[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.1beta7

Release Notes


  • auto-correction of image orientation on image upload (thanks to Jimmy Coder for the code snippet for image rotation),
  • word tags (as opposed to tagging a user): tags that don't correspond with a username will be added to the tags of the photo (searchable),

Includes also the following changes in Tidypics from official Tidypics repo at https://github.com/cash/Tidypics:

  • set tiny size for sites that may not have it set (e.g. possibly sites updated from Elgg 1.6) (by Cash Costello),
  • stripping non word characters from title when pulled from image filename (by Cash Costello),
  • added tagging to river with notification to user (by Cash Costello, Kevin Jardine).
  • @Woogker. I see the Delete This icon for both photos and albums. I assume they work.

    @iionly. When Logged Out the Upload Photos button appears. When selecting it I get this error...

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getGUID() on a non-object in /home/xxx/xxx.com/cs/mod/tidypics/views/default/photos/selectalbum.php on line 23

    I think the button should not appear for Logged Out Users.

  • Ron, Do You have the xxx.com domain? It's for sale? How much cost? :)))

  • @Wogker: I would really have liked to help you to get it working. But without more info I'm unable to do so. I still suspect a conflict with another plugin. If I manage to fix Tidypics to work for you in a future version it might only be by coincidence as long as I can't reproduce the problem. Unfortunately, I doubt I'm able to do so as I've no idea how to intentionally break what seems to work without issues to reproduce the situation that I've seen on your site. There was surely something not working correctly but from an outside view I can't narrow it down. If you ever have more info, please tell me.

    @Ron: I've noticed this also a few days ago (I have to admit I've neglected testing when logged out a bit). The button will no longer appear when logged out in the next release. Though there are some other issues I need to fix, too, i.e. some of the views like "recently commented" not working at all when logged out.

  • @Wogker: ooops, sorry about that. The xxx was just a replacement, never thought it could be what it is was. Sorry.

    @iionly: Thanks much. Any idea when next update is planned. 


  • @Ron: next version of Tidypics won't get released before Elgg 1.8.16 is available due to this issue https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/5564 in Elgg core I found yesterday. This also means that the next version of Tidypics will require Elgg 1.8.16. The core issue has been fixed already but I need to test if this really solves the issue also in Tidypics. With this issue fixed all "Most viewed" / "Most commented" etc. pages should allow to display all relevant entries and not only a fixed number (e.g 20) of entries.

    Another thing is that I noticed that for example the "Recently viewed" and "Recently commented" pages (and the pages connected with votes) don't work as expected (not working when logged out at all). I've got to fix this issue also before I can release the next version of Tidypics. For this I need to convert the necessary mysql query codes into code using Elgg functions. I don't know yet if this is even possible unfortunately. Maybe I need to start a topic here on the site requesting support and hope for a good answer being made soon.

  • @iionly: Understood. I'm happy you are taking on this task and I wish I had the smarts to help. Thank you.

  • Dear iionly,

    I have loaded your plugin instead of the official tidypic plugin today.. I found the pagination of albums and photos etc are not loading.. I am using custom activity plugin too... When i click the button load more its loading the online members icon photos.. every time its doing the same...

  • @Sathesh PM: regarding the pagination of online members not working it is due to a Elgg core bug. This will be fixed in Elgg 1.8.16 (https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/pull/5553).

    Regarding pagination of albums and photos: is it not working due to a 3rd party plugin you are using? Sorry I'm not sure I fully understand if you meant just that by referring to a custom activity plugin. If so, which plugin is it and does the pagination work with this other plugin disabled? I would need to know at least the name of this other plugin to be able to reproduce this problem myself. If the problem then needs to be fixed by updating this other plugin would be the following question.

    Next version of Tidypics will be released after Elgg 1.8.16 is available as I rely on a fix for the pagination to work also on the other pages (Most views, Most comments etc.). This pagination is implemented only in the next release and has nothing to do with the pagination of albums and photo pages possibly not working in the current available beta7 of Tidypics. It might take me a day or two for testing the next release on the final Elgg 1.8.16 release once it is available to be sure everything that I've newly implemented also works without issues.

  • @iionly, after you redirect me to this plugin, I´ve tried it on my elgg 1.8.15 and it works very good!! 

    RECOMEND your great job with this beta7 version of tydipics!!


  • How can view list image with size big and not comment? Sorry my english is bad.

  • @Peter_man: for larger images on the album views (list views) you would need to set a larger size for "Album view photos size"  in the tidypics settings. But this will only take effect on images uploaded after changing the size (I might add a script to resize all tidypics images in a future version as it has been suggested already). Also be aware that changing the image size might not go well with the site theme. Test it out carefully.

    For not having comments on the album views you can uncheck the setting "Enable commenting on albums".

  • Hi,

    after updating elgg from version 1.8.x to 1.8.18, I was still able to create new albums, but unable to upload new pictures: I was able to select an pciture using the uploader. After uploading the "Edit Photo Properties" was show, but the picture was not shown (only the name of the photo).

    It lookes like, the photo-metadata are saved to the database but the picture itself is not available on disk.

    Looking at the "river/wired" everything looks fine: "User X added a new picture", etc. But the picture is not shown in any case. If I open the album in order to open a picture, a modal window appears with the following information:

    The requested content cannot be loaded.
    Please try again later.

    I wrote this text to ask you, what this could be and how to debug this.

    But during writing and reproducing this situation I found the reason! So I like to write the solution here, if someone get the same error:

    The error cause by the installation directory of the extension. I learned, that it's absolutely necessary to put the extension exactly in a directory called `tidypics`, not something like `tidypic-1.8.1b13`or whatever.

    The thing is: tidypics seams to work, if you use an different directory name, but it does not work correctly.

  • @Borner: I'm glad you already found the solution for the problem. Yes, the plugin folder name has to be "tidypics" and nothing else. The reason is that there are libraries registered by Tidypics assuming that the path to these libraries is "path-to-elgg/mod/tidypics/lib". Some functions of Tidypics might also work if the Tidypics folder name is different because they don't have to access these libraries, but for example the image uploading requires the libraries. The same problem could also occur if you rename the plugin folders of other plugins. Generally, it's best to keep a plugin's folder name as chosen by the plugin developer (sometimes tricky if you download plugins from github as the zip archive of the plugin gets renamed by github and then no longer matches the correct name). If you want to find out what version of a plugin is currently installed (and you can't check it on your site), you can look into the manifest.xml file where the version information is included.

    Another possible reason for the problem could have been another plugin that would no longer be fully compatible with Elgg 1.8.18 and resulting in conflicts that show up as broken functionality of other plugins (which are perfectly alright). That's what I would have told you, if you wouldn't have already found the solution for your site.


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
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