[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.9.6

Release Notes

Same as in version 1.8.6 to work on Elgg 1.9:

  • UI-improvements on thumbnails re-creation page (progress bar),
  • Fine-tuning of sidebar entries with addition of "Latest comments" and "Tagcloud" blocks where appropriate.
  • Great plugin, i use it on my 1.9.8 site, just 1 query tho if i may? I use a plugin called 'Disable right Click' my idea but Cim's work.What i'm wanting is to disable the 'pop up' splash image function. Where you click the image and a pop up splash appears. Is this possible? It is purely to stop my members pictures from being stolen from my site.

    Any help and advice is appreciated :)

  • @Vextah I just looked at the JS in this plugin and replace the code in js/photos/tidypics.php line 12 with this:

    if ($(".tidypics-lightbox").length) {
        $(".tidypics-lightbox").colorbox({photo:true, maxWidth:'95%', maxHeight:'95%'});

    Not sure if it's gonna work but wouldn't hurt to try.

  • Ok cool thanks, i'll give it a whirl mate :)

  • @Vextah First, I'm not sure if you can really prevent usage of right-click in general in a reliable manner. I've not looked at Cim's plugin but my guess is that the right-click is blocked with some JS code. What happens if someone simply disables JS? Then the right-click would work again. Also, knowing the url of the full size images you would still be able to view (and download) them. This would be a bit more time-consuming than simply clicking on the image directly to view it (and possibly download it) but if someone would really want to get the image you it is hard to stop them. Any image you make available on the Internet can be saved one way or other.

    If you want to disable the pop-up on the full view image, you can also simple change the href of this link in mod/tidypics/views/default/object/image/full.php:

    $img = elgg_view_entity_icon($image, 'large', array(
    //     'href' => $image->getIconURL('master'),
        'href' => false,
        'img_class' => 'tidypics-photo',
        'link_class' => 'tidypics-lightbox',

    Another place where the full size version of an image is used is on the activity page where a click on the image thumbnails also opens the image in a popup. To change this you would have to modify the river views (there are several to change).

  • @Michele It doesn't look like it should look at all. It's not only the pagination that is missing but also the image titles.

    Have you modified anything in the code of Tidypics? Or some other plugin is causing problems resulting in the issues at least partly.

    How many images should there be in total? There should be 16 images shown per page and the pagination would only show up if there are at least 17 images to be listed.

    The issue with the images not showing beside each other but below each other could be caused by the increase of thumbnail size. The width of elements of Tidypics in CSS is set to work with the default image sizes (4 images beside each other). If using a non-responsive theme but increasing the thumbnail size this doesn't work anymore - not enough space to align the for images - and then the images are displayed below each other. You would need to make adjustments in CSS of Tidypics for the images to show up correctly beside each other. Unfortunately, I can't say what need to be changed at the moment.

    I would suggest to do the following:

    • Re-install the latest version of Tidypics for Elgg 1.9 just to be sure that the pagination issue isn't caused by some corrupted / missing file issue: disable Tidypics, delete the tidypics folder completely, install the new version and then enable Tidypics again,
    • Set the thumbnail sizes to the default values again - at least for now (Primary photos size: 600x600, Album view photos size: 153x153, Thumbnail photos size: 60x60),
    • Re-create all thumbnails to have also the existing thumbnails in default sizes (you might not have noticed this function yet that I've added to the Thumbnail creation tab in the Tidypics settings).

    Are the images listed correctly then including pagination and image title showing? If still not right, there is likely another plugin involved.

    If they are showing up correctly now, the problem was likely caused by increasing the thumbnail size without making the necessary adjustments in CSS of Tidypics. In this case you would have to figure out what needs to be adjusted exactly (it's at least the width that would have to get increased in the different CSS classes depending on how much you increase the thumbnail sizes).

  • @Michele With the hypelists issue I have no idea. Never used this plugin and therefore I don't know if there is an easy solution. I also have no idea why it's not working - a plugin shouldn't cause another plugin to fail...

    Have you set the thumbnail size before re-creating the thumbnails? They are re-created with the sizes currently set. And if the re-creation has been done successfully all thumbnails should have the same size - which doesn't seem the case on your site.

    The problem with the theme (1 column only) could be caused by the main page area being set smaller than with Elgg's default theme. Additionally, with larger thumbnail sizes there might not be enough room for two images beside each other resulting in the images being placed below each other (even the smaller thumbnails). I guess you'll have to decide how large you want the thumbnails to be on the image listing pages. Maybe choosing them small enough for getting at least two images beside each other. Then you could copy the Tidypics CSS file (mod/tidypics/views/default/photos/css.php) in you theme folder (mod/your_theme/views/default/photos/css.php) and modify the width used. Possibly it's enough to just increase

    .tidypics-gallery-widget > li {
        width: 69px;

    already. It could work to increase 69 to "new thumbnail width used + some margin".

  • @Michele Not presently. My current plan is to get all my plugins ready / compatible with Elgg 2.0 as soon as possible. I'm not sure I will have them all ready (i.e. releases of all plugins fully working on 2.0) at the day of the release of the first final Elgg 2.0 version. But I'm trying to miss that date at least as narrow as possible.

    A "HypeWall-Tidypics" plugin shouldn't be too difficult to create, if the purpose of such a plugin would only be adding a link to open the "Select album" dialogue. I might publish such a plugin once I have finished the work on updating the existing plugins.

  • @Michele The images used in the album view are the small thumbnails. In case of your album these images are of size 590x590 px actually. But the CSS classes defined by Tidypics (which are defined with the default thumbnail sizes in mind) set are width for the image box sizes within the album gallery view. The width used here is 161 px in the class elgg-module-tidypics-album. With this width (and the default thumbnail sizes) you would get 4 thumbnails per row on a maximized browser window with a certain margin between the images.

    If you make any changes in the thumbnail sizes, you need to adjust the CSS classes of Tidypics to match the thumbnail sizes. I would suggest to copy mod/tidypics/views/default/photos/css.php to mod/YOUR_THEME/views/default/photos/css.php and make the adjustments there. Then you won't lose your changes when updating Tidypics (though you would have to check if there might have been changes in Tidypics' CSS file in a new version that you might have to merge into your customized CSS file).

  • Tidypics in the directory called "image" and within this directories would be directories for each album ("image / album_guid"). Within the album folders there should be 4 image files for each uploaded image (orignal file and 3 resized versions). But this was not happening .... original image file is also missing ....... corrupted image ... use elgg 1.9 and tidypics 1.95. SOLUTION: I increased the Memory_limit from 64M to 128M. Problem solved. I also installed tidypics 1.8 but appeared red lightbox message ... so with tidypics 1.8 still active, copied and pasted tidypics 1.9 over 1.8 and problem was solved. Whoever goes through this ...
  • One posting at the right place would have been sufficient. I don't know why you needed to post exactly the same 3 times.

    It's explained in FAQ.txt that comes with Tidypics and it has been explained numerous times already here on the community site: if you use the GD php extension as image library for Tidypics the resizing of large images (not necessarily only for a large image filesize but rather large image resolutions) requires a lot of memory. That is due to the way the GD php extension works and there's no workaround except increasing memory_limit. Alternatively (if available on your server), use the Imagick php extension or the ImageMagick command line tools as image library for Tidypics (in my opinion the ImageMagick command line tools also gives the best image quality). Both these alternative image libraries require much less memory for image resizing.

    Also, I've not released different versions of Tidypics for Elgg 1.8 and 1.9 without a reason just for fun. Please use the recommended version of Tidypics for the Elgg version you use. Don't use a version recommended for another version of Elgg - if you do, do it on your own risk and don't blame anyone else if something goes wrong. Also, Elgg 1.8 and 1.9 are totally outdated. Use at least Elgg 1.12 (or even better update to Elgg 2.3).


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