[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.9.4

Release Notes

  • Same code base as 1.8.4 with necessary modifications to work on Elgg 1.9,
  • Getting slideshow to work again (thanks to chenkai for providing some info in a discussion post on the community site that put me on the right track to fix it). As on Elgg 1.8 the slideshow also has a "No-Flash required" fallback now.
  • Thanks for this excellent plugin - my site would be useless without it!

    My question is, why doesn't adding a new photo to a group album show up in "group activity"? It does show in "All site activity" but not group.

  • @MrCat: thanks for reporting. Somehow, I've never noticed this until now.

    The reason the uploading of new images doesn't show up in group activities is due to the definition of group activities used by the activity widget (which normally works perfectly alright). An Elgg entity has an owner and container attribute. For example making a blog posting outside a group results in both the owner and the container attribute getting assigned the blog creator's guid. For a blog posting within a group the group's guid becomes the blog's container attribute. So, all group content has the group as container.

    For Tidypics it's slightly different. We have albums and images. And the album the images belong to are defined by the images container guid (= album's guid) regardless if the images are group images or not. So, the group activity widget does not know that an image is a group image because the container guid of the image is the album's guid and not the group's guid.

    There might be a solution to get the image uploads of group images listed in the group's activities though. I think I found a possible fallback for Elgg 1.9 at least (the river's entries target guid). I have to test this out first though (which I might not be able to do immediately). But in case I get it working I'll add it to the next release.

  • Thanks for your reply - I appreciate it.

    I've spent a lot of time in Facebook groups and I have the idea I'd like to make a dedicated site consisting of a bunch of related groups (in my case trucks and buses). More photo based than forum. It's extremely hard to lure people off Facebook (!) so I need to get the structure of what I'm doing absolutely right if it's to succeed.

    One aim is to simplify my site as much as possible. I may have to base the user's "home" page around site activity and somehow not have a group activity page at all because it would confuse things... I'm just thinking that when people post a new photo in a group on Facebook it immediately appears in the group 'wall'. If it didn't there would be no notification when someone uploaded something new.

  • Forgive me if I'm missing something or I don't understand your answer, as I'm completely new to Elgg!

    If the group activity widget doesn't know any particular image is a group image, how come when I go to "Photos" - "All Photos" from outside of a group and click a photo for details - the group options appear on the right hand side? It must have it's group id attached somewhere. Are you saying it's just the activity widget that can't see this information?

  • @MrCat The group activity widget is a feature provided by Elgg core. The way it is fetching group activity normally works fine. Unfortunately, Tidypics is the exception due to the two type of entities it containes (albums and images).

    The group photos page is provided by Tidypics and therefore the code is of course written to fetch group images specifially.

    Give me some time to look into the issue and I hope to be able to release a version that will also display uploading of group photos in the group's activity widget.

  • iionly, First of all thank you for taking good care of this plugin.

    As far as I can guess (from the lack of watermarking), when you click on an image, the pop-up window uses the original uploaded image, rather than the resized one (Tidypics 1.9.4 on Elgg 1.9.3 with Aalborg).

    Would it be a issue if, instead, it also used the resized image? That would save some copyrighted images from being downloaded in full-resolution (assuming "download" button is disabled. When enabled, people could always use this button to download the full-resolution image anyway - watermarking for full-res is already in your list).

    Best Regards.

  • @İşöğüçı Yep... watermarking is still an open issue. Unfortunately, I've had no time to fix it so far...

    Hiding the "master" image (= image saved with original resolution) that isn't watermarked is possible but requires some changes:

    1) I would suggest to disable the slideshow because it uses the master images,

    2) The full view page of an image displays the "large" version of the image which is the second largest version available. So, it might not make much sense in having a lightbox popup on these pages if you don't want to display the "master" size in the popup but again the "large" image. For disabling the popup (removing the link to the "master" popup) you need to make a change in mod/tidypics/views/default/object/image/full.php:

    Original code is

    $img = elgg_view_entity_icon($image, 'large', array(
        'href' => $image->getIconURL('master'),  // <---- if you want to show the large version in the popup simply 'master' to 'large'
        'img_class' => 'tidypics-photo',
        'link_class' => 'tidypics-lightbox',

    Change it to

    $img = elgg_view_entity_icon($image, 'large', array(
        'href' => false,
        'img_class' => 'tidypics-photo',

    and the image should no longer be a link opening the popup.

    3) For changing the size for the popups on the activity page you need to make the same modification in several files. Basically, all views in the mod/tidypics/views/default/river directory (or rather in the subdirectories) need to be slightly modified:

    Original code is

    $attachments = elgg_view_entity_icon($image, $preview_size, array(
        'href' => $image->getIconURL('master'),
        'img_class' => 'tidypics-photo',
        'link_class' => 'tidypics-lightbox',

    and you need to change it to

    $attachments = elgg_view_entity_icon($image, $preview_size, array(
        'href' => $image->getIconURL('large'),
        'img_class' => 'tidypics-photo',
        'link_class' => 'tidypics-lightbox',

    Check all view files for the different types of river entries and if you don't miss one all river popups should use the "large" image.

  • I not can believe it! You already implemented it (new option to set preview image size for all kind of Tidypics' river entries) and you did it in 1.8.2. You placed all effort implement it  and I realize now only! what a shame!


  • Hi iionly
    Good plugin Elgg_1.9_tidypics_v1.9.4.
    In IE 8 does not show the loader of photos.
    How to make for Internet explorer?

  • @Yevgeniy IE8 is very, very old! I would suggest to not use it anymore - not only due to this issue with Tidypics but in general (and you might also tell your site members the same) even if only for security reasons if you can use a newer version of IE somehow. Also, Elgg 1.10 will drop support for IE8 completely!

    Regarding the uploader in Tidypics I'm not exactly sure why it fails on IE8 - I can't even test because I haven't installed IE8 on any computer anymore... The html5 uploader might not work on IE8 simply because html5 support in IE8 is not sufficient. The uploader should fall back to html4 in case html6 doesn't work. This might fail in IE8 (only read this just now on another site) due to security settings in IE8 (I'm only speculating here).

    You could try to add flash and/or silverlight as additional uploader runtimes in the uploader configuration (in mod/tidypics/views/default/js/photos/uploading.php). I've decided against including these runtimes because any modern browser should be able to cope with the html5 mode or the fallback to html4. In the worst case the basic uploader is also always available. If you want to add flash and/or silverlight runtimes, you also need to provide the url to Moxie.swf for flash in the flash_swf_url parameter and Moxie.xap for silverlight in silverlight_xap_url respectively (as explained on http://www.plupload.com/docs/UI.Plupload).

    The changed part of mod/tidypics/views/default/js/photos/uploading.php would look like

    // General settings
    runtimes : 'html5,flash,silverlight,html4',
    url : elgg.config.wwwroot + 'action/photos/image/ajax_upload',
    flash_swf_url : elgg.config.wwwroot + 'mod/tidypics/vendors/plupload/js/Moxie.swf',
    silverlight_xap_url : elgg.config.wwwroot + 'mod/tidypics/vendors/plupload/js/Moxie.xap',
    file_data_name : 'Image',

  • Thanks iionly for such professional answer.

  • @iionly I just noticed when I activte hypeFramwork the upload applet stopped working. I really would like to use the hypeForum and then I need the hypeFramwork activated. Do you know a way around this?

  • @Jocke I don't think there's a way "around this". The hypeFramework and/or hypeForum plugin are likely not fully compatible with Elgg 1.9 in their current available versions. They would have to be upgraded to work correctly on Elgg 1.9. I would suggest to ask the developer of these plugins about it.

  • Not correctly display Cyrillic fonts but only in a popup window, the script itself is normally displayed. Prompt, but I'm used to with PHP not working the first time.

  • @greybeard Thanks for reporting. Unfortunately, I can't give you any solution at the moment as this problem is new to me. It might also not be a problem within Tidypics itself but maybe a problem with the lightbox implementation of Elgg itself (as for example the "close" option in the lower right corner is also displayed wrong and this text is not provided by Tidypics).

    Would it be possible for you to provide me with the language file you are using for Tidypics? Then I could test it on my own.

  • @greybeard I've just tested (translated the language strings used in the lightbox with Google translation to Russian) and it works for me.

    Make sure your language file is correct. It should be saved with UTF-8 encoding.

  • Maybe it's in the font file I looked it has no Ukrainian characters; і, є, 

  • Hi! If there was a problem with the language of the file it would not display correctly translated pages but readable text on a page in a popup window only strange symbols. In the lower right corner of the text it takes to file a site rather than a plug-readable text.

    Did the trial. Install the computer server and set the version 1.9.3 that the site is also a mistake.
    I downloaded a clean 1.9.4 and clean plugin installed tarzhe error.
    The same error in the plugin "widget manager master" dropdown text readable, and in the pop-up funky characters.
    Link to the language file:


  • lot of user have images between  5 - 10 mb, complete useless for viewing on a monitor.
    to add restriction with file-sizes, they complain they can not upload and they don't know how to re-size to normal size. Is there a compression method to reduce upload image to max 1280px by 1280px, what will be enough for normal presentation of the images and reduce fill size to a minimum?

  • Iionly, we have this admin control : Maximum image size in megabytes (MB):
    Is it possible to have : Maximum *number* of images in a single upload/one batch/simultaneous upload
    At present it seems to be fixed at 10, how to alter this, that is, what code to be changed?

    I think whitetornado's question is a good one, but compression have to be done at server side which means it will be resource-hungry. With newer cameras and mobile phone cameras photo sizes have increased dramatically and users, all accustomed to FB, G+, Flicker etc, are used to one-click upload. They are giant sites with very huge cpu power which our shared/vps hosts cannot match :(

    In Tidypics/Elgg an inbuilt mechanism will be welcome, that makes other users wait when say, 10 (or any 'x' number) user are simultaneously uploading hundreds of mbs of pictures so that the script or the server do not 'hang'. The same happens when users are using are something like FileTakeout simulataneously.

    Infact with photo/picture-heavy sites optimization of script and server-performances are a big issue. Sigh!

  • Can the following be done - please see picture

    This has the advantage of reminding the users at a glance what albums he already has as well as ease of choosing with one click (instead of two) and also reduces the verbosity of instruction making it simpler.
    In the picture above, the user's last used album is selected ( a gentle nudge to use his existing albums and keep my resources from shooting up when he creates a new :))

  • @whitetornado The html uploader (Plugload) has some options to allow for client-side image resizing (http://www.plupload.com/docs/Image-Resizing-on-Client-Side). I've not tried them out yet though and can't say if they work (at all) and what problems might arise by using client-side image resizing. These options would have to be set in mod/tidypics/views/default/js/photos/uploading.php. Though the max filesize allowed by Tidypics settings / configured in .htaccess might still block larger sized images to be processed (even if they might be smaller than the limit after client-side resizing). If I have some time to spare I might test out the possibilities of client-side image resizing.

    @dranii Maximum number of images to be allowed to be uploaded at once is hard-coded in

    mod/tidypics/views/default/js/photos/uploading.php and mod/tidypics/views/default/forms/photos/basic_upload.php. Allowing more images to be uploaded requires increasing post_max_size at least and might result in other unexpected problems. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Radio buttons instead of a dropdown menu might be an alternative for selecting the album to add new uploaded images to. On the other hand it's not guaranteed that every album has a cover image, so you would have to display also the album title in any case. Some users also might have too many albums to display on a single page (surely a dropdown menu isn't much better then either). I can't say for sure that I will change the album selection to radio buttons. But if I have some time I might at least test it out a bit.

  • i dont know its a problem or something else whenever i drag n drop file in tidy pic my google chrome is not responding.

  • @naughtyboy Does the problem only occur with Chrome?

  • using tidypics in 1.9.4

    i go to a group, create a group photo album, then when i click on upload to this album it goes to the upload page but there is no form to upload a photo.


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