • Register tidypics_batch entity subtype for search (but do not return any tidypics_batch content in a search) because only registered subtypes can be selected in activity page content filter menu,
  • Finnish translations for the basic features added,
  • Correctly load and use Markdown lib of Elgg v2 on plugin settings page tabs,
  • Fixed access to "Photos you're tagged in" page to work again on Elgg 2.X.
  • i have fixed the issue with the justify script now - the test page now looks better proportioned and the captions are rendered correctly.

  • after a fair bit of debugging and fixing, i now have the justified gallery pages on my live site, along with lightboxes for the images and a slider gallery view within the lightbox. i also added a vertical masonry effect on the list of albums just to complete the upgrade. the only outstanding issue i know of is that when you load an image via the gallery slider in the lightbox, the entire content of the lightbox is replaced, so the position in the slider is lost. i did make a version where everything except the slider is loaded via ajax, which worked - but for some reason tinymce refused to load that way. i never found the cause of that issue with tinymce so reverted to the more basic version. feedback is welcome, you can see it in action here:

    album list: https://www.ureka.org/photos/all

    image gallery: https://www.ureka.org/photos/album/18987/exploring-the-environment

    the next step is to decide how best to release the code.. i can either make a 'tidypics extra' plugin or integrate it into tidypics itself.

  • @ura soul

    May I suggest a tiypics_extra plugin for now? By a separate plugin you can simply override the original Tidypics views (enabling/disabling the plugin would the the "plugin option" indicating the use of the different "Tidypics theme"). Whereas adding your alternative Tidypics theme (at least when the original theme is not dropped and I don't want to do that at least for now) would require to check a corresponding plugin setting on every pageload of a Tidypics page to serve the original / alternative view.

    I would really like to see your alternative theme in action for myself and test it on my own to be able to fully understand it before considering to add it in Tidypics (if this will make sense as the implementation as a separate plugin might have some pros maybe not only performance-wise but also maintenace-wise).

  • sure ok, no problem. i also intend to improve the popup view so that it is more animated, functional and interactive - much like the google photos examples.

  • hello

    when i use tidy picks when anybody upload a photo, it is uploaded in original size (I think because disk size increase so). Is there a function to say "scale to x and delete original size"?

    thank you

  • @Selen The request to add an option to remove the original uploaded images has been made some time ago already. It's still on my ToDo list to look into it at least to evaluate if such an option can be safely added. It's not so simple though as the original image files are used in several situations, e.g. when downloading images, in the slideshow and in the fullview lightbox popups. The original images are also used when changing the size of the thumbnails and re-creating the thumbnails for existing images and also in case the creation of thumbnails has failed directly after image upload (the admin can try to create the thumbnails for such faulty image entries in the Tidypics admin section). So, quite a number of features won't work anymore at all without the original image files (possible future features not yet implemented not even taking into account...).

    Right now I can only suggest to limit the maximum filesize allowed in the Tidypics settings if the uploaded images are too large. The users might have to reduce the filesize of their images before being able to upload them then but there's no other option presently.

  • thank you iionly!

    I see there is need for master image. Maybe in future implementation a compromise done: in place of storing original image, create a master image during upload. What I see is: User upload a file of 2MB. During upload resolution dropped to a configure value (example 800x pixels) and original deleted. This master is used for everthing you say (creation of thumbnail so and so).

    thank you for your very valuable information!

  • @Selen Version 2.0.2 has a new option for reducing image size on client-side before the upload, so the master image file will be smaller (resolution downsized depending on what you set in the plugin settings). I marked this option as "EXPERIMENTAL" as there might be some issues turning up when using it (specifically when setting the target image size too large but that might be no issue in your case as you want smaller image sizes anyway).


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2018-9-16
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